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#Why do Vendors use many different languages in communication with the public? A great deal of paper is used for this, and that adds to expenses for vendors, and their profit is determined partially by their expenses; to increase the profit they must cover the expense, and they cover the expense by increasing the cost. (to you and I)!

#Do you realize (I’m sure you do) that our Freedoms, Liberties, Rights, and the enactment of our Laws under the Constitution, are very much determined and controlled by the Political Parties; not by the individual Representatives, we vote into office? We are no longer “by the people – for the people “!

#Maxine Waters is vacationing in the Bahamas. Nancy Pelosi in Hawaii. Chuck Schumer is hiding. Wonder how the Democratic Government workers out of work feel about the Reps. they voted into office! Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland are three heavily Democratic areas!

#Perhaps, if we’re lucky, 2019 will be the year the “modern” Democrats (mostly Socialists) will see the light, and meld back in with the True Democrats of yesteryear. The Party of the people.

#I hope to see Parents take a keen interest in what their children are being taught in School. Please go to the PTA meetings, and let your voice be heard. Renew the “reading – writing – ‘rithmetic” agenda, along with intense History. At the College level, research thoroughly the curriculum and agenda of the University when your child shows interest.

#Children do not need professional grief counselors, “bully” protection, or Political indoctrination. Leave Parenting to the Parents. Let Family’s raise their young according to their own values and principles. It DOES NOT take a Village to raise a child. Just a caring, loving family.

#My New Year hope is also to see the Professional Athletes stop the fighting on the field or Arena, and remember they are role models to many of our youth. That, I believe, is part of their responsibility to their fans, who support them so fervently, in all weather. And for the owners to stop pandering to their “money-makers”. They will perform for you without the blackmail at “contract time”; ……… and players, pick up the darn football and toss it to the Ref., instead of just letting it drop. (that action reminds me of the Politicians who remind each other; “ …. let them eat cake….”.

#Party safely tonight 12/31/18; Remember your children need you; be sure you make it home to them. Have a safe New Years Eve. Bring along a “designated driver”. And resolve to be a better person in 2019.

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