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“I’m a very difficult person, Anna Holtz, but I take comfort in the fact God made me that way.” With those words Ludwig Van Beethoven in the movie Copying Beethoven justified the rough treatment he tendered his young copyist. As he understood his development into a world class composer, God had mercilessly made him deaf so he could hear the grand harmonies of Heaven it was his destiny to transmit to us earthlings. Not desiring the same ruthless remedy of silence he had received from God on Anna Holtz, he explained it was his hope intense language and fierce visage might by sheer brute force help keep her hearing intact while he honed her composing skills under his watchful eyes. Holding nothing back, knowing his remaining time on earth was short, he mercilessly poured his all into Anna.

The prudent benefit, as Anna did. They learn from other people’s mistakes, their failures and successes. Dolts learn the hard way, as Beethoven did, if they ever are to be taught at all. Have Ted Cruz in particular, constitutionalists in general, and the #NeverTrump gained anything at all, learned anything in the least from Donald Trump’s victories over the PC Left? Will God need to take away the sight or hearing of a leader of the Right, or all of his senses or sense in order for him to meet the incredible needs of this generation of Americans? Or will the so called leaders of the Right remain dolts just like establishment Republicans have proven themselves to be, doomed forever to be ruled over by the likes of Reid and Pelosi, even when in the majority of both houses?

The morning of the final debate Caleb Howe wrote for Red State: Seriously, Why Did We Give Up on Replacing Trump on the GOP Ticket? Can he name one leader of the Right who after offending the Left did not in the next breath apologize for whatever politically incorrect statement he made or position he took? He should name a single leader of the Right in the House or Senate bodies who carried his team over the finish line to defund or repeal Obamacare, or who broke the pen and ripped Ma Bell’s cord out of the wall to halt Obama’s executive amnesty program.

He should name one leader of the Right that wholly opposed leaving the fate of Obamacare or the push for gay marriage up to the courts, knowing full well the US Supreme Court would arbitrarily redefine, add, remove, or replace words to amend the Constitution and rewrite laws and statutes written by the Congress and the several states. He should name that one leader who resolved under no circumstance would the illegal acts of the IRS and EPA be funded, even if it meant use of the power of the purse.

For that matter, if Howe can name a single leader of the Right who has not referred to the House’s power of the purse as shutting down the government, a truly outrageous description of the House’s most potent means of defending the Republic, he might have discovered a better leader than the current nominee. But he cannot name anyone on the Right with brass equal to or greater than that of Donald (Alpha Male) Trump. Whoever Howe might name has fallen short and ultimately caved to PC pressure and circumstance.

As Donald Trump pointed out to His Eminence, Cardinal Timothy Dolan and other attendees at last night’s Al Smith Dinner, “I do recognize that I come into this event with a little bit of an advantage. I know that so many of you in the archdiocese already have a place in your heart for a guy who started out as a carpenter working for his father. I was a carpenter working for my father.” Then was heard evidence of an audience walking through the stages of grief following a personal tragedy: groans, murmurs of acceptance, and finally a reluctant crescendo of applause and laughter. Good grief #NeverTrump! It’s your turn to quit the wake, to start living again. If a bunch of liberals at a Al Smith Dinner can do it. So can you.


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