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Some of the reasons people use for voting for Trump are the same reasons not to.

It is argued that since Trump is from a very liberal New York that he has had some democratic leanings. …understatement of the year right there!

The poster writes that “I’m from Philadelphia and used to be a moderate”..

I too used to be from Philadelphia, attended city schools, and have never been a moderate nor a democrat. I had parents who were not political nor religious, but by the time I reached high school I knew then that Social Security was a con game. So location does not determine ones political leanings, nor policy positions, ideology does. Trumps ideology lines up nicely with the progressive democrats and republicans whom he has supported liberally in the past. He has stated on a number of occasions that he gets along well with Pelosi and Reid and Schumer. These are not the words of a Constitutional Conservative nor someone who values limited government. While Conservatives and TEA Party members were fighting Pelosi and Reid, Trump was contributing to their campaigns. When we were attempting to remove Mitch McConnell for his feckless leadership Trump was supporting his renomination.

He’s a business man, and as such has had to get along with both sides to do business….

Whatever happened to ETHICS? Another reason why I am not a trumpeter for Trump. Trump has proven time and again that he will do whatever he has to do to get his way. Sorta like the Clintons and Obama. Trump brags about using the system to further his business. Crony capitalism is what is wrong with politics, not something to be praised.

But he wants what we want… He fights for what I fight for… He’s one of us

He may want what you want, but I am not sure he wants what I want. Speak for yourself. What is it exactly that you want from a President? Do you want someone to grab a whip and overturn the money changers tables? Are you looking for a theocracy to codify your particular ideology over any others? Are you looking for a supreme ruler to run roughshod over the constitution and take matters into his own hands to enact laws that affect all of America? Are you looking for someone to toss out the constitution and discard our republic?

I want a President who will uphold the Constitution and fight to protect it. Who will see to it that congress and the courts abide by the constraints of the Constitution and see to it that they uphold their oath to defend the Constitution. I want a President who will speak on behalf of all America and fiercely guard their inalienable rights granted to them by their Creator and are not open for debate nor regulation by the government. In fact, I would prefer that the entire Congress would be so busy cleaning up their own houses that they would leave the American people and her institutions alone for a good 8 years. Let them reduce the size and scope of the government’s reach and impact into our lives. Let them spend their time in office finding ways to CUT the government’s budget instead of increasing it every year. Instead of forever looking for ways to meddle in our affairs and the affairs of each individual state, let them focus on things of national importance – like securing our borders and securing our interests abroad, and making sure our allies know we will support them against any threat to their security. Let the American people take care of themselves; we are quite capable of handling our own affairs without having to ask Uncle Sam for help. Besides what is the purpose or need for local government if DC wants to run everything from Capitol Hill?

Trump haters will be the real problem. … They will only help to elect Hillary

I do not hate Trump, I just love the Constitution and America. I do not trust Trump. I do not even know what Trump wants to do with my country since he changes his position statements from one day to the next. Trump has not even mentioned the Constitution once during any of his many TV and campaign appearances. This country does not belong to any one man or political party – it belongs to us. I do not need a savior since Jesus already occupies that position. We are voting for a President not a king. As President of the United States, he is to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution does not grant to the President the all-encompassing power to TRANSFORM America or SAVE America; the best he can do is UPHOLD the Constitution and see to it that Congress and the Courts do the same. The rest WE THE PEOPLE can handle on our own.

If you don’t support Trump you will help the most evil canidate win…

And who might that most evil candidate be? I did not vote for the worst President in my lifetime and yet I have had to endure two full terms of this jackass. Funny, I heard all these same arguments 4 yrs ago and then 4 years prior to that. Heck ,I was even told that I needed to vote for the elephant party so that they could STOP OBAMACARE. How did that turn out?

I have been lied to by the best of them, I can smell a lie a million miles away, and I am afraid that too many in America are eating their fill of lies and deception. I do not put my trust in any man or woman or transgender or questioning person. But this much I have learned in my lifetime – the human condition is flawed and unless a person is born again of the Spirit of God then he or she is more likely to govern his or her affairs according to his or her own worldly wisdom, which will continue to lead us further and further away from a sound moral and ethical nation. Trump is full of himself and worldly wisdom – that does not fill me with confidence in his ability to act ethically or morally.

Besides, Trump does not care if I vote for him, rather he wants to APPEAL to the Bern victims; he is not interested in my values or my support. He has to earn my vote if he wants me to vote for him. If Trump cared more for America and American values than whether people liked him or not he would not trash so many Republican voters who have not supported him for any number of reasons. Trump wants to be President of the United States and yet he has no problem dividing the very party he is supposed to be representing as President. How is that supposed to work exactly?

If the GOP does not win this election it is the GOP’s fault for not nominating the right candidate to represent their party. The same thing happened in 1976 when the Republican party nominated Ford over Reagan and lost to a very weak candidate Jimmy Carter. When Reagan finally got onto the Republican ticket they won in two landslide elections. Since then the GOP has done everything it can to malign Reagan and distance themselves from his policies. Where has that gotten them? One loss after another and a nation in decline. So, spare me if I do not share your sentiments that unless I pull the lever for a Republican candidate that I did not chose to represent me that I am responsible for electing the opposing party’s nominee. If Trump is so POPULAR across the nation he should have no problem winning this election. I just do not see a juggernaut of support for the Trumpster.

Unlike the Democrats, many Republicans have ethics and morals and we do not simply walk in lock-step with whatever figurehead is set before us. We do not bow down to idols of men. We are not easily persuaded to set aside our own convictions and throw caution to the wind and vote for just anybody.  The Democrats have no standards – many Republicans don’t either, but for many in America values matter. Where are they supposed to go for representation since it is becoming increasingly evident that the Republicans do not value their votes or their positions?


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