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It is not enough that a Democrat, or another candidate wins, but that Donald J. Trump must lose, his philosophy must lose, his crash and burn style politics must lose, his hatred of competitors must lose, and his style of #neo-trumpism, where people pledge their allegiance to him or are destroyed must also lose, and lose big!!!

But it is not enough that Trump loses, but his Neo-Trumpism style politics must lose, and also the followers of Donald and his neo-trumpism approach to Politics must also feel the loss. America cannot afford for the winning of any part of this movement!!!

Donald’s rhetoric, his style politics and his followers must feel a total loss and failure. This failure cannot be a small loss, but a complete, without compromise failure of his whole campaign must fail. His style must be obliterated. This failure needs to push Donald back into his fake world of television so that his followers can once again take control of their selves, and vote according to what is real, what is capable, and what is best for America, and not this Dreamy eyed Super Hero coming to save America…Ta-dah.

Donald can’t just lose the presidency, and his followers fight all the way to November, we need someone who actually cares about all the political things that the true never faltering Conservatives and Constitutionalists care about to defeat them both and win the White House and the Presidency.

Someone who will fulfill promises that have gone unfulfilled by the Republican party for far too long, like border security, control of illegal immigration, reduction of out of control government, reining in the IRS, controlling the EPA, taking care of our VETs and families, making the Federal government smaller, giving control back to the states and going back to the Constitution and Conservative values that brought so many to the Small government, less taxation, better military and security of a promised Republican party. This party has split into the Republicans, “Neo-Trumpism” and the Constitutionalist “Renegades”.

A loss for Donald J. Trump and his Neo-trumpets is a win for not only America but also for every morally, ethically, integrity sound Constitutional Conservative that feels like their America has somehow been lost in a fog of Reality television.

Though we call for the total destruction and loss for #neotrumpism, we realize that we need a real candidate who will not only run, but win handily, and on a platform of the “Renegade” idealism of the Constitution and smaller government with lower taxes. By such a candidate’s success, and by their successful first four years, can we claim a victory. Without that, what do we have? We have a Hillary Clinton White House that will be probably the worst, most damaging administration anyone now alive has ever known, and Trump’s angry supporters will blame Republicans and conservatives and pretty much everyone for their loss. And let us be honest here, who could blame them?

This is one tall order, but with so many pledging that they believe in America, and a movement to make America like that “Shining City on a Hill”, must now take up their voting arms, the power of their voices, and make it happen. We need millions of Abe Lincolns in the midst of a civil war, A Martin Luther King calling for judgment on character and not color or rhetoric, A JFK calling you out to ask what else can you do for America, and do not sit back asking what has America done for you today, and finally, we need the gumption, the fortitude, the never-ending sacrifice through a fierce battle to be the nominee, to being shot while in office, to demanding that Russia tears down that wall, and creating the mightiest military the World has ever felt of Ronald Reagan to take up your arms of the Constitution, stand behind a true Constitutionalist and not an orator, or criminal and bring America back to its proper place in the World.

IT is not enough to complain at the water cooler, or tweet your hatred for a candidate, or raise your hand in allegiance to a reality host, or not be aware of the enormous consequences of this election upon your life, the lives of your children, and the lives of every child, mother, father, son and daughter for decades and maybe centuries to come. This calling is enormous, and it takes an enormous heart to do right by your fellow Americans today, tomorrow, and this year as far as a true, real, loving America, candidate to win a landslide into the great Parlors of the White House and the Presidency.

My fellow American, My fellow citizen, we cannot stand quietly by. We in one voice, without falter, must find in our hearts to do right by our majestic girl, America, and vote to make her that “Shining City upon the Hill” again. Let us not go quietly into that goodnight, let us sing Hallelujah as we vote a true Lover of the country, a true statesman, and an avid defender of the greatest man-made parchment of the last 2 centuries, the Constitution. Are you ready my dear fellow citizen? Do you have your pen in one hand, and your constitution in the other, and prepared to battle for the heart and soul of mine and your land?


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