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Corrupt Absurdity: This absurdity doesn’t need to stop, it has to stop.

We have a left wing, anti-Trump women professor claiming a sexual attack on her by President Trump’s second selection for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh. She claims the attack took place at a high school party over 35 years ago. This accuser has hired a left-wing anti-Trump lawyer to represent her in this she said, he said, sexual assault case. Isn’t it ironic that the accuser’s lawyer has defended Democrat men who have been accused of sexual attacks and domestic violence on women, that’s right she defended the men, not the women who accused those men?

Both of these women have a strong record of anti-Trump political persuasions and this allegation is just what the Democrats had to have in order to delay or stop Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the supreme court. What was it Shakespeare once told us, “First we kill all the lawyers” what an exceptional mind that brilliant man had?

The left-wing professor has accused a candidate of our Supreme Court, (Brett Kavanaugh) of sexually attacking her decades ago at a high school party. The accuser has said she cannot remember the year it happened (she also said she was 15 at the time, what’s the matter, why can’t she figure the year in which she was 15), she cannot remember the location it happened at, she cannot even remember the time, she has named 4 people who were supposedly at that party and the accuser said knew what occurred. All of the 4 people she named to support her claim have said they were not at a party where anything like that happened. I mean you’ve got to be kidding. I’ll bet the Democrats she has yakked with before she made this accusation convinced her that it didn’t matter if she couldn’t really remember anything accurately; we need your accusation, just make it.

We have the California Democratic Senator for this professor, Diane Feinstein, testifying that she received a letter from the professor accusing Kavanagh of the sexual attack in July 2018. Senator Feinstein did not release the contents of that letter until the following September, on the last day prior to Kavanagh’s confirmation hearing, when at that time he would have absolutely been confirmed. Does anyone not understand this was a shameful planned event by the Democrats?

Why would Feinstein not release that supposedly disparaging information when she received that letter? I believe the real reason for the non-release is that the accuser didn’t want to be identified or her accusatory letter to be made public. Could it be that her virulent anti-Trump mindset could not stand the fact that another conservative SCOTUS judge was going to be approved? Could it be she acted on that impulse without really considering the consequences, but only with the urge to do something, anything to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation? The accuser and her attorney have attempted on several occasions to stop her from even having to appear at the Senate. As of now they still have not absolutely agreed for her to be at the hearing. They have put up really stupid demands such as insisting Kavanaugh must testify first, insisting the accuser didn’t want lawyers, only those old white men in the Senate to question her, what a circus that will be. This woman doesn’t want to appear at the hearing. Perhaps she wanted to be a left-wing heroine, but only a covert heroine. Her whole story is lacking reliable facts, if this wasn’t the “#Me too” era it would have been trashed long ago.

Weeks prior to Feinstein revealing this crucial information, at her assessment meeting with Judge Kavanaugh, Feinstein failed to mention anything to him about that accusatory letter. Why would Feinstein be so politically deceptive to the nominee for the Supreme Court? This whole charade of accusation delays to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation makes that question irrelevant. We now see the Democrat party stuck in its quagmire of filthy lies and attempted deceptions because it is so frantic to prevent another traditional American conservative man on that court.

Diane Feinstein also states that she didn’t mention the accuser’s letter to any of her Democrat or Republican Senate colleagues. I have doubts about the truth of her statement concerning the Democrats; Feinstein didn’t allow Republicans to actually see and read that letter until last week, why? Amazingly Senator Feinstein actually said “she wasn’t sure of the accuracy of the letter,” maybe that’s why.
Had Feinstein done her sworn Senatorial duty at the time she received that letter and presented the letter to her Senatorial colleagues both Democrat and Republicans, this accusation could have been solved one way or another in time for the Kavanagh scheduled confirmation process. Of course, that would not have worked for the Democrat’s treacherous plan to delay and hopefully deny Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

We now have had another spurious accusation about Kavanaugh and sexual activity by a woman when he was at Yale. The Democrats and our corrupt media have used their postponement tactics to scurry around desperately looking for anyone else to try and reinforce the weak case that they have to substantiate this week. However, this accusation is so ridiculous as not to be taken seriously. She has confessed she was drunk and couldn’t really remember if it was Brett Kavanaugh, the New York Times has contacted a slew of people who were at Yale at the time of this accusation and unanimously those people contacted have responded with “it didn’t happen.” Without any doubt, the Democrats and their puppets will try and continue to use their scurrilous tactics to find more liars that will accuse Kavanaugh of anything until he is confirmed, and he will be.

Democrat Senators, Democrat House Representatives, and their media puppets have been screaming for over a week now, I BELIEVE HER, HE IS GUILTY. We now see an attempt by our left-wing political gang, the Democrat party, their propaganda arm, our politicized media, and the left wing “#Me-Too” movement to thwart our Constitution; the constitutional right of every American, when accused of a crime to be considered “Innocent until proven guilty.” For decades the far left in our country has tried to change our country from a constitutional republic to a country with a “living constitution.” A living constitution that they can change on a Monday or a Friday or whenever they need it to be changed to accommodate the left’s desire for more power over the average American.

What our perfidious political left and their corrupt cohorts in the media are shouting and yelling about on a daily basis is that the accuser has to be believed, that Kavanaugh is a rapist, guilty of the accusers claim. What these idiots seem to want is that America changes our constitutional rights from innocent until proven guilty to the policies in countries like Mexico or France where the Napoleonic legal code determines one is guilty until proven innocent. Not going to happen you fools.

