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I’ve woken up to some unusually vivid dreams this week, quite enjoyable mix of funny and easy to figure where they came from. A couple days ago, I woke having finished off an NBA odyssey wherein at the tail end of a long career with the Celtics, I was, not happily, traded to the Lakers. But, shortly thereafter and in recognition of the esteem my years in the league had earned me, and sensing my unhappiness, the GMs of both teams arranged to trade me back to the Celts. I awoke to the image of a happy me standing next to teammate Bill Russell as we expressed our mutual pleasure at me being back. (Back story as to where it comes from: I have indeed played on the hallowed parquet floor of Boston Garden same day as Wilt and Russell. Not actually at the same time, though. My 4th-grade team from Katherine Lee Bates Elementary in Wellesley somehow got picked to be one of the kids’ teams playing in a pregame preliminary to the main act of the Lakers and Wilt visiting the Celts with Russell et al… I was SORT OF on the court with them, as we 9-year-olds were still out there when the bigger guys hit the floor from the locker room.)

Now for the one from last night, and this one actually has a political insight almost Timothy Leary-ish. Where this comes from is also no surprise, resulting from the Dems at least with some degree of ramped up honesty coming out of the closet in their support of illegal aliens being allowed to vote, That “new honesty” (as opposed to pretending they didn’t want it, but in the background doing all they could to support it) started with Stacey Abrams making no bones about it in her campaign speeches, and now just yesterday with Pelosi making sure her H.R. 1 bill supported it, with every Dem also voting in support. That’s the why, here’s the dream manifestation: I woke to see an immigrant war, Mexicans being brought across the border in droves to be allowed to vote Dem, but the Reps unloading planeload after planeload of Russians (and some from India and other free market places, plus ones from disgruntled Communist and Socialist countries) to vote for Trump. An out and out war to see who could put more now-sanctioned illegal alien voters on US soil. 

And now for the Leary-ish epiphany. What kind of ridiculous intellectual incongruity are the Dems showing by saying illegals should be granted the vote… but somehow, Russians influencing an election is a horrible thing, LOL? The only way that argument could hold ANY stock would be if they confessed to being racist to the point that Hispanic illegals are cool but Russians are not. 

Brilliant, simply brilliant logic.

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