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On December 7, 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, where almost all of our Western Fleet was moored. They did that while, at the same time, “negotiating” with us, elsewhere. Those “negotiations” were just a cover for their murderous intentions. They murdered 3,000 people that day, and that signaled the beginning of World War II. They thought we’d be “easy pickings,” and we were, for a time, especially since they had destroyed much of our war-making capacity at Pearl Harbor, where we were gullible enough to leave almost our entire fleet, in one place, without adequate security.

I remember Pearl Harbor, even though I was very young at the time. Yes, I’m THAT old. I remember how frightened the entire country was, my parents, included, That this frightened a four-year-old boy was also obvious. None of us knew how this country would be able to “fend off” the Japanese onslaught, especially while fighting the Nazis at the same time. But we did. We “held them at bay” while we rebuilt our fleet, and then we ” laid waste” to the Japanese, all over the Pacific, and later at home, with two atom bombs. That “broke their backs,” and they signed the complete, abject, unconditional surrender on the deck of the US Missouri.

President Truman (A Democrat, I hate to say, the last EFFECTIVE Democrat president, in my memory, and it is LONG) was the ONLY US president to deploy an atom bomb. Yes, he was a Democrat, but he was a hero, who saved a lot of American lives by ENDING WWII in one fell swoop, convincing the world that we were NOT “easy pickings.” There were those who called him a “butcher” for killing as many Japanese civilians as he did with those bombs. Some remain, even today, with that opinion. But civilians die in wars, on both sides. Mostly by being caught in the crossfire. Some while actively supporting our enemies. They are “collateral damage.” But those dead Japanese civilians saved thousands of American lives, by their deaths.

Today, we’re faced with “World War III.” Wags worry about WWIII “approaching, but it is already here, even if our current president refuses to admit it. During WWII, Hitler advanced over Europe, becoming stronger and stronger as the wimps among liberals weeped into their handkerchiefs and wailed that we “could not win a war with Hitler.” But we did, in convincing fashion, while also winning against the Japanese, at the same time. Today, we’re again faced with a war on TWO fronts, as Islamic terrorists advance across the Middle East, and are now starting on Europe, using “refugees” who when they arrive, create as much havoc and death as possible in the gullible countries that welcome them (Of which, we are currently one).

Meanwhile, those same liberals (again) tell us we “can’t win such a war,” and our current president denies we are IN a war with Islamic terrorists. He has even directed his people to give Muslims “special consideration” in all things, and is working to make simple CRITICISM of ANY Muslim a crime. Along with that, those liberals support socialism (communism, Fascism, progressivism, and all other “isms”), which, with all those others, is just ONE form of collectivism, a philosophy based on THEFT from the producer of new wealth for the benefit of those who only want to live at the expense of others.

As long as our president has such an opinion, liberals are right. We CAN’T win against the Muslim terrorists. But we have a new president coming soon, and I am confident that he will do what is necessary to “put the shaft” to Muslim terrorists before they become strong enough to IMPOSE “Sharia Law” upon us. Remember, we still have the atom bomb, and they don’t, although they may con somebody into selling them ONE soon. We posses thousands, and can BLANKET them with them. They think we wouldn’t use an atom bomb on them. Neither did the Japanese. to their sorrow.

If we don’t wake up and realize we are IN World War III and ACT like it, we will lose it. They will not have beaten us, we will have beaten ourselves. It is the same kind of liberal who told us we couldn’t win WWII that tell us we can’t beat the Islamic terrorists. They were wrong then, and are wrong now. These fools will always be with us, and they’re the same fools who think socialism is “great,”and want to impose it upon us all. So in addition to the Muslim terrorists, we are fighting an “enemy within,” the liberals. And we’d better realize that, about BOTH, and act accordingly, even if they don’t like it. ESPECIALLY if they don’t like it, we will be the next “socialist paradise” for collectivist fools to point to. Meanwhile, we’ll be living under “Sharia Law.”


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