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The Sins of Eric Holder:

With Eric Holder once more attempting to inject himself into politics, it may now be an appropriate time to review who this man is and what he did as President Obama’s Attorney General of the United States, I mean this flawed man thinks he may run for president in 2020; his only competition for that office would be, Hillary, Biden, Spartacus, and Pocahontas, put on the laugh track and bring it on.

At the time that Holder departed as A.G., I believed he had presided over the ideologically worst and politically the most corrupt Department of Justice in my lifetime, and I have now been on this planet for over 8 decades.
However, in 2018, Holder’s miserable record is now being challenged by little Jeff Sessions and his controller Rod Rosenstein.

I said challenged, but even as terrible as Sessions A.G. performance has been, Holder is still leading in that sickening contest and since Sessions and Rosenstein will be out on their asses after the 2018 election, I believe Holder will remain the titleholder for leading the most rotten Department of Justice and as the most politically subversive Attorney General in my lifetime.

In Shakespeare’s play, Henry V, Part 2, there is a line that says, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Now I am not advocating killing anyone. But I sure would like to help ensure the American people understand the truth of Holder. I definitely would like to see Eric Holder’s disgraceful performance as A.G. become even better known, and make certain his past appalling performance kills any chance he has to ever again be in a political power position in our country.

Eric Holder’s past is a record of radical left-wing ambition, of slobbering subservience to whatever outrageous deeds his political masters instructed him to accomplish, bending the law to suit whatever outcome those masters required of him, and a huge display of immense disdain and contempt for the American people and traditional American values.

So let’s take a look at some of his past obnoxious acts:

When Holder served as Deputy Attorney General for the Clinton administration Holder engineered an outrageous grant of clemency that freed members of the FLAN and the Los Macheteros, in accordance with a request by Bill Clinton to do so.

Those groups were Puerto Rican nationalists who wanted the U.S. out of Puerto Rico and had turned to terrorism and murder in New York City in order to try and accomplish that end. In other words, these radicals were committing murderous acts of terror in New York City even before 9/11.

Sixteen terrorist members of the FLAN and Los Macheteros were serving time in prison after a trial in New York City for bank robbery, possession of illegal explosives, six murders, other armed robberies, bombings, participating in a seditious conspiracy and injuries to hundreds of innocent people. The terrorists had been found guilty in New York criminal courts, had been sentenced and sent to prison. Then President Clinton instructed his Deputy A.G., Eric Holder to get them pardoned. Are you kidding me?

So Holder proceeded to show his subservience to his master‘s orders and proceeded to accomplish what was an irresponsible political act that demonstrated the corrupt mindset of the Clinton presidency.

In order to do what he had been instructed to do, Holder must have done a lot of arm twisting, pressure on the right people, perhaps even some kind of bribery in order to get these murderous terrorist criminals clemency and released from prison. Holder took that action over the strong objections of many career officers in the DOJ. It was not the last time Holder ignored or dismissed objections from professional career officers in the DOJ, for his own or his master’s political/ideological reasons.

Well, it soon became obvious that the reason for the clemency was that Hillary Clinton was running for one of the New York Senate seats in Washington, her first campaign for public office. Guess what, with all the favorable publicity generated by that clemency, Hillary swept the Hispanic areas of New York City with big majorities and that helped her win that election.

That’s right, with her husband Bill’s corrupt pardon, engineered by Eric Holder, flying on her flag post, Hillary won and common sense makes it clear that is what the pardon was all about.

Might that pardon have been a little payback from good ole Bill to Hillary for Monica, ya think. In the event, even Hillary got embarrassed about the pardon and at the last minute before the election refuted it, of course by that time she knew she had received all the benefits she was going to get from it. Cunning plan Hillary.

But think about it, Eric Holder, a man at one of the highest positions in our Department of Justice, had willingly acquiesced to a corrupt request to debase our justice system without any regard for the consequences.

However, that act of legal malfeasance was far from Eric Holder’s last or even his most disreputable. Even more outrageous is the infamous Mark Rich pardon.

Marc Rich was an international fugitive who had duped our government out of buckets of cash. President Clinton pardoned this fugitive with the connivance and assistance of Erich Holder, actually this maleficent pardon was probably done for Clinton’s own corrupt reasons, but Holder was once more Clinton’s willing accomplice; could it be that Marc Rich’s reputation of spreading a lot of money around when someone helped him have something to do with it?

At the time of his pardon, Marc Rich was on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list, accused of racketeering, defrauding the United States Treasury of tens of millions of dollars and trading with our nation’s enemies, including Iran. Rich had supplied the Ayatollahs with the funds Iran desperately needed, while the Ayatollahs’ embargoed regime kept American diplomat’s hostage in a brutal and barbaric fashion; sounds like a foretaste of Obama’s hundreds of billions of our dollars to the bastards.

