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WE THE PEOPLE versus “We The Foreigners”

National tag-team wrestling will be at the polls across the nation. America is the prize! In one corner, the Islamic-defending Dept. of Homeland Security and United Nations-linked “international election monitors.” In the other corner, outstanding American veterans with honorable discharges along with a high-powered sub-category of 100,000 biker vets with refreshingly bold Citizens for Trump!

There will be elected county sheriffs on both sides. The Democrat-biased sheriffs will be lenient with DHS and the UN internationals as well as with federal marshals. Republican “Jack McLamb” sheriffs and police will side with the outstanding veterans and courageous biker veterans (who don’t want their transportation constricted under globalism).

The DHS Chief vows to defend Islam from Americans! So all Muslims can come and go freely to vote, whether they are citizenry?  We shall see.  Even Clinton-supporting Jeb Bush wants DHS to “oversee” presidential election to further the election rigging and corruption.  Too, will terrorists training at the over 60 Islamic terrorist training centers in America take time to vote?  Will We The People let them?

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, who wants DHS to take control of the presidential election, told Muslims he would “protect” them from Americans – during a speech at a mosque not long after the San Bernardino shooting.

Several months later, Johnson was grilled by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) over the “systematic scrubbing of law enforcement and intelligence materials” linking recent terror attacks to Islam.

“When you erase references to radical jihad, it impacts the behavior of law enforcement and national security to respond to red flags and prevent terrorist attacks before they occur,” Cruz told Johnson.  But Johnson wants power to oversee the upcoming election between Clinton and Trump, the latter of whom has been an outspoken critic of Islamic terrorism and the Obama administration’s attempt to downplay the attacks as “workplace violence.”

Meanwhile, a swarm of hundreds of United Nations-linked “international election monitors,” many of them hailing from nations ruled by repressive dictatorships, will descend on the United States this year to supervise and “monitor” America’s elections.  This over-the-line horde of international bureaucrats for the November elections will be 10 times larger — and probably even more controversial — than the smaller “monitoring” mission that sparked a national uproar in 2012. Last time around, Texas even threatened to arrest them, and for good reason. The mission by the international outfit, founded in large part by Yugoslavian and Soviet communists, is supposedly to combat alleged “voter suppression” by conservatives.

If Obama, obsessed with being the Black FDR, doesn’t successfully provoke and agitate for another “Pearl Harbor” to call Martial Law and stay in office indefinitely… The DHS and UN “international election monitors” and Democrat-biased sheriffs will meet their victorious opponents determined and immovable to keep America free! They include:

OUTSTANDING VETERANS TO GUARD ELECTIONS FOR TRUMP! Locally Organize Now!  Send Around Now! Remember that especially groups of three and four cannot be infiltrated (by current or former FEMA employees).





Super Male Vitality!  THESE TRUE AMERICANS ARE THE ANTIDOTE FOR SOROS AND MUSLIM TERRORISTS PROXIES! There is no such thing as a “No Go” zone to these true biker Americans!

Freedom is not free.  The election is less than four weeks away! Now is the time for all determined and resolute We The People Patriots – to come to the aid of their country – to oversee the Presidential elections! Volunteers are needed at the polls, inside and out with observable strength in vigilant numbers! Video all potential enemies, foreign and domestic, those going in and out of the polls, suspected of tainting America. “Head off at the pass” all foreigners who would otherwise vote at 20 polling sites and say if caught, “I didn’t know this was wrong.” This has already happened! Let us learn from recent history.

The stakes are high.  In retrospect, this could prove to be America’s most decisive victory, either direction!  We can all choose to be actors and spectators!  As a war veteran with an Honorable Discharge, I choose to continue active duty at the polls!  Let’s show the young generation how it’s done!  Thank you for sending this around today!  The spirit of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, of General George Patton and General Douglas MacArthur (who Donald Trump is fond of keeping before the public), will be hovering over the polls November 8th!


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