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The cradle of freedom and Christian truth has had its cradle usurped by jihadism. Britain, like the rest of Europe, is so afraid of Islam, it gives in to its demands as often as it can. Even in UK prisons. (Judith Bergman, Lawyer, Gatestone Institute, 7th August, 2016). But, appeasement does not stop evil.

This is not good news, especially as Muslims convicted of murder or other Islamic violence are allowed to stay together and intimidate other prisoners, who must ‘convert’ or be subjected to beatings or worse. The obvious answer is to move these terrorists as far apart as possible, and placed in single cells, with no fellow-prisoner contact. But, of course, the ‘rights’ of sadistic killers are given precedence over the rights of victims and families, or the security of Britain. The same kind of regime is found in Obama’s Islamic USA.

Some prison chaplains encourage Islamic prisoners to raise money for Islamic terror organizations! And, as one Muslim cleric told the BBC, many imams instruct Islamic prisoners in the ways of jihad, using a manual for the purpose. What sounds unbelievable to us is a murderous reality in prisons. One part of the manual teaches that taking up arms (and therefore murder) is ‘one of the noblest acts’. The same Muslim cleric warns that the material should be withdrawn. (BBC News, 2nd June, 2016). But, nothing has been done to date, even as people die.

Recently, at a Euro game, a football supporter wore a T-shirt saying ‘F**k ISIS”. I am not one to use, or condone the use of, foul language, but I certainly protest that when he returned to London he was charged with inciting “racial hatred”, especially as he was merely repeating what many in the UK think of ISIS. This ridiculous anti-intellectual habit nowadays of making hatred for a murderous cult equal to ‘racism’ should be kicked out of the game before it gains traction as a legitimate reason to arrest people. EVERY free person hates ISIS. Will they ALL be arrested? And since when is an universal ‘religion’ a specific race? That’s like calling someone who dislikes Roman Catholicism a racist!!

We live in dangerous times, and to arrest people for hating a murderous regime or movement, AND saying so, is even worse, because it enables terrorism, bowing down to it, and giving it unreal and absurd privileges not given to victims.

What we have, then, is Islamic imams, by authority of the British Ministry of Justice, issuing hate tracts in prisons. Is THAT not ‘inciting hatred’? For any victim of Islamic violence, this is cynical abuse, a clear support given to the very people who bomb, knife and otherwise kill British subjects. Police tell us that Islamist extremists are not monitored properly in prison. Again, I repeat what should be obvious – keep them in single cells, and do not let them have contact with other prisoners, or even family and friends if necessary. And strictly watch what they receive or ask for. In Christian terms jihadists who have murdered should be put to death swiftly anyway. But, liberals hate this penalty, because it removes the jihadist’ ‘rights’!

A former prison officer told the BBC that because of staff shortages, “many Muslim prisoners (are) basically taking over the law of the prison.” (BBC News, 2nd June, 2016). Do I need to repeat the logical solution?

The UK prison system is supposed to closely watch Islamic prisoners so that radicalization does not occur. Some British-born people in prison are already violent by nature, and jihad provides them with a ‘reason’ to kill. It also gives them a weird status that their humdrum lives do not give them. At least that is what they think in their twisted minds.

The Acheson Report admits that choosing imams for prison visits was “seriously deficient”, and that there is an “institutionalized timidity” in dealing with this problem. In other words, PC rot has corrupted rational thinking. This is found throughout prison and police services, which are afraid to tackle Islamism for fear of being called ‘racist’ (though Islam is not about race, but ‘religious politics’).

Love for hate speakers is also found in many British universities, where Islamists, and especially ‘Palestinians’, are wined and dined BECAUSE they are terrorists (and haters of Jews). The Daily Express reports that in just four months, 27 events were held in universities that lauded radicals without challenge. So, even universities are ignoring the government demand to be anti-extremist, as per ‘Prevent’ programm. In 2014, universities hosted at least 70 events in honour of radicals and terrorists (Sunday Express, Sept 18th, 2015).

The charge against the football supporter wearing a T-shirt, said that it “poses a significant risk of both violence and disorder… This is especially so in terms of his established capacity to organise disorder from an anti-Muslim perspective… Despite… recently reported ‘good conduct’ at Luton Town Football Club, significant concerns remain regarding his intentions and influences upon others to inflame racial hatred in a country where tensions are already high.”

By using this as an excuse to condemn him, the police show a woefully inadequate understanding of what is going on. Islamists are NOT reacting to this or any other stimuli. They are violent and murderous, and will increasingly be so, because of the Koran and its commands to kill non-Muslims! They don’t need a reason other than that. And they constantly tell us this! The police are, then, silencing critics of Islam, which helps nobody except violent Islamists. This silencing is at the behest of government, who fear Islam more than it protects its citizens.

Instead, government and local councils speak of “great community relations” with Muslims. Of course they have great relations – they are allowing Islamists to do what they like, and silencing those who are critical of Islamic jihad! What Islamic community wouldn’t like such cow-towing behaviour? It allows them to build up Islamic power, based on the fear of government to address what is a murderous cult, and encourages the introduction of sharia (which already exists in many parts of Britain and never removed).

Prisons either ‘get real’ or they become breeding grounds for further jihad. It could be said that my proposal is impractical. Not so! Just get rid of the majority of prisoners who should not be in prison (e.g. fraudsters, vehicle tax avoiders, and so on, who should receive community orders and be forced to repay debts, etc). Rebuild interiors so that there is only one prisoner per cell. Have daily walkways that separate prisoners from fellow prisoners, with no physical contact. Be ultra-watchful with visitors. If jihadists have visitors who incite them to violence or Islamic impropriety – stop them visiting. There is more to say on this, but you get the gist.

Prison should only be for those who present high risks. Prisoners should never be allowed materials that make them worse. Sadly, the UK no longer thinks a person murdered by Islamists is worth considering. But, jihadists should be given ultra-privileges and helped to become even worse. Think it over.


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