The treatment of our diplomatic hostages by the Ayatollahs didn’t bother Marc Rich at all, he was a scheming financial villain and obviously, Holder and Clinton must have thought pardoning Rich was worth something or they wouldn’t have done it.

When an outraged Congress summoned Holder to explain his actions, Holder’s testimony was bizarre and often made no sense, saying he really didn’t know much about the Marc Rich pardon. We were to witness, many times, the same nonsense from Holder during Obama’s reign when Holder was called to explain his bizarre actions and decisions.
Holder’s protestations of ignorance do not pass the smell test. Holder knew Rich well. To be clear, before the Rich pardon scandal convinced Holder it was in his best interest to profess ignorance about his knowledge of Rich, Holder was on record with conversations with the media boasting about how his office was cracking down on Marc Rich’s financial crimes.

So the pertinent question is, why did Clinton tell Holder to set up a pardon for that disreputable man? Since Marc Riche’s whole life was a record of self-serving financial chicanery, my inclination would be to believe there was a lot of money involved for the nascent Clinton Crime Family. Remember Clinton was on his way out of the White House at that time and the news stories were saying he and Hillary were even stealing the White House china.
Obama and Holder:

After Obama became president he appointed Eric Holder as his Attorney General. I guess Eric Holder’s trashy record under Clinton impressed Obama, anyway Obama told the world “I have complete confidence in my Attorney General Holder.” Looking back on Holder’s record, one has to wonder why. Pick almost any unnecessary, losing political or legal battle President Obama became involved in during Eric Holders reign, and his unethical Attorney General was at the center of it.

Almost immediately after Obama took office, Eric Holder conspired with President Obama to announce the closure of the military prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The two made that announcement without even examining the feasibility of doing so. President Obama then experienced the political indignity of the Democrat-controlled Congress ignoring the deadline he and Holder had demanded, and keep in mind, this was in the era of Obama’s presidency when he was at the height of his popularity and was looked upon by the Democrat’s as their “messiah.” Then President Obama suffered the further embarrassment of having the Democrat-controlled Senate vote 90 to zero to block funds for Guantanamo’s closure; great job Eric, if you had been working for Donald Trump he would have said, “YOUR FIRED.”

As we now know, thank God, Guantanamo is still open. As we were to find out during Obama’s reign, Obama intended to release as many of the evilest and dangerous Islamist terrorist’s prisoners as he could, in order to eventually bring Guantanamo down to so few terrorists’ prisoners, that it must close. Didn’t work, just one of the initial irresponsible decisions the Obama /Holder team got shoved up one of their largest orifices.

The next incredibly ludicrous and potentially disloyal action Holder recommended was his decision to release classified Justice Department memos on the CIA terrorist interrogation program and reopen a lengthy criminal investigation into the conduct of individuals in the CIA interrogation program; the interrogation program that brought the demise of Osama Bin Laden. Holder did that in order to placate the far left wing of the Democrat Party.

The reopening of that investigation meant Holder would pursue criminal indictments against individual Americans in the CIA; even though the CIA interrogation program had previously been approved at the highest levels of our government. It didn’t matter to Holder that five CIA directors, including Leon Panetta, Obama’s choice as CIA Director, all vigorously objected to Holders action.

According to the Washington Post, Holder did not even read detailed memos that previous career prosecutors had drafted and placed in files to explain their adamant decisions to decline the prosecutions Holder was so politically in favor of. Is this guy legally blind or just politically blind?

Once more Holder failed and had to back down. Again Holder claims ignorance, he didn’t know what was going on in his DOJ because he said he hadn’t read those memos; this was a prosecution that had no chance of happening, just more posturing to make radical left-wing Democrats feel good, for a while.

Again, why did Holder try to set this criminal investigation up? Was it just to make his radical left-wing supporter’s fee good? Didn’t he and Obama understand the investigation was never going to happen? After two years of wasted money, resources and needless controversy, Holder once more came up empty. What a guy.

December 25, 2009, a Nigerian man, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the “Christmas Day Bomber “attempts to detonate plastic explosives in his underwear on Northwest Airlines Flight 253, from the Netherlands to Detroit Michigan. The terrorist failed. The bomb didn’t explode properly and a passenger restrained him with the help of other passengers and put the fire out.

After the aircraft landed, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was immediately put under interrogation by our intelligence officials. After just 50 minutes, that’s right, five zero minutes, Holder gave orders to stop the interrogation and give the terrorist his Miranda rights warning. After the Miranda warning, Abdulmutallab shut up and we didn’t get much from him thereafter. Holder did not consult any high-level intelligence or national security officials prior to his insane Miranda warning order. What the hell was going on?

