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Russia publicizes Hillary is a war monger. Obama does everything in his power to provoke Russia into World War III. Alex Jones is praised by Russian media, as Jones downplays Russian strategic capabilities, repeatedly and flippantly saying Russia has only two important bases. Meanwhile, reports on such as The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges reveal Russians all over America!

As Russian troops prepare for invasion into Alaska, Alex Jones and Infowars cover none of it! Alex warmly takes his accolades and praise from the Russian media. Indeed, as Multinational Troops Preparing for Guerrilla War In Colorado (by Dave Hodges) reveals “the clear visibility of Russian troops on US soil,” Infowars yawns and turns to other matters such as AI.

What is going on? Who is to be believed? How can the views of Jones and Hodges be antithetical and polar opposites? If the Russians are dead set against globalism, why are so many Russian troops in Alaska, Colorado, and all over America? Why hasn’t Putin rejected the globalist Freemasonry he shares with Bush and Obama?

Long-term planning for UN Russian troops in America has pre-positioned, for years, Russian elements all over America! Let’s look at a handful from thousands of facts about Russians in America, to see why President Trump and General Mattis will have to work with lightning rapidity!

In addition to Alaska and Colorado:

1500 Russian troops encamped 30 miles north of Pole Bridge, Montana, redeployed from their bivouac area. Ann FAA “loyalist” traffic controller, reported approx. 120 C-130 transports… flying to Canada to bring them to the US.

Soviet agents from Estonia with the EST international ID on the rear and VA license plates, “BALT,” were seen repeatedly driving northbound on Route 231 near Gordonsville, VA, passing near the FEMA base at Cismont/Peter’s Mountain. One is one of several guards, the guard officer, assigned to FEMA base atop Peter’s Mountain.

Twin Russian grey-metallic Cobra gunships reported patrolling at 1000 feet, northbound, on US 29 over Fashion Square Mall. Soon followed a course off the VOR in Charlottesville.  Days later, 3 Russian-grey Cobras passed over the Reva Shell Station, VA, at 800 feet with side-looking radar and mini-gun pods!

Joint Chiefs of Staff report: “Two Russian officers, just two of thousands now hidden in country, with liquor-loosened tongues in Shreveport, Louisiana, stated to a waitress, quote: We’re here to soon take the pleasure away from your pleasure-loving Americans….” and “You can forget the Super Bowl this year…”

A Russian defector said some years ago, “You cowboys won’t even be able to use your guns.” The Russians are in on the anthrax deal with the World Health Organization to destroy America.

California cop with Bearcat scanner heard: “B squad and Spetznaz switch to channel five.”

In Colorado, seven people dropped dead from sprayed Aflatoxin, as it was confirmed the UN Russians sprayed it. Two days later intercepts of FEMA UHF channel revealed Russians “spraying biologicals.”

Bill Clinton signed a “July 4th” Executive Order installing a “Continuity of Govt Plan” with Russian agents as the Regional Directors of the ten FEMA regions.

A US squad infiltrated into Canada, on a long range patrol, located a brigade of about 1,500 combat-equipped Russians, hidden about 30 miles due north of Pole Bridge, Montana, located on the western border of Glacier National Park.

Clinton, Peary, and their Latvian-born (Russian) chairman of the Joint Staff, met to determine the logistic support to US troops would be cut off at the right time, thus insuring their destruction, and the annihilation of any other US forces overseas, when the “national emergency happens here. There is no plan to support US troops! (The funding 2017 National Defense Act is a smokescreen and disarming!) And it is time to order Russian-troop expulsions from the United States!

Russians, Germans, Chinese, are now in America by the hundreds of thousands, to take American guns as UN “peace keepers.” LENCO Bearcats are spotted all over the US driven by foreign troops! 400 Russian train engineers trained in Florida for the UN takeover. General “Mad Dog” Mattis, this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg! General Mattis, take note!


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