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I once was in a pizzeria/restaurant, when suddenly a staggeringly beautiful woman sauntered inside.  She had flowing black hair, and her tresses fell softly upon her shoulders.  She was wearing a floral-patterned dress in violet and white, a soft fabric which clung gently to her shapely gold-toned body suggestively but not sleazily.  Her lips were supple and well-painted, and seemed to be forming a puckering smile of the utmost warmth and sensuality.  She moved gracefully, teasingly, seeming to have come straight out of the mural (on the wall) of old Italy, entrancing all immediately.  Everyone stopped and gazed at her.  The women were obviously jealous of her shocking and hypnotic beauty.  The men (even the married ones) were overtly aroused.  All action stopped.  All conversation halted.  All eyes were on her.  THAT was femininity, in its purest sense: the very femininity that many modern women had lost.  Not one woman in that restaurant was comparably feminine, in even the remotest sense, so they looked upon this magnificent woman as if she represented a part of themselves that had been banished forever.

Women everywhere in the modern world had been reduced, as a result of fifty years of aggressive and nonstop “feminist” brainwashing, to mere male impersonators.  They had taken on male roles, dress codes, jobs, attitudes, behaviors, and mannerisms, and the result was that they had lost, over time, the ability to channel the mysterious powers of femininity that are so necessary to the world.   “When we lose our women,” I wrote once in my journal, “we lose our world.”  Indeed, I felt that many of the problems that we were facing in the modern world were a direct result of the gross imbalance between male (yang) and female (yin) energy that had arisen in the world.

Since women became so obsessed with their “rights” (the left-wing term for the calculated destruction of white, heterosexual Christian men), they lost more and more the softness that is so much the natural heritage of yin energy.  They became just as bossy, just as competitive, just as ruthless, just as mannish as the men that they had displaced (in many cases, they became even more mannish than the men themselves!).   It started innocently enough, with the right to vote, but the “suffragettes” became more and more warrior-like with each passing generation.  Lovely dresses were replaced by stern-looking pants, and well-styled hairdos were replaced by harsh and stringy-looking hair which appeared witch-like and disheveled on many a head.  But the one most precious gift of femininity, the ability to yield, was gone almost completely from many modern women, as even the simplest exchanges often became a battle of the sexes.

We in the West like to think that we have the right to rewrite the laws of the universe, anatomy, biology, religion, and all other laws, replacing them with ridiculous and unnatural behaviors and attitudes.  Even when these behaviors and attitudes are so obviously causing incalculable damage and destruction both to our culture and our collective psyche, we still cling to them under the banner of “social progress.”  Never has a greater lie been told than the lie which causes us to confuse destruction with progress, and all the other fallacies that are born of this one.  As I look around me, I feel that most of the women I see only appear to be women, but the hardness of their voices and expressions, and the sloppiness of their clothes and hair, are all curiously and painfully unfeminine.

Once, I was looking through an illustrated history of women’s clothes, and my friend and I marveled at the tantalizing beauty of women’s clothing in previous eras, particularly the Victorian era.  “Women gave up these gorgeous dresses for yoga pants,” my friend and I said in amazement, almost simultaneously.  “Why?”  Why indeed?  Because bitter, homely women came along who called themselves “feminists,” declaring a war on traditional femininity — and, by extension, traditional masculinity.  They were mostly ugly women who didn’t look good in bikinis or make-up, so instead of facing their insecurities and dealing with them effectively, they cleverly packaged these as a movement, and stated that make-up and dresses were all a part of the patriarchy’s attempt to enslave and objectify women.  What nonsense!  Sheer nonsense!  Why, then, have so many women bought into it?



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