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Let them protest all they like. Let all the lefty whack-jobs gather en masse at every major city in the U.S. to protest president Trump’s orders to halt immigration from seven specific countries. Let them whine and cry over the stoppage of the ridiculous refugee relocation program from the Middle East and other majority Muslim nations – refugees who are overwhelming NOT CHRISTIAN.

Let them all continue to protest at a fevered pitch, for the louder and more obnoxious they are the quicker they will peter out. No one can remain as angry as these crowds appear to be forever. It is doubtful the people can keep up this pace for even an entire week. They will eventually, sooner than later, tire of shouting, chanting and lugging around signs and banners. And then as quickly as the events were organized, they will end, and the crowds will disperse on their own.

The trick for the Trump administration, is to hold the line and don’t back down from their positions. Don’t give an inch – don’t compromise.

The left are masters at creating cracks in their opponent’s lines. And they, we and the republicans all know that historically the dems have had great success employing the divide and conquer strategy. It always happens one of two ways, or perhaps a combination of both.

One is to give the republicans and the general public the false impression that dems wish to be reasonable, have a “dialogue,” and work with the other side. They then devise several points of contention, but ask the republicans to maybe just bend on one or two. That’s sounds reasonable, does it not? If the other side is stupid enough to give an inch, the dems know they have developed the crack they need to where down the enemy and eventually win the day.

The other strategy is one of overwhelming blunt force, or at least the appearance that it is overwhelming. This strategy works well with both the private sector corporations, as well as against mainly the spineless political class of the right – both politicians and pundits.

Twitter campaigns, created by few but made to look substantial, signed petitions and marches. Then bring establishment republican types on every left-leaning cable news show to ask them to denounce the cause of the protests, knowing full well that at least some of these jellyfish will cave in an effort to look reasonable – in the eyes of the left. Funny that they never seem to figure out they are just being used by the left to create that crack.

The combination method is to employ leftist organizations, like the many under the Soros umbrella, to employ the shouting, chanting protest approach. At the same time, “reasonable” democrats hit the airwaves to sympathize with republicans by claiming they too wish the protests were not happening, “but you must admit, they do have a point.” This is all in an effort to get some on the right to put just a little distant between them and the administration. Once one or two on the right break, the dems have their crack – their talking point(s) to take on every show and give to every media outlet, describing how the Republican Party has fractured over this issue.

My advice to the Trump administration is to just hold the line and don’t give even an inch. No matter many republicans appear to break ranks – don’t give in on the issue. Don’t repeat the mistakes of every other republican administration, including Reagan, of thinking you can actually form a partnership with, make a deal, or compromise with the left. You can’t.

They can’t be dealt with. They must be defeated in every arena and on every issue – period.


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