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Are Democrats just mental defectives or are their hearts so filled with hate that they are blinded to their actions?  They slander Republicans as being sexual molesters, yet it is their own who are being outed and ousted for being sexual predators.  What does that say about Republicans who bow to their condemnations?  Republicans-In-Name-Only that work with Democrats against the interests and directives of their own Republican voters need to be taken to the woodshed and flayed.  These Judases should not be permitted to profit in their congressional seats by working with Democrats against Republicans.  Their allying with Democrats in paradoxical disgust of conservative Republicans like President Trump should be punished in the harshest of ways as they are just wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Trump rally in Mississippi trashes Democrat smear tactics

Trump tears down Ford’s phony testimony

President Trump righteously scorned the lies of those slandering Brett Kavanaugh and that “offends” those who declare Kavanaugh guilty of rape based solely on the obvious slanders of their minions.  These liberal liars should be prosecuted for perjury, slander, their media that echoes them prosecuted for libel, and the congressmen who enable them should be persecuted for their two-faced smears.  Democrats call for their constituents to attack Republicans in public.  Republicans need to respond by putting these criminals in prison or worse!

These last few years have proven that Republicans live by civilized laws, Democrats live by mob violence.  It is NEVER Republicans you see rioting in the streets attacking cops.  It has never been Republicans who assassinate presidents, politicians, or police.  It is never Republicans who say, “get in their faces” and “bring a gun to a debate.”  Democrats have jumped the shark of human decency, while RINOs kiss the ass of democratism.  Obama has led Democrats down the road to hell and now they are reaping what they have sown.

President Trump does not bow to the two-faced Democrat bigots that slander all Republicans and neither will he concede decency to two-faced Republicans that ally with them, and neither should we!  Every Republican that votes with Democrats against Judge Kavanaugh needs to suffer the consequences of standing against Republican voters.  They should not even be allowed to retire from Congress – especially with a pension at taxpayer’s expense!  It is sad that people were duped by the likes of Flake, Collins, Murkowski, and others, but they shouldn’t have to pay for it for the rest of their lives.

Democrats reap what they sow

Democrats are notorious gaslighters who accuse Republicans of being the guilty party.  It is the classic defense of pathological liars to declare truth speakers as the liars.  Donald Trump courageously deflects their arrows and has done it so brilliantly that he has even inspired Lindsay Graham to grow a spine.  Since the death of his friend McCain, Graham has turned from the darkness to embrace the light and now fights on the side of righteousness with a powerful voice.  Mitch McConnell, who was afraid of his own shadow under Reid, now stands in front of microphones and loudly declares that he will not be intimidated by leftist media slanders.  This makes Donald J. Trump a freaking American HERO!

The dysfunctional thinking of Democrats who say they want “bipartisanship” is laughable in the face of their “resistance.”  These warped people don’t understand the concept of working with Republicans.  They only understand the use of force to coerce Republicans to yield to them.  Thank God for Donald Trump revealing the true nature of leftism to the world.  There is nothing Democrats have ever had to offer to the benefit of the people of the United States.  There is only their agenda and how they have duped some of the people into believing they work for their benefit.  That Washington elites have been revealed as deceivers and greedy powermongers is Trump’s greatest achievement.

What do Democrats offer?  They offer hate for conservatism and the promise of stealing from Republicans.  They have openly become the party of America haters, foreign invaders, and deadbeat welfare voter slaves.  Meanwhile, Trump is bringing manufacturing jobs back to America, booming the economy, making superb trade deals, lowering taxes, and pushing back America’s enemies while rebuilding her strength.  Want to make America great again?  Kick Democrats to the curb and #Walkaway.  Even with RINO interference and some swamp rat’s greed, a Republican Supermajority could do nothing less than make America great so long as great Christian conservative leaders like President Trump are guiding them.

Democrats the party of obstruction and destruction:

Hannity rips Democrat’s ideology to shreds

Newt Gingrich compares Trump’s results vs. Democrat’s resistance

Democrat complaints of FBI investigation of Ford accusations are absurd

Braindead Hollywood actors hoist on their own petards as Democrats fall

Debunking fake news NYT on the fly

RINOs whine about Trump knocking Ford’s lies

Once again Democrat’s smears have backfired in their faces.  Two great stories:

Democrat smear campaign against Kavanaugh collapsing

Ellison says he may resign from DNC

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