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With apologies to Robert W. Service –
A bunch of the boys were whooping it up
In Washington DC
Some in the Senate, some in the House
Looting the land of the free
Some were satyrs, some were traitors
And some I can’t explain
And among the worst of these
Was Senator John McCain

Senator John McCain is dead and buried, flags are once again flying high, and the Senator has gone on to whatever eternal reward may be his. Perhaps he should now be excused from any further discussion by us. Enough is enough; but not quite yet.

There may be even more to the John McCain story than has been told on iPatriot (see “John McCain …Now for the Rest of The Story,” by HowRon, 9/12/18). iPatriots should possibly be prepared for upcoming shocks that will knock their socks off.

I shall not even attempt here to summarize the almost year-long internet postings of an anonymous source that identifies itself as QAnon, or just Q. (Q is the highest security clearance in the Department of Energy) That history seems to be a bizarre bazaar of cryptic prescient predictions, seeming air-balls, and/or deliberate disinformation. (See

But just for the sake of speculation. . .

For months before McCain’s death Q was claiming that John McCain was a traitor whose number was just about up.

Then on July 25, 2018 (6:28 pm) Q posted: “McCain will be returning to the headlines.”

On August 25, 2018 (4:28 pm local time) John McCain was pronounced dead. His funeral followed. Headlines, headlines, headlines.
(Adjusting for time zones, I resist the time-coincidence rabbit trail.)

Earlier, on June 30, Q posted:

“Think SC vote to confirm (coming) No name action”

HOLD PLEASE. Q is initials and acronyms happy; suggesting to me this is a military op. (Military op? OMG, it’s catching.) In the above post, SC is the Supreme Court; and No name is, in Q-speak, John McCain. (In Q-land a traitor loses the right to be named.)

RESUME. So why was Q calling attention to Judge Kavanaugh’s upcoming Senate confirmation hearing, and what could it possibly have to do with Senator McCain? Here is a link to a clip of Senator Lindsey

Graham questioning Judge Kavanaugh on September 4:

Where did those questions come from? Reportedly, this is the first time in the history of Supreme Court confirmation hearings that the “Law of Armed Conflict” has ever been mentioned. The upshot of the exchange is that civilian traitors are enemy combatants and may be tried by a military tribunal, and may be executed.

The above paragraph stands independent of Q’s June 30 post. But what was Q doing? One explanation of Q’s June 30 post is that Q wanted to draw attention to the above questioning; and Graham and Kavanaugh were a long-planned dog and pony show giving a warning, and discomfort, to American traitors. (And letting us know that Q knows what’s going on.)

Far fetched? Definitely; but not necessarily untrue. This could have been a warning to traitors. Go back and listen to the video at 1:17. The case being referred to is “Eisentrager”. Listen carefully to Judge Kavanaugh. From the very first it sounded to me that Kavavaugh said “Eisentraitor”. Is this a subliminal warning? A Freudian slip? My bad hearing? Judge for yourself.

And now things get really interesting. On September 5 Governor John Kasich of Ohio was being interviewed by Chris Cuomo on CNN. Here is a clip of part of the interview:

“It’s like 24 hours since John McCain was put to death.” !!??

I don’t see how “was put to death” can substitute for “passed away” or “was laid to rest”. And Chris Cuomo doesn’t bat an eye; as if what Kasich just said is common knowledge; an open secret.

So let’s see. Q says McCain was a traitor whose time was up. Senator Graham and Judge Kavanaugh point out to the entire nation that civilian traitors can be tried and executed by the military. Then, Ohio governor John Kasich casually mentions on national TV that John McCain was “put to death.”
Maybe John McCain was a traitor who was tried by a military tribunal and quietly executed for his crimes. No muss, no fuss, no demonstrations.

And recall the impassioned hatred of President Trump at, and his absence from, McCain’s funeral.
If this is the case, the behavior of members of the cabal attempting to destroy President Trump by any means possible (e.g. fraudulently obtained FISA warrants), is explained. They are fighting exposure not just to save their wealth and power, but possibly their very lives. No wonder they’re trying so hard.
Or maybe I’m just reporting a series of unrelated, wacko coincidences, and this will turn out to be just another failed internet conspiracy theory. Is Q is blowing sunshine in our faces?

Before too long we will know. For Q has a long list of big-name bad actors in his internet cross-hairs. (James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barak Obama and others) If we see James Comey being led away in handcuffs, that will be a pretty good indication that McCain was indeed executed for treason.

Unfortunately, in the real world some of these people are de facto above the law, and things won’t go the way they should. At least some of them will probably be given “Get Out Of Jail Free” cards to prevent a possible civil war between the coast lands and the heartland. Such a war would be a victory for the left who, if they cannot rule, will try to ruin. Still the times are just crazy enough that we may actually get to see partial justice prevail in the land of the living.

But total justice is not too far off in any event. 5,900 miles to the east of Washington DC a red heifer, the first in Israel in 2,000 years, is awaiting the temple of the anti-Christ.

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