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I am sick and tired of all the crap the Media and Liberals are directing at Trump and his administration.  It is killing our Country and stopping any type of activity from our Politicians to address the REAL problems our Country is facing.  Everybody in the Government is spending an exorbitant amount of time on making sure they’re “clean” and staying out of the Liberal fascists’ cross-hairs.

The airwaves are filled with 24-hour ludicrous accusations of every possible criminal activity they can think of and all of them are based on allegations that are preposterous from “anonymous” sources.  The Media has been screaming from the rooftops about Russian collusion for nearly a year!  And not one single thread of evidence has been found.

All of this daily crap has caused our Nation to suffer from its’ needs not being met.  We elected a President to “Drain the Swamp” and “Right the Ship”.  And by God he is trying his best.  But at every single turn he is being sabotaged by the Left and in many cases the Right.

Complaining about all of this action by the Left is not getting us anywhere.  There is only one way to stop all the attention and crap against our President and Government to start getting things done.  We need to return the favor to the Left.

In nearly 99.9% of all the allegations and hysteria being directed at Trump and his team…there is absolutely no evidence of law breaking…just wishful thinking from the anti-Trump crowd and their partner the Media!

It is time to turn the tables.  Throw every stinking thing the Obama team did that has been proven to have violated the Law in some form or fashion against the wall and keep them too busy to focus on Trump and his administration.

We know for a fact that Obama stole money from Americans for his pet projects that were disguised and hidden from Americans.  Somebody with some cajones needs to start laying it all out for legal action and knock the Left back on their heels and be too busy to focus on Trump…because their past activities can actually be proven to have violated the law.

How about the Chrysler bail-out that clearly violate the bankruptcy laws?

How about Solyndra and all the bail-outs to Obama’s buddies?

How about the numerous violation of laws associated with the Obama-care rollout and all the “exemptions” given to agencies to comply with their implementation?

How about Fast & Furious?  We know laws were broken.

How about Obama’s illegal “recess” appointments even though the Senate was meeting every three days as the law required?

How about the IRS discriminating against religious and conservative organizations?  A BOLO (be on the look-out) was set up by the IRS to watch for any reference to Tea Party, Israel and Patriots?

How about the order and implementation of DACA and DPCA which were both clearly against the law?

How about the illegal military action waged in Lybia without government authorization?

How about Benghazi and all the lies that were told to us about what happened?

How about all the illegal directives to the EPA regarding industry, land, water, etc..?

How about the illegal “wire-tapping”, “surveillance” of Americans?

How about illegal unmasking by Obama’s justice department?

How about Loretta Lynch colluding with the Clintons before the election?

How about getting damned serious about prosecuting Hillary and Bill for their illegal activities and clear violation of “classified” information violations and pay-to-play?

This list could go on and on which is exactly the point!!  I’d love to see our Patriots on this site add to this list and maybe we could compile it all and send it to our Representatives for action.

Let’s call for those in positions that can start these law suits about illegal activities to get on it and start keeping the Left so busy defending themselves that they have no time to continue their fishing expeditions against our President and Conservatives and maybe we can get some things accomplished that are long overdue!

And even if we don’t have ALL the evidence necessary we can at least “Throw It All Against The Wall” and see what sticks and keep them too busy to obstruct our President’s agenda to “Make America Great Again”!!

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