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What is Money?

What is money? Really. It’s a token, receipt or an electronic note we get or give for some thing or some doing. It’s a convenient marker to interchange value.


Oh, and it’s also the most powerful WMD ever been used against us, for centuries.


A small group knows lots about money but they don’t want us to know what it is or how to use it to prosper because they are the ones who have been using it against us.


Maybe it has crossed your mind that something is wrong with money; that it’s not working right; that maybe the whole monetary system is broken; that “economics” is just being used to justify money failures; that maybe banks get richer because we get poorer. Mostly we ignore it because it’s there. Hmm?


Before I knew money, I was so naive that I believed that “fractional reserves” was the money in bank vaults to cover day to day withdrawals, but there was a big backup somewhere else. Such confidence in the banker.


I “Knew” This

I “knew” money because I had used it. But I didn’t know how it works, how it should, or how to fix it if it’s broken. I didn’t know money, neither did anyone else.


But I did know that we, us, the U.S. was getting poorer. We had more money, but it looked to me that the more we made the less we had. But the big international banks kept on making more and bigger buildings. They had to know something we didn’t. So I found out what it was and why they don’t fix it. When I did I also found out how it works and how to fix it. They don’t fix it because they are the ones using it against us. Money has been the biggest fraud, the biggest source of illicit gains, power and prestige known to man. And, even most of those who work in banks don’t know it.


Those who emit and control money have counterfeited not only money, but also power and prestige. They have faked world values to their purpose — to manipulate and blame businessmen, unions, employees, incompetence, laziness and a whole host of other people and things that have nothing to do with why poverty and ignorance has increased world wide.


Their smokescreen was to blame the producer to hide that they caused the disappearance of the prosperity that producers created with their own effort. They INVENTED the “inviolable economic laws” and “business cycle” to milk us dry.


In this page I want to remove all doubt about what is money. In Secrets we walk the path with the first banker to see how he created money. Step by step we will see how he became the first international private central banker.


Out of Thin Air

One of the first things I learned was that money lent by international bankers was not backed up. “Fractional reserves” let banks create money out of thin air. And, by law, since it was not backed up by values, it was, for all legal purposes, never there. They can remove the air whenever they whim, and leave a community, a district, a nation, or many nations in poverty. I didn’t know that they were able to transfer real wealth that productive people made with their own effort, struggle and time, to their hands, without effort and in no time.


They can make money appear and disappear. Their magical incantations are — “lower fractional reserves” to make it appear, and “raise fractional reserves” to make it disappear. The trick was that this particular abracadabra had to be said by the central bank that controls all the other banks. So the central bank can make prosperity disappear with a three word interbank memo: “Raise fraction 5%.” That’s even easier than abracadabra. With that incantation they could move mountains of values from those who created them to their own parasitic hands.


I “knew” that bankers make money with loans. Of course, they charged interest. Wrong again. They create money out of thin air with your loan — the money does not exist until you make the loan. Until I learned that, I had no idea of their power. I had heard that the majority of central banks like the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve were somehow related to private corporations, but I couldn’t quite believe that they were privately owned by international plutocrats. And I couldn’t believe that so few people controlled so many GOVERNMENTS.


To them, our efforts are no more than seeds they plant, water, fertilize and harvest.


Here you won’t find all the history, political intrigues, conspiracies, secret organizations or assassinations that surround the black magic of money. This isn’t a history book. It’s a workbook with the tools, structures and plan to dig as deep as you like without getting lost in the cave. But, it won’t free you of the responsibility of thinking for yourself. To remove your doubts, you should dig and decide how deep is enough to say “I know.”.


The Monetary System Is Broken

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But if some bad people broke it, some good people can fix it. Our world needs more values and less debt, more right and less wrong, more truth and less lies. Our mistake is that we didn’t prove that people with power, prestige and money deserved it, WE BELIEVED IT. We based our belief on a fallacy — argumentum ad verecundiam — we believed “experts” instead of trusting only what we could prove.

Ever wonder why we are asked to prove physical reality but trust social “experts”? Yeah, why we have to prove math, physics, chemistry and other real science, but trust money (economists), religion (preachers), and society (politicians). I got to learn that “trust me” is a big red light that says “the con is on.” I have to run to prove it for myself. And, yep, “social science” — economics, sociology, psychology — is a con game of global proportions.

They want us to “trust them.” If we “don’t get it” they want us to give them “the benefit of the doubt.” Why? ’cause doubt only benefits the parasite and they have been making us doubt for centuries. They taught us to accept and obey all things social spoken by “authority” instead of PROVING IT FOR OURSELVES, so we don’t have to believe, or doubt.

Stop that. Stop being all of that. Start thinking for yourself. Prove it.


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