If our professional intelligence personnel had been making that decision, Abdulmutallab would have been under intensive debriefing for at least several days if not weeks. We were later to find out he was Al Qaeda operative and he was carrying out an Al Qaeda plan. That terrorist had valuable information we did not get in a timely manner. There is no doubt with his inexplicable and sinister decision Holder cost this country valuable anti-terrorist intelligence. Of course, given Holder’s overall beliefs, he really didn’t care much about that. Another dreadful decision by Eric Holder, as we shall list there would be many more.

The next catastrophic error by Holder as A.G. was his and Obama’s attempt to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) and other 9/11 terrorists in a civilian Federal Courts in New York City, not a military court in Guantanamo. Why, under the Bush administration these terrorists were listed as “enemy combatants,” not civilian criminals, were put in a military prison and scheduled to be tried by a military court.

Barrack Obama and Eric Holder tried to convince America that Islam was a misunderstood religion and terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda were not Islamic because the Koran prohibited Islamist from killing each other. Of course, that was nonsense since Sunnis and Shias have been slaughtering each other for millennia. Do we still remember during the eight miserable years of the Obama presidency, President Obama refused to utter the words, “Islamic Terrorists?”

Most people think that Islam is a religion, in the Western sense of religion, it is not. Islam is a geopolitical system that has government, financial, military, legal and religious components all rolled into one component called “Islam.” ISIS and Al Qaeda were created by Islamists using sections of the Koran. The terrorism they conduct can be traced right back to the writings in the Koran.

So KSM and the others imprisoned at Guantanamo were Islamic terrorists, they belonged not to any national government, they were “enemy combatants” fighting against our armed forces and using terrorism as a tool to achieve their evil ends. It was not civilian anarchists that destroyed the twin towers but a faction of the Islamic religion which in their reading of the Koran authorizes killing all infidels; that would be us.

The types of crimes committed by these terrorists are not compatible with our constitutional protections. They are not American citizens, they are not the citizens of any country they represent nothing but flawed beliefs of sections of the Koran. They do not have the right to any of the amendment protection in our constitution. So why did Obama and Holder want to try them in a civilian court, not in a military one?

Here is a little clarity that may cast some understanding on that question. There is an outfit called the “Center of Constitutional Rights.” To give an idea where it stands politically, it authorized a book that declared Che Guevara a heroic guerilla. The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) received over 2.5 million dollars in funding from George Soros and his affiliates. One of the affiliates listed by CCR as a partner in their radical efforts is a law firm, Covington and Burling who employs many far left attorneys.

Surprise, surprise Covington, and Burling was Eric Holder’s law firm for eight years prior to his becoming Attorney General. Covington and Burling proudly listed among its achievements their help in winning constitutional habeas corpus rights for the Islamic terrorists held in Guantanamo, allowing them to sue in U.S. courts for their release. Holder’s law firm did this work pro bono. I imagine the Americans who lost loved ones on 9/11 to those radical jihadists must feel all warm and fuzzy about that.

Holder is a radical lawyer and he brought many more with him to serve in our Department of Justice. In 2018, as we have unfortunately seen, too many of them are still ensconced there. Obama and Holder wanted to try KSM and the other 9/11 terrorists in a civilian court and allow them the constitutional protections offered to American citizens. That would have caused many problems with our system of government. Here is just one of them.

The radical defense attorneys assigned to the terrorists would have had, under the due process clause of our constitution, to be given highly classified information on our anti-terrorist processes that the prosecuting attorneys had access to and would be using to prosecute the terrorists they were defending. Wonderful, those radical attorneys would have leaked that classified information to our media and the world as soon as they could get their scummy hands on a cell phone. The political left wing in our country understands our corrupt media is an important adjunct to their success, as most Americans now understand in 2018. The Obama/Holder version of a trial would have been a circus.

However, we Americans are not as dumb as some left-wingers hope we are. In the face of overwhelming national backlash, Obama and Holder were forced to back down and had to announce the resumption of military trials at Guantanamo, but there were to be many roadblocks ahead during Obama’s reign. Another strikeout for Holder, but that’s ok Eric because Obama has total confidence in you as his A.G.

For his next blunder, Holder withdrew the lawsuit filed against the New Black Panther Party for violations of the voting rights act (why new, they were to have the same reputation as the old one). Members of the New Black Panther Party were standing about at voting locations, in a threating manner, with clubs in their hands, attempting to intimidate prospective American voters.

