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After watching the presidential debate between Clinton and Trump, you probably had an opinion of who won. If you watched t.v. post debate coverage you heard more Clinton spin and Trump bashing. The choice of which moments to emphasize or omit clearly favored Clinton. You may have been persuaded to think she won.

But after checking twitter you are reminded that people, not the media, decide. The immediate Twitter polling named Trump the winner 71 percent to Clinton 29 percent. Twitter tells the true story, unfiltered. The people hear and see the whole message as it pertains to them. Independents on Twitter said Trump won.

Why is there such a discrepancy in what the people say and what the main stream media tells us? Obviously the liberal bias is in full gear. They see Trump gaining in polls and know that their worst fear
(President Trump) could be reality.

Unfortunately the media does still have influence. This may sway the Twitter results in the ongoing days.
Polls constantly change. But the people have voted and Trump won. At least for the moment. . .


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