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The largest grand Jury in the history of the United States will be called in November on November 8, every person of voting age. Loretta Lynch left the job leaving the call jury for a grand to the U.S. voter, since she refused to make the call.

A grand jury would only say that the investigation would continue. Restrictions placed by the Department of Justice would be removed. Now, it is doubtful that any investigation will be completed by November 8, but a decision must be made now. The current news said an indictment will be issued sometime. As a country, do we want to elect someone with a cloud of mistrust hanging over them?

This grand jury, the voter, has this currant information to use as a guide: 1. Information from the original investigation, 2. Congressional hearings. 3. WikiLeaks and Operation Veritas 4. Brief information found about the Anthony Weiner find. 5. Other information that would not conflict with the current investigation. Information is changing daily so please research on your own.

Now it appears that there are national security and pay to play issues. The depth of the national security problem is unknown. Is the reward for pay to play hinging on Hillary getting elected? Then there is the question of others connected through the e-mails, and communication equipment.

When a president is under indictment how can they govern, and fulfill their constitutional duties? How do we have separation of powers? How can one be commander in chief if national security is one of the issues in question?

Congress needs to hold government officials accountable. This accountability ranges from demotion, to Impeachment, removal from office. They need to turn the situation over to the courts if it gets to criminal charges. It takes sixty-seven votes to impeach.

The country can be placed in great danger if we lose our focus, in a fast-changing world. The issues and elements of this election will not just disappear. In fact, the dangers will probably increase. People in the financial market say we could be facing the greatest market crash and dollar devaluation never seen in history. Has terrorism and Isis been stopped?

Politicians from both sides of the aisle have complained about director James Comey. They site about the actions of the FBI, they site law, tradition and protocol. This is an election year when much of the past doesn’t apply. There never has been this much corruption so high in government. The people need to have the information before an election if possible.

The investigator is not at fault when the candidate brings the issues on themselves. Every item of the record for a previous politician is fair game. There are character issues that are bad in many ways, but those that use taxpayer money are worse.


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