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Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer was a guest on Thursday’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight when he told fill-in host Ed Henry that there were good things happening in the Trump administration, but he wouldn’t say that Trump was scoring stunning victories… yet.

ED HENRY, FOX NEWS: President Trump promised a lot of winning, the stock market doing great, the economy adding 300,000 jobs in a month and illegal immigration is dropped sharply according to some statistics. If you watch the news it’s about his messages, the never ending feud over Russia and much more. Is the Trump administration sneakily off to a good start in achieving its promises? Charles Krauthammer joins us now. Charles, we talked about jobs up, stock market up, Alec Baldwin is even saying may give up the impression on SNL. He thinks people may get tired of it. Do you think Alec Baldwin is tired of this winning?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I’d say it is a bit premature to say that we have excessive winning. I will say the stock market and the job market are things that do respond to confidence. There is great confidence that the Republicans being in charge in the House and in the Congress will pass the tax reform, lower rates, lower corporate rates. Will cut back on regulation which is a formula for growth. So if you’re in the market, it’s likely that the economy will grow.

HENRY: Isn’t that tied to Obamacare in the sense If they get stalled on Obamacare, that’s good to push the timetable back on tax reform and tax cuts. It could be a real problem.

KRAUTHAMMER: Which is why these early signs are nice. But they are tenuous. The market is not going to keep climbing indefinitely, I think I can predict with confidence at some point it will turn around and go backwards. And at that point, what is Trump going to say? Were going to get tired of losing?

So, look, some things are attributable, some things are not, Trump himself tweeted out I think you heard this from Ben Carson, the statistic that after a month, the deficit had gone down by $10 billion under him and under Obama after the first month, it had gone up by $20 billion which of course is a complete and total irrelevancy. It fluctuates every hour let alone every month.


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