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What we saw during the first presidential debate on September 26, 2016 was Hillary Clinton crashing and burning (several times), while not even seem to know what was going on. It was good she didn’t have a stroke. The latest 270towin election maps show that Clinton’s support has indeed receded a lot, but after this debate it is guaranteed to recede even more.

Take first the setting, an ultra-liberal university in New York. This in and of itself stacked the deck against Trump. But second was Clinton’s apparel. The red dress she wore bespoke of her aggressiveness. It also made her look like a complete Communist. Trump was wearing an American flag lapel pin.

However, Clinton failed in this debate, due primarily to her sorry record as secretary of state.

Clinton did poorly on all three major topics – the economy, “racism”, and security. 0 – 3. Clinton had the audacity to lecture a businessman on how to run the economy. She also had the audacity to refer to her poor upbringing, despite her dishonest handling of her own cattle business, or the fact that she received millions of dollars from foreign powers which do not hold our interests. She also played the tired old card yet again that Trump – a non-establishment candidate advocates trickle-up economics, which only help the rich. Anybody who has any sense of economic policy knows very well that raising taxes on the middle class again – as Clinton proudly told us she would do – does not help. You can only go so far with raising taxes before the economy implodes, simply because people will want to start saving more money, regardless of how rich or poor they are.

Clinton also lost big-time on the race issue. Despite accusing Trump of racism, it was Clinton, as Trump rightly pointed out who was the one who called blacks “super-predators”, and it was also Clinton who called millions of voting, hard working Americans that they were a basket of racist, sexist, Islamophobic deplorables. Hillary Clinton had the audacity to charge Trump with sexism when she herself closed her eyes to her husband’s myriads of affairs, which are ongoing even today, despite Bill’s hoarse voice and advanced years. Despite how the Clintons ran down and tried to destroy the lives of all of Clinton’s lovers who spoke up against him. Despite how Clinton receives millions of dollars from Islamic countries which denigrate women in society. Despite the fact that Clinton herself willingly put on an Islamic burqa when travelling to these Middle Eastern countries. And despite how she lashed out against Barack Hussein Obama during the 2008 elections.

Clinton was completely without defense on ISIS and security, she knew it and felt it, too. She knew that her and president Obama’s “I ran” policy was a complete failure (you don;t defeat an enemy by giving them hundreds of millions of dollars). They know they helped create ISIS by leaving a vacuum in the Middle East. And afterwards did nothing to stop the terror attacks in San Bernardino, Boston, Orlando, New York, Minnesota and in other places that the mainstream media does not care to report, to the detriment of our safety. Clinton pledged that she would increase immigration 550%.

Clinton was without a response to Trump’s claim that she purposefully erased 30,000+ emails from her own private server which had information on it which put American lives in danger. Similarly she was also without response when Trump took her to task for making such a lousy deal with Iran so that Iran would now be more armed and dangerous than never before. She basically didn’t answer these charges but pleaded for extra time saying that in the future she would do better, despite the fact that she cannot handle foreign policy. Also, Clinton side-stepped the issue of her health and stamina as Trump repeated at least four times. Despite her claims of being able to meet and talk with foreign leaders, whether under bullet fire or not does not hide the obvious fact of how ill she is with multiple illnesses – pneumonia (coughing fits in public several times), seizures, and the fact that she has a catheter and also takes blood thinners. Clinton looked so bad, several times she was leering with a smug, arrogant look at the audience. This is because she herself is a deplorable, crooked person who will lie and do anything to become president. Even disrupt the primary election process which is so fundamental to American democracy.

Clinton lost the debate because she is a loser. Small wonder that in 1994 her health care bill failed. She has experience but a really bad kind of experience.

Do not vote for Hillary. America deserves much, much better than four more years of the policies of Obama-Clinton.


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