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Wednesday’s debate was just more of the same. Admittedly, I simply cannot watch an entire performance starring these two incompetents – so I toggled between the debate and the replays of New England Patriots Wednesday, where they show the press conferences from the ebullient Bill Belichick, Tom “Terrific” Brady and interviews with some key players.

I must have gotten lucky each time I switched back to the debacle debate to hear Chris Wallace, who did a good job, ask Hillary a question to which she each time spouted a canned response. Answers to which any competent opponent could have blown apart by simply choosing to put in a modicum of study and preparation.

But this is not Trump’s way. He has evidently convinced himself that copping the same attitude and demeanor that put him over the top in the Republican primary will have the same result in the general election. We’re all finding out this is not the case – all but Trump that is.

People want to hear more and they’re not getting it. If you are an honest, objective Trump supporter, you know this is true. I’m not a supporter – I still may end up voting for him – but I will certainly not support him. He has done nothing to earn that support – except for not being Hillary.

For a few weeks, under the tutelage of Roger Ailes, Trump seemed to be coming around. And then we find out Ailes dumped him for basically being unteachable – or a least unwilling to be taught a better way. I fully believe this to be the case. I don’t think Trump believes there is a better way – which is why he is not crushing the pitiful Hillary.

Wednesday night, I sat dumb-founded by the incompetence of The Donald, not being able to capitalize on the openings Hillary left for him wide enough to drive a Mack Truck through. She set him up to swing for the fences several times and he whiffed on every pitch.

I’m not talking about a need to know facts and figures – just a basic understanding of the topics. Do a little study – prepare yourself. But no – Trump is the master of just winging it. Winging it isn’t working.694940094001_5177663275001_part-3-of-third-presidential-debate-at-university-of-nevada

Case in point – partial birth abortion and a woman’s bogus right to choose. Hillary uses the same old tired argument about the life/health of the mother to justify this monstrous procedure. And it is demonstrably crapola – yet Trump doesn’t or can’t explain why. This could have been homerun. All he had to is explain the procedure as many voters are probably unaware of just how awful it is. Emphasize that it is 6” of separation between infanticide and that which the left holds dear, and challenge Hillary to prove a single case where this Mengele-ish operation has saved one woman’s life by birthing an entire body – everything but the head. It would have left her speechless – and wiped away that creeping smile.

How about another. Try explaining what the U.S. supreme Court’s job actually is – to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. She may wish it to be to look out for the little guy, but that’s not their job – like it or not – and that maybe she should go back and read the Constitution before ignorantly spouting off.

Still another – and this should have been the easiest yet, as it is right in Trump’s wheelhouse. Wallace broached the topic of the Second Amendment and Hillary opined about little children injuring themselves and killing others. It was the perfect opportunity to turn it into a referendum against illegal immigration. Illegals kill exponentially more citizens in a year than toddlers have in a hundred. Homerun.

And then there is the topic of election concession. The nation is abuzz over Trump’s refusal to agree to concede if Hillary is declared the winner, and normally I would agree with the others. But knowing how corrupt Hillary is, combined with the recent video evidence produced by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas (which aired prior to the debate) – its obvious the dems will do everything short of assassination to secure victory. Trump could have taken 30 minutes out of his day to view these disgusting videos. I would venture that most viewers have not seen them or are aware of their existence. Played right, this could have nailed the coffin shut on Hillary. But no go for Mr. Wing-it.

And now the debates are history and Trump is left to go back to playing to friendly crowds of supporters he has already wrapped up. He had a golden opportunity to sway millions of voters. According to Variety, “the total across 13 networks, including PBS, Spanish-language channels Univision and Telemundo and Azteca, stands at 71.6 million viewers.”

That’s a lot of votes squandered, in my opinion.


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