Every mainstream media fake news and news analysis show is wall to wall with left-wing men and women shouting Kavanaghs accuser has to be believed, he has committed attempted rape. In other words, he is guilty until proven innocent. Kavanaugh in their warped minds will never be innocent since he is not a left wing democrat, if he were folks, there wouldn’t be any accusation and we all know that.
I have faith voting Americans will see and understand our current Democrat party and its allies, has become a disgrace to the political ideals our country was founded on. Let’s take a walk down recent memory lane to substantiate that statement:

• Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee illegally fixed her primary run against that confused old Socialist, Bernie Sanders. Democrats don’t bother with the truth if they believe the lie benefits their party, even if it demolishes one of their own.
• Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for illegally gathered false information from Russian intelligence, provided by a foreign spy, regarding Donald Trump during the 2016 election; more Democrat mendacious defamation.
• That illegal information was used by supports of Democrat Hillary to illegally obtain FISA warrants against an American citizen who we now know was only guilty of supporting Donald Trump. My friends that is the destruction of our Constitution.
• The Director of the FBI organized and directed support for a false excuse of a verdict that exonerated Hillary Clinton’s endangering our country by her careless disregard of handling, transmitting, and receiving classified and highly classified government and military communications, thereby allowing the Democrat candidate for president to stay in contention. Lock her up.
• The sitting Democrat Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, had a clandestine private meeting on her airplane with Bill Clinton, when his wife Hillary Clinton was supposedly being investigated by the FBI. Legally that cannot happen; not a problem for Democrats. To this day the reason for that meeting remains undisclosed. That meeting would have never been discovered except for a news reporter who just happened to see it.
• The FBI, CIA, DOJ, and several other Intel agencies working in support of and with the support of the Democrat party tried to use the illegal information to undermine and destroy Donald Trump’s run for president.
• After the election, much of the hierarchy at the FBI and the DOJ who had supported the Democrat Hillary Clinton for president started an illegal process that they believed would devastate the Trump presidency; they supported Democrats and were supported by Democrats.
• The outcome of that process turned out to be the Muller Special Consul. Muller’s special counsel was manned by Democrat supports of Hillary Clinton in order to delay or finish President Trump’s term in office.
• The Democrat Senate and Democrats in the House have used every lie and obstructive tactic they can come up with to try and stop President Trump from completing the promises he made to the American people. So far they haven’t been very successful, our economy is roaring, our armed forces are stronger then the ever were under President Obama and getting stronger, our energy production is advancing to the point that American may well become the biggest provider of energy resources in the world, our immigration problems are still with us but President Trump has taken actions that will over time solve most of them, millions of Americans no longer depend on food stamps to live, millions of Americans are no longer unemployed, there are now more jobs in this country than people to fill them, our unemployment rates are now the lowest in our history, and that includes all Americans. All of those successes have been opposed by the Democrat party, they have not only been opposed, but Democrat’s continue to lie and fabricate claptrap statements to support their lies.
• President Trump’s first selection to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, was opposed by Democrat Schumer with every nasty tactic we thought we could imagine for a Supreme Court nominee. Man, were we wrong.
• The Democrats hysteric, irrational, subversive, and disgusting lies concerning Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination should ensure voting Americans will show their revulsion for these bastards in 2018. The Democrats and their tools understand that when Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed, and he will be, they will have lost their main legal power nexus for a generation. They cannot stand the thought of what that means for their desire to turn American into a Soros socialist one world Marxist country. The Democrats, as our country as seen documented for the last two years, are still delusional about the 2016 election.
• So many of the Democrat politicians still cannot understand what took place at the 2016 election, they believed their own misinformation. The thought America was theirs for the taking, Hillary would win, they would win and the American of our founding fathers was going to be trashed. They had no idea about how real Americans felt and believed. Even with their dominance at our centers of learning, high schools, colleges, universities, their control of most of the media in our country, both print and electronic, the political morons who cannot see the improvement President Trump has made and will still vote for the political destroyers; it still didn’t work for them. Thank God there are still enough real Americans left, Americans who still remember what this country stands for and demand to preserve that great Idea, a country that is the best country in our world, the United States of America.

What is now apparent: Senator Diane Feinstein has lost any semblance of honor she ever had. The Democrat party’s hierarchy has shown the country, once more, they put their Soros conceived one world socialist ideology firmly ahead of their sworn duty to our country and our constitution. They will take any action, no matter how depraved, to advance the destruction of our countries values, to attempt to destroy the life of a man with a long record of integrity, valuable work for justice, and service to our country. These Democrat merchants of destruction have no regard for the evil they are doing to Brett Kavanaugh and his family.

Our corrupt media will assist and back up anything and everything the Democrats tell them to, and there is now a minority but a serious minority of radical women in our country who have corrupted the “#Me Too” movement and put that corruption ahead of truth and justice.

If the Republican Senate wants to stay in power they had better get this dangerous nonsense finished with this week and not allow it to continue and continue which is just what the Democrats badly need and want to happen. The election is November, it is almost October that is too close for the Senate to screw around with this Supreme Court nominee, just get it over and make sure Kavanagh is confirmed.

Oh by the way my friends, don’t pay attention to these national polls that say the Democrats are points and points ahead in the 2018 election. As I recall, 24 to 48 hours before the 2016 election, the national polls had Hillary Clinton winning that election.

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