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Talk about a pack of spoiled children self-aggrandizing themselves as the story equating their jobs with those of the military.  Leftwing journalists say they are the same as American soldiers, risking themselves to protect America’s freedoms.  Being yelled at as fake news by Republicans disgusted with their propaganda is not the same as soldiers, law enforcement, and fire-rescue who put their lives on the line every day.  That’s like calling football players “modern day gladiators.”  Gladiators were slaves forced to fight to the death.  Football players are millionaires playing a game in which they may be injured.  The ability of the left to conflate facts with the truth, to glorify themselves, and to make mountains out of molehills, knows no bounds.

CNN reporter likens leftwing journalists to soldiers

Marine journalist responds

CNN’s White House correspondent, Trump hater, and purveyor of fake news, Jim Acosta, talked about how Republicans at a Trump rally yelled “fake news” at him.  The way moderates like Geraldo Rivera conflates Republicans shouting at Acosta as being the same as the way Antifa shouted “white supremacist” at Candace Owens at a restaurant is indicative of dysfunctional liberal thinking.  The difference is that Acosta went down among the protesters afterwards and took selfies with them having fun, while Owens needed police protection against Antifa thugs that were trying to harm her.  Screaming into someone’s ear with a bullhorn and throwing things at them is not innocent fun.

Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk assaulted by Antifa as “white supremacists”

Who is Wrong – Trump or the Media He Says are the Enemy of the People?

It should be revealing in the simple fact that Acosta is a Hispanic man who was among a group of people mostly white but including all races, while Candace Owens is a black woman being screamed at by young white liberals saying that she supports white supremacy.  If you can’t see that the little white tea pot calling the kettle white is the product of people living in a twisted reality inside their own warped minds, then you are part of the problem.  (If you don’t understand the reference to “the pot calling the kettle black” wherein both appliances are black, and how delusional these young people were, then you also need an education in ancient wisdom which is timeless but stupidly rejected by young fools.)

As a former paramedic/firefighter who has a background in journalism, I can’t imagine how these delusions actually go through these liberal’s heads and come out of their mouths, but I have some idea how they are formed as I was once a young liberal child myself.  They are just like children who want to pretend to be adult heroes, so they exaggerate what they say and do in their own minds because they never grew up.  It’s why they enjoy movies in which teenagers are the superheroes.  These people, who spit on America’s military as “baby killers” and “racists,” elevate themselves above them in their two-faced, delusional, self-righteous hypocrisy that is exemplified in believing themselves to be as great if not greater heroes.

Learning to walk the walk of the hero before you can run

Liberals suffer from a dysfunctional comprehension of America’s heroes

Even if this idiot liberal reporter only meant to say that a free press is as important to democracy as the military, the way he glorified his brethren as they vilify true heroes says more about them than they realize.  A free press serves liberty, but a propaganda machine serves tyrants.  The leftwing media does nothing but slander and malign Trump 24/7/365 in service to Democrats like Obama, Hillary, and Pelosi.  Even his great accomplishments are denigrated as being flawed, fake, or ultimately self-serving malice.  They do not report events as objective journalist observers but make themselves part of the story by inflicting their extremely biased anti-American opinions on everyone else.  There is no glory in what they do, no truth in what they say, and no righteousness in how they behave.

Take Memorial Day that is for military heroes, not just those who died in combat against foreign enemies, but also for those who died in service to the people such as law enforcement officers and fire/rescue personnel killed in the line of duty.  Military personnel also risk their lives in training, so even if they have never been shot at or caught in an explosion, they are still risk their lives in service to their country.  Likewise, law enforcement and fire/rescue personnel do so every time they are on the streets where as many are killed as are shot or burned to death.  Only people like Hollywood elites and their fanatical fans honor, award, and celebrate those who only pretend to be these people far above and beyond what the real heroes and their families have sacrificed.

Memorial Day is to Honor All Who Sacrifice

Military personnel are mostly Christians because they know that they live each day by the grace of God, and they know they will be judged for their actions as the end of this temporary life comes all too soon.  85% of American journalists do not believe in God but are agnostics or atheists.  They believe the world is judged according to their own opinions.  Jesus said, “Judge not lest you be judged.”  That doesn’t mean you cannot judge between right and wrong or good and bad as atheists believe who try to tell Christians what Jesus meant.  It means you are not God and have no right to judge who will go to Heaven or Hell.  Leftists who choose to reject God have no reason to believe in that, which is why they so find it so easy to slander the righteous and praise themselves for their bias.  (Therein you find the reason that people go to Hell, not because God sends them there in revenge, but because they choose it.)

Hysterical Liberals See Fascism in Republicans

The lie in calling Republicans racists only to justify their own hate and praise themselves for their fascism is at the heart of their self-deceptive ideology.  They only see good and bad with no understanding of right and wrong.  They deceive the gullible and ignorant by maligning the righteous.  No matter how much they warp the truth and misinform the people, however, the truth always comes out that Trump is not Hitler, Hitler was not Christian, and Jesus is not a Nazi.  Those who hate God turn to atheism or Islamism to fight against Christianity because their lies will not stand.  They conflate Islamism with Christianity and Judaism because they think being descended from Abraham makes them the same.  But, despite their misinterpretation of Allahu Akbar as “God is great,” when it actually means “our god is greater,” the God of Abraham and the god of Muhammad are not one in the same.

The Left corrupts anything and everything in their efforts to destroy what is right and good in the world.  Those who reject God do so out of hate and spite at Him for being born into this world.  The worst of them become destroyers and murderers.  But many of the rest become deceivers.  Being naïve and gullible are not admirable traits, but qualities to be overcome.  We all start out in life as ignorant liberals, but it is those who grow up to become leftists who are the deceivers.  Learning morality to recognize the difference between right and wrong, not just conflating it with what is good and bad, is a key to seeing the truth.  Becoming educated rather than just believing whatever someone tells you without checking their veracity is how one learns not to be their dupe.

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