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30,000 climate alarmists convened in Katowice, Poland recently expecting their claimed planet killing climate crisis would result in getting the power to redistribute trillions of dollars from America and the European Union so they could steal some, dole out the rest in ways to enhance their political power to steal more, but it did not turn out that way.

They were stunned by the millions of French citizens denouncing their government’s plans to carbon-tax them into deeper poverty than they are in from new socialism promising jobs and lots of free stuff while creating nothing.

They were furious the US profiled benefits of fossil fuels and outraged Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait were willing to “note” the climate report and express appreciation to the scientists who developed it but not accept any claims and assertions of climate cataclysms. They were appalled countries of the world are using more and more fossil fuels every year.

In spite of claiming their positions are based on science they presented none, nor did they deal with the many outrageous flaws in the science they claim is “settled!” No science is settled, ever. That claim leaps from the page of anyone well taught in the physical sciences. Their errors omit or include:

(1) The Vostok Ice Core studies have shown over the last 450,000 years the rise in Earth temperatures preceded increases in CO2; not the other way around as required to support their doom and bloom. CO2 is not a cause. It is an effect!

(2) Recent claims “Warming is happening now!” (gasp!) but not supported by weather data and that Dr. Jim Hansen, or associate, was found to have faked several charts when raw data from supporting stations differed substantially to what “Indiana” Hansen, in his Fedora hat, had claimed.

(3) The Kings College (UK) controversy hangs over Dr. Michael Mann since cohort Dr. Phil Jones congratulated him in email for his “trick” of erasing the well-documented 500 year Medieval Warming to make his “hockey stick” which Al Gore used in a slide film to get a movie Oscar and the Nobel Peace Prize even though it had nothing to do with world peace so Michael Mann then claimed he won the Nobel! Skunks and scoundrels are often good friends.

(4) Global warming of the “Industrial Age,” from 1880 AD to 2000 AD is only 0.5 Celsius degree, again we cannot determine for any year and nowhere near the rise projected by the panic pushers. And, since 2000 AD atmospheric temperature is in decline, but warmers never report it!

(5) Equally unreported is the decline to zero the number of sunspots which have long been indicators of solar energy output as sunspots are like bubbles in boiling water. Their presence indicates more energy in the system than the liquid can abide so it vaporizes and we see the void as a black spot. When there are none solar output and our temperature decline.

(6) The Katowice Warmer Panic Pushers claim coastlines will soon be under water but fail to admit, sea level is very difficult to define as it depends on the positions of the sun and moon, motions of the seafloor eruptions of 700 known marine volcanoes and a gravity constant that varies changing the sea level. Those knowledgeable of the seas know it does not have a “level.” It has 1,000 ft. differences.

(7) The impacts warmer’s demands impose on African and Asian people and children that have long been energy deprived, impoverished, malnourished, and diseased living brutally short lives put an enormous burden on them, but they seem uninterested in proving their case. We have offered undeniable experimental evidence anyone can repeat with seven Dollars and our paper “CO2 Is Innocent” at https:\ It has been reviewed by over 6,000 scientists, engineers, students and more without one negative response or cited flaw. Our book “Vapor Tiger” is on sale in the Kindle format for $2.99 and it contains the history of this issue plus more demo-experiments that show we prove what we say.

Anthropogenic (man-caused) global warming has been a path to money and power since August 1988 when Albert Gore, Jr. and Jim Hansen sabotaged the air conditioners for Congress when they made their famous “We’re All Gonna Die!” presentation to the Joint Committee on Science and Technology of Congress with windows open to the August heat to warn the legislators of the evils of CO2 when there are none and they, or at least Dr. Hansen, knew it. To date, America has wasted more than $1 trillion on this lie, destroyed science education. for which we cannot report a Dollar value, but as an indicator, our high tech industries are now having to go abroad to hire Ph.D. scientists as ours cannot do the problems.

It’s no wonder 200 prominent California Civil Rights leaders sued the California Air Resources Board, claiming thier greenhouse gas policies are “racist” and disproportionately raise electricity, housing, transportation, food and hiring costs for Latino and African-Americans, for no environmental benefits. Poor countries should consider bringing similar human rights lawsuits in the US, EU, and international courts.

No one knows how this will turn out, but every day it continues puts us just that much farther down a road of no return as too many powerful people have too much invested in the concept and feel they have to defend it as the consequences of exposure will ruin them. They have known for 30 years and refused ever to turn back when they could have killed this monster. It is truly the greatest tragedy in history as it will not only destroy our economy, but several billion people kept from food, water, medicine, education and the simple joys of living for the avarice of a few hundred really evil people.

They should be arrested, tried and convicted, but that will not happen as they control the courts, along with much else. If a way to deal with “the swamp,” “the forces of darkness” or “the bureaus” is not found we will fail, as has every previous “great empire” after 250 years. We appear to be on schedule as we are 242 years old in 2018.

At some point in this madness, the prevailing forces will hopefully see the light and turn it on the cockroaches, send them scurrying to their darkness hopefully never to return.

While politicians and tax-exempt pressure groups are shielded from inquiries dishonest, profiteering companies that ally with climate alarmists are not. A few enterprising Attorneys General, FBI offices, public interest law firms, or SEC and FTC investigators could bring this construct of evil and avarice to a fitting end.

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