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There are some who believe that life begins / at the moment of conception, / while others will say not until the first breath, / what is true, and what’s deception.

And so we argue, shout and disagree, / the battle has raged over the years, / but through all the shouting and hostility, / there is one voice no one hears.

Please listen now and hear my voice, / I hoped one day to see the dawn, / but others denied my right to life, / and because of them, I was never born.

I would have pleaded, fought / and even taken a stance, / but I was asleep and dreaming, / and so I never stood a chance.

Like many who came before me, / I was a victim of plans and schemes, / and the only way I could imagine life, / was in my unborn dreams.


I dreamed of many things to come / in life throughout the years, / the love and joy, the sadness, / the laughter and the tears.

I dreamed of the vast and mighty ocean, / its waves gently touching the windswept shore, / fragrant meadows where flowers bloom, / I watch as the great eagle soar.

The splendor of the moon and stars, / the sun, the deep blue sky, / rolling hills and hidden valleys, /the majestic mountain high.

The wind, the rain, a summer breeze, / the spring alive, aglow, / the cold and silent winter night, / the gentle falling snow.

The birds, the trees, and autumn leaves, / the early morning glory, / candy, soda pop, an ice cream cone, /a spooky bedtime story.

A brother and a sister, / we run, and jump, and play, / Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmastime, / and Independence Day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I look upon my mother’s loving face / as she goes about her day, / but then I see her face again, /only now she turns away.

I see my father tall and strong, / proud I’ll bear his name, / I see him again, but only now, / he bows his head in shame.

No Mom and Dad would hold me now, / and show me that they care, / their hearts will not enfold me, /their love they will not share.

Safe, at peace, in blissful slumber / was where my heart resided, / until that dark and tragic day, /when my fate had been decided.

It began with a looming shadow, / I screamed in pain and fear, / but my cries of help were silent, /no one was there to hear.

Never would I have the chance, / to breath, feel, and see, / a bloody mass of lifeless flesh, / is what they’ve made of me.

For it was no safe and happy home, / I slept within my mother’s womb, / I know now that this place I loved / nothing but a tomb.

Maybe it was best I had not been born / where hate and fear abound, / where life and innocence have lost their meaning, / and love cannot be found.

And so it came to pass one day, / my right to life was taken, / could it be that God created / a world He’d  now forsaken.

For hope was gone, my dreams had ended, / emptiness took their place, / what terrible thing must I have done, / to have fallen from Gods grace.

Father I cried out one last time, / but He did not answer me, / I was alone like someone forgotten, /adrift upon the sea.

Then suddenly the darkness faded, / and a great light took its place, / I awoke and felt great joy and peace, / and looked upon God’s face.

He said, “I put you in your mother’s womb, / and wrote your name in the sacred scroll, / and even though they denied you life, / you have an eternal soul”.

The angels and the heavenly host / sang out in praise and glory, / this wasn’t the end but the beginning, /of an everlasting story.

No more hardship, fear, and pain, / never again alone, / for I had left a world of darkness, / and now was finally home.

The Lord looked down with sorrow, / upon the world he’d made, / He spoke no word, but still I knew, He had felt betrayed.

Sensing the Lord’s great anger, / I pleaded, Father, I beg of you, / have mercy and forgive them, / for they know not what they do.

But there will come a time, / when all of us will stand before the Lord, / some will listen as his mighty word, / will pierce them like a sword.

And they will cry out, heavenly Father, / have pity, hear our voice, / but the Lord will say, is not to be, / I too have a choice.


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