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John Adams, the second president of the United States wrote, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people, it is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”.

In earlier years, as a pre-pubescent kid, I ran wild in the streets of the city, got into fights, fell from heights, suffered a couple of concussions, and was unable to dodge a car or two. I would often return home with cuts and bruises, some requiring an emergency room visit. In those days our parents believed the sun and a healthy dose of fresh air was good for our mental, emotional and physical well being. We didn’t sit around the house in front of computers, transfixed at a screen that was a gateway to a cyber world of fantastical images while at the same time developing big behinds and weak bodies.

In the post-pubescent years as a teenager attending high school, I left much of the childish impulses and foolish and sometimes dangerous behavior behind. I was too busy with studies and passing tests, and oh yeah, girls. I knew a few of them, and like a growing youth, testosterone-fueled, I sometimes behaved and reacted with reckless abandon.

I will admit for the record that there were occasions when things might have gotten a little out of hand. Don’t misunderstand I am not talking about abuse of any kind or anything of major consequence, or of activities unbecoming proper decorum. However, I can recall an incident where the young lady and I were kissing and making out and things might have gotten somewhat out of hand. Where she pushed away, said Bobby we can’t do this now, but I held on, she continued to resist, I resisted, until I finally got the message and moved away. We were both about 16 years old.

If I were to run for public office in any capacity, and this young lady, 40 years later, were to come forward and accuse me of being less than civil, would I stand a chance today, I am not too sure. Past youthful behavior, no matter how insignificant it might have been, could make me another victim of the “Me Too” movement that I believe has gone through a metamorphosis and has taken on a life of its own and has been weaponized. All that I have accomplished over the decades might be grist for the mill of my enemies and those who seek to destroy my ambitions.

Now does all this sound familiar to you? I can understand by now you might be asking yourselves, where this is going. Let me assure there is a valid reason, and it concerns you, me, and every other man in America. This nation is caught up in Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. The Democrats and their minions are out in force. As of this writing, the FBI just completed its seventh investigation of Judge Kavanaugh, and from all indications, it appears he will be confirmed.

Don’t expect understanding, decency, and civility from Democrats and the Left. Their sanctimonious and duplicitous behavior toward Judge Kavanaugh and the utter heartless treatment he has been subjected to at the hands of these contemptible, reckless and desperate fanatics is I believe tantamount to criminal.

And what is even more egregious are the repercussions of this fiasco, Judge Kavanaugh’s family have been harassed, demeaned and threatened. The judge has been mocked, insulted and found guilty without evidence and corroboration, and on late night talk shows and the failing Saturday Night Live is the butt of jokes and parody; he and his family have gone through a living hell, and why because 36 years ago while still a teenager in high school he may have committed an offense. The supposed victim can’t remember a thing, and any witnesses say, in effect, they don’t remember or it didn’t happen.

So where does this leave us now? Let us say for argument sake Judge Kavanaugh was found to be guilty of the allegations of sexual abuse while a teenager by Christine Blasey Ford. Thirty-six years have passed and in that time the Judge has lead according to all who have worked and associated with him an exemplary life; one of honor, decency, respect for the dignity of others, and high personal achievement. Now answer this question, do you believe in redemption? Is judge Kavanaugh, and for that matter are any of us worthy of forgiveness, or can one mistake destroy everything we have worked for and accomplished?

I’ll be upfront and blunt here if we were to go back and scrutinize my younger years, I probably couldn’t even be hired as a street sweeper. But any misbehavior and indiscretions I may have been responsible for decades ago, unless of a serious nature, should not condemn me to a life of ruin.

I ask again, where is the humanity, and where does the Judge go to get his reputation back. Don’t ask Democrats, liberals, or the media, they couldn’t care less one way or another, so long as their cause célèbre is assured, and babies are continued to be mercilessly slaughtered in the womb, and the president and his agenda undermined and eventually driven into oblivion.

If John Adams was alive today, I am certain he would look with disgust at what we have become, and how the Constitution and religious liberty have been subverted by a political party that has lost its way and has devolved into a morally corrupt, vicious, and reckless entity, not worthy of the office they hold and the American people they serve.

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