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Whether from the White House or from the Governor of North Carolina – and despite their strong stances on this issue – I have yet to hear a well-thought-out reason for either side of the issue. For adults, bathroom use should depend on garb and this is the reason: transgenderism is about gender, not sex. Transgendered people are no more likely than anyone else to commit sex crimes, whether against women or children.

If an adult MUST use the restroom according to his or her gender at birth, then we will be accustomed to seeing men occasionally using a women’s restroom, and just assume “he must be transgendered.” This will allow sex offenders access to areas usually off limits to them, as well as perpetrators of interpersonal violence, because the women’s restroom will no longer be a safe place for women to go. If adults use the restroom according to their garb, then it will be much less likely for an adult male intent upon sexual assault to dress in women’s clothing for the purpose of gaining access to the women’s bathroom.

I want to point out that a few middle school boys are more likely to dress in girls’ clothing for the sole purpose of voyeurism. Young teens often do outrageous things because of their inexperience in life as well as their emerging sexuality. In the case of a teenager who believes him or herself to be transgendered, school officials must work out some arrangement for bathroom and locker room use if the student is feeling intimidated by other students.

So, please, Mr. President, and Mr. Governor, please reconsider your stance. Let people decide for themselves where they feel more comfortable. For transgendered people, if you think you might cause a problem in a ladies’ room, then use the family bathroom.


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