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Boy oh boy is that a movie I wish I hadn’t seen! Whoops… was that sexist of me? Should I have said oh girl oh girl? Probably so, as extreme feminists seem to be possessed by some Jill Jihad country club that is DEAD set on making readily available to the consumer public not only their own body parts, not only the body parts of other women, but their unborn children’s body parts as well.

Yep. We have entered the ultra creepy surreal world of the Stepford Wives where women like Katie Perry tried to buy Hillary votes like a girl scout selling cupcakes. The only problem was… she wasn’t peddling shortbread! She was merchandising Katie Delites! As shown on instagram… “TOMORROW I USE MY BODY AS CLICK BAIT TO HELP CHANGE THE WORLD.”
At first I am stunned. How does this Hillary person get this young Katie character to do this? Why is it so important for Katie to have a leader elected that she would take off her clothes to do so? What’s going on? Did I accidentally walk into the wrong movie theater? Doesn’t look like it’s going to be PG.

Ok…so this is the part of the film where I reach for my popcorn in order to ponder where exactly the movie is headed. It’s kind of confusing because on one hand Katie has friends who seem to want Hillary in office as well, but when Hillary isn’t elected these poor brainwashed gals are taking their clothes off again. Is there some hypnotic cue by which these women strip? If so.. who is doing this to them? Is it Hillary or someone else?

I’m watching this thing and waiting for something normal to happen…waiting for heroes to jump in and wrap these women in a blanket or something and get them far away from whatever forces are controlling them.

But instead of getting better it gets worse. It’s like Katie and her friends have somehow developed a following. What is this Invasion of the Body Snatchers? And here’s your plot twist. There is this Protest. But instead of it being about Hillary, it is suddenly about the rights of a religious group that demands women be covered from head to toe. And the naked Stepford wives are marching with them!

This particular religious group is notorious for sex trade which has me wondering why they want women to be covered unless it is for the purpose of packaging and promoting women when they are auctioned off.

But wait… I see a sign and things are finally making sense… horrible…grisly sense. The Stepford wives are carrying signs… signs stating that they have the right to sell the body parts of their unborn children.

What kind of force is driving these women to prostitute themselves for the right to sell their fellow females into sex trade? What diabolical plot has consumed them to abort their infants for companies that sell their dead babies bodies? They are trying to destroy the very entities that they ought to protect.

They are self righteous in their belief that this is what America ought to be. And they have been trying to teach our president a lesson.

I am so very glad he is not listening.


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