Holder refused to prosecute that case and did so over the objections of career lawyers at the Department of Justice. Again Holder takes the low road and overrules experienced career officers in order to further advance his own ideological agenda. His order that violations by black perpetrators be treated differently than those by whites is on its face racism. And this is the A.G. selected and supported by Barrack Obama. Why am I not surprised?

How about Holder suing the State of Arizona over its immigration law 1070? Arizona law 1070 was an attempt to control illegal immigration and to locate illegal immigrants in Arizona and deport them. It’s bad enough that Barrack Obama and his gang of open borders jerks refused to take any action to protect our Southern Border from illegal immigration, the poison the drug cartels are pouring into our country and the fact far too many OTM’S (other than Mexicans) have been clandestinely entering our country across that unprotected border. Many of the OTM’S come from countries that really do not like us very much. But when Holder took action to sue the state of Arizona to shut down 1070, he admitted to Congress that he had not actually read the 1070 law, but was relying on T.V. and media coverage to make his decisions to sue, that is incredible; I mean you just can’t make that stuff up.

It has been obvious for decades that the political left in our country couldn’t care less about the fact that 10 to 20 million people are roaming around this country illegally, undocumented, unaccounted and whose primary loyalty is not to the United States of America. In the dangerous world we live in, that is beyond insane.

Then we had the politically deceptive and dangerous façade set up by Obama and Holder called, “Fast and Furious.”
In April 2011 Barrack Obama gave his blueprint for undermining our 2nd Amendment rights. He was giving a speech to Sara Brady and her anti-gun crowd, assuring that crowd that he was striving to put gun control in place. Obama said, “We have to go through a few procedures, but, “under the radar.” They loved it. Under the radar turned out to be a gun running scandal called, Fast and Furious.

The Obama/Holder Fast and Furious (F&F) program, in the end, turned out to be a deliberate plot to arm Mexican drug cartels with U.S. weapons for nefarious purposes “under the radar” in order to help justify the Obama/Holder assault on our 2nd Amendment.

Official documents later obtained by Congress actually showed that the Obama administration planned to exploit any carnage resulting from (F&F) to intensify its lawless efforts to remove the gun rights of Americans.

Under (F&F) about 2,000 weapons were allowed by the Obama administration to be “walked” by straw buyers across our border and into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Once those guns went across the border, there was no way to know where they went or who received them.

Two things took place that brought this wicked program to an end.

1. The murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry by a Mexican drug cartel operative using a weapon taken across our Southern Border under (F&F).
2. After the murder of the Border Patrol Agent, Whistleblowers from the FBI and the DOJ went to Congress, the press and blew the whistle on this deadly program. They did that even though it was evident their careers were on the line, and as it happened, they were.

No one will ever know how many Mexicans were shot, wounded and killed by weapons provided by this atrocious, stupidly planned program.

Then, of course, the cover-up began. The standard Obama structure of, misinformation, disinformation, half-truth and dammed lies rolled out.

Congress got involved and some of the truth began to come out. Congress was infuriated by what came out about (F&F). Holder as was his wont couldn’t tell anybody anything about that program. He was blatantly perjuring himself.
The House of Representatives voted to hold A.G. Eric Holder in contempt for perjury, and for failing to hand over requested documents related to that disastrous gun-walking program. A.G. Eric Holder is the first and so far the only A.G. to be voted to be in contempt.

Then just minutes before Congress was finalizing the contempt order against Eric Holder, Obama claimed executive privilege to keep the tens of thousands of (F&F) e-mails secret, and that was the end of that; no special prosecutor or consul ever demanded once more Obama and Holder got away with it.

Shortly after that Holder made the best decisions he ever made as Attorney General, he retired.

So let’s do a little recap Eric Holder’s record as A.G. Holder didn’t seem to remember much about anything. He couldn’t remember or doesn’t bother to read the Arizona 1070 law before suing the State of Arizona. He couldn’t remember or failed to read the reams of opinions from career prosecutors refusing to proceed with legal action against the CIA for interrogation procedures before he failed in that legal dead end. He didn’t care or didn’t remember about the tide of opposition from his own Democrat party before advising President Obama to close Guantanamo. The Democrat party then voted 90 to zero to provide funds to close Guantanamo. He actually perjured himself over the Fast and Furious outrage and when the House of Representatives issued a Contempt order, Holder became the only Attorney General in our history to be so served. His buddy President Obama had to save his ass by putting out an Executive Order that prevented Holder being prosecuted by Congressional action.

Looking back on Holder’s record I have known people who didn’t know much, but Holder didn’t seem to even suspect anything.

The truth is Eric Holder was a very dangerous man in a position of great power. As long as he was Attorney General the United States of America, he used that position and power to do great harm to the traditional values of this country.

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