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The left, moderate republicans, and most everyone else are freaking out over President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, which is anything but a Muslim ban.

Yesterday, Glenn Beck, on his morning radio program, ran through the facts of what Trump actually signed as an Executive order. Beck added that he (like me) is not a fan of Executive Orders. Executive Orders have the air of a monarchy or autocracy and, in my opinion, upsets the balance of power and undercuts republicanism – our system of government – not the Party.

Beck and his on-air colleague Stu did lament that the speed in which the order went into effect took authorities like the TSA almost by surprise, as these agencies were being informed of the order as Trump was signing it.

However it appears that these agencies did a remarkable job of following the order with little warning – so hats off to them. Never thought I’d say that about the TSA, Customs or any other government department.

Outside JFK, thousands gathered to protest. In the midst of the crowd were several individuals from a group called “UNITE 4 PEOPLE” holding up placards, each with an illuminated letter spelling out “NO BAN.”

It’s rather remarkable that sophisticated signs could be crafted on the fly with almost no notice. It’s almost as if radical groups had planned for this and were just waiting to roll them out. I guess it’s good to be prepared.

Yet if one were to interview any one of these 2000 or so genius protesters, including the organizers, and ask what they are protesting against, I guarantee all would say the same thing. “We’re protesting the Trump ban on Muslims trying to enter the U.S.” If you were to then ask a follow-up question like simply, “all Muslims?” – the answer would surely be yes.

This shows that the vast majority of these protesters know nothing of what they are protesting, and the ones who do know, assuming there are any, are lying to further their “no borders” agenda. They were merely told to show up by leftist operatives like that slob Michael Moore who tweeted: “Everybody in NYC area— head to JFK Terminal 4 NOW,” and thousands of lemmings did what they were told.

It reminds me of the second Matrix movie, where the three heroes, Neo, Morpheus and Trinity go to meet a trafficker (really just a computer program), called the Merovingian, to retrieve an individual known as the Key Maker. The Merovingian explains that the three don’t know why they are to retrieve the Key Maker – just that they were told to, so they complied.

The left everywhere is protesting a Muslim Ban. As I stated earlier, this Order is not a Muslim Ban. Not even close. Beck reminds us that there a 22 majority Muslim countries. Out of the 22, only seven are called out in this Executive Order. The same number and the exact same countries called out by the Obama administration. So that’s only a little more 31% of majority Muslim countries. And as Glenn says, these countries are “the worst of the worst.”

And it’s not as if the bans are permanent. The seven country ban is only applicable for 90 days and the refugee ban is only 120 days. The only long term ban is for Syrian refugees. In other words, it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. For those who don’t think they can wait, they can all go to Germany, as it appears by Angela Merkel’s scathing comments of Trump’s actions, she has learned nothing.

Better yet, I think it’s time to pass a new version of the Johnson-Reed Act of 1924, which spanned from 1924 to 1965, limiting the annual number of immigrants who could be admitted from any country to 2% of the number of people from that country who were already living in the United States as of the 1890 census.

At the very least it would stabilize our country and possibly give our immigration services who are currently overwhelmed a chance play a little catch-up, and get a handle on exactly who is here and how to best deal with them.


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