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Part 1

As one listens to all of the politically necessary caveats uttered (e.g., “We should respect the woman’s allegation…” “It is extremely difficult for Ms. Ford to come forward with these claims; what does she have to gain?” and “All women should be allowed her day in court, without being subjected to criticism…” “We have credible allegations that need to be investigated…” “With no respect to Dr. Ford etc.) by damn near everyone commenting upon Christine B. Ford’s allegations – leveled at SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh – one notes with reminiscence Carly Fiorina’s remarks when she was on Fox News Sunday 11/26/2017.

Carly Fiorina’s discussed with Wallace matters regarding sexual harassment, and sexual predation by powerful males – in politics and business – and in particular regarding the conduct of Harvey Weinstein, Rodger Ailes, Roy Moore, John Conyers, Al Franken, Charlie Rose and others… Carly’s answer to the Wallace query: ‘what it would take to change the culture prevalent in the boardroom, the schools and in Government, particularly Washington DC’? Ms. Fiorina answered: ‘It will take decent/good men to disassociate themselves with those men which abuse and harass women.’ {Note: This writer was a supporter of Carly Fiorina – initially (We think she is quite intelligent and a remarkable lady – and she is quite lady-like; although she faded in the campaign; likely because she is too unknown and too rational for the bulk of Americans…)} Normally we would have found her responses to be incisive; we thought her response to Wallace appeared to be thoughtful, but that it avoided the real issue.

We think Carly – as most University educated Americans – is ready to comment upon any number of cultural happenstances, trends, or phenomena, but avoids (likely unconsciously, but perhaps consciously) real cultural criticism… We will – here – not attempt any exhaustive exposition, or explication, as to why cultural criticism seems to be scrupulously avoided, but we see the same obligatory claims being made – vis-à-vis Ms. Ford’s allegations regarding Judge Kavanaugh – by people that, very likely, do not believe what they are saying, and fear to speak the truth – and the backlash (particularly personally e.g., being fired, or labeled a hatemonger needing ostracism) which that may precipitate – limits their comments.

Ms. Fiorina’s answer – to any American schooled in this culture and aware of culturally acceptable advocacies and cultural taboos – was spot on, viz: males are almost entirely responsible for such happenstances and behaviors… So – within the implied culturally acceptable parameters – Carly’s answer was fine, although it completely missed addressing what precipitates the behaviors she, Chris Wallace, social-political Leftists and prudent males (whether culturally right, left or plainly-dull) find ‘morally’ objectionable…

Observe that any person-of-power – on the social-political Left – is given great deference by the media, both political Parties and by nearly anyone asked to comment upon… And observe that – when it is alleged that someone on the social-political Right, as in the case of Brett Cavanaugh – is alleged to have acted contrary to what is acceptable to those on the social-political Left (off with their heads!), and if the social-political Left can prosecute them, they are maligned, investigated and prosecuted, until it is proven that the allegations cannot be substantiated by evidence; then the alleged abuser (culturally) is still guilty, but cannot be proven so, in a court-of-law…

So while Mrs. Fiorina’s response may seem as if it would ameliorate societal the conditions which lead to claims of sexual abuse and sexual activity, they would more likely only lead to wars-of-attrition among the unprincipled (amoral/immoral) sentimentally ordered individuals – of both genders (ugh? I guess we should state: “whether one has the reproductive organs of a male, or a female” given the acceptance insanity vis-à-vis LGBTQ groups) eliminating competition from their sundry career and social endeavors…

Carly (Mrs. Fiorina) did not address a ubiquitous evident cultural contradiction, viz: the University – and the social-sciences – hold that all reality is reducible to matter; thus “right and wrong,” “good and evil,” free-will, natural law, the human soul, God, human-nature (note: the concept of “human” is a social-construct, an ephemeral placeholder in a continuum of evolutionary development…); the same for all such non-analytical terms (metaphysical terms which connote how humans should conduct themselves) by which, and through which, previous generations ordered (constrained/limited) their relations… It is because the view-of-the-University – which it has accepted from the modern “philosopher,” and the behavioral sciences – which has lead American Jurisprudence to strike-down, and abolished – as un-Constitutional – any statute which the Nation’s Congressional progenitors had enacted to promote wholesome culture and to discourage (through various punishments) sexual transgressions of the natural and positive law.

Note: we are opposed to, and do not celebrate, sexual abuse, sexual harassment or any of perverse human actions discusses within, or any of the actions of the men standing accused before the public today; we are interested in how the people of this culture (those which celebrate this culture and its multicultural values i.e., values which hold only objective moral principles to be viscerally objectionable) which has tacitly – and even explicitly – fomented and promoted such behaviors (licentious) now demonstrates such moral outrage (they don their masks of moral concern) at ‘reaping the seeds which this culture has so approvingly has sown?’ Note that the only reasonable ground for such outrage is by referencing perennial truths – which include objective/universal principles – truths (and objective morality) which are systematically rejected by the avant garde social-political Leftist, and generally avoided by those of the social-political Right; witness Carly Fiorina, or any which may be found publicly acceptable to the Fox News* crowd; as previously stated Carly’s answer to Wallace placed the entire onus for men behaving badly, and required decent men to shame and ostracize their predator pals, nobody else needed to alter their conduct at all; more on this in part 2.

* We mention Fox because it is thought to be conservative and social-political Right, but they eschew – as a Media entity – discussions of objective moral principles; largely because hedonism and LGBQT lifestyles (which Fox tacitly if not explicitly embraces) are in contradiction to the Law’s of Nature and Nature’s God, as well as the Kant’s Categorical Imperative…

So what of the contradiction/s? That will be covered in part 2…

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