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Regardless of what one thought of the Catholic Church, the fiery devastation of the Notre Dame was deeply saddening.

While the Catholic Church with 1.3 billion people were as emotional toward it, as Muslims are toward the Dome of the Rock, the millions who pledge to rebuild still can never replace it.

While Vigileaks was there to appreciate its living legacy, the pictures I took are even more treasured now. But for reasons far, far beyond mere sentimentality and tourist superficiality.

The prized Notre Dame cathedral was a strong icon of western civilization. Indeed, it was a towering and enduring symbol of so much that western civilization stood for! Its architectural achievement was second to none.

Did Muslims set it ablaze, cheering in the background as they did with the fall of the 9/11 Twin Trade Towers? We may never know.

Was it over-insured as was Reichmann’s Olympia & York structure, perhaps its insurance now going to pay the over $1 billion for Catholic clergy pedophile acts? Or were liberal Jews “settling the score” for centuries-old anti-semitic abuses?

Without sounding Masonic, it’s easy to speculate that any of the three major world religions may have been involved… when it may have started from no more than a lit cigarette butt, caught by the wind, to mischievously and tremblingly lodge at the cathedral’s Achilles’ heel…

What is the bottom line to all this? From a Christian standpoint, one easily sees that if the millions of Catholics and Christians, around the world, were as determined to rebuild Christianity, as they are its symbol, a great spiritual revival, indeed, would set the world ablaze!

But, needless to say, the European disaster also serves as a dire warning. If this were intentionally set ablaze, then this could be the historical wake-up call marking the moment of new Christian persecution. And as history has repeatedly shown, nothing makes the church grow faster!

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