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Donald J. Trump is on a “victory tour,” which is probably the first of it’s kind, but not the first “first” in the Trump campaign and triumph. We think his greatest accomplishment was to show how he could be in direct contact with the people through Internet social media. That alone will end the era of pundits telling us what to think

Democrats are trying everything from saying it didn’t really happen, but is an Electoral College fluke and wondering aloud why the cemeteries and Latino voters didn’t work when they always have? They were not capable of realizing legal Latinos are the most deeply impacted people by illegals undercutting their economics. Or, that Latinos are natural conservatives with firm family values, Christian religions, a “hard work” ethic and more that “liberals” trash offensively. Fear mongering and the usual election irregularities appeared like the apartment in sanctuary city Oakland California with 31 registered Democrats, all with Latino names. Illegals? Is grass green?

Mr. Trump is the first President elect to execute a campaign promise before his inauguration by saving 1,100 Carrier Air Conditioning jobs. Granted, he did have help from Vice President elect Mike Pence who is the Governor of Indiana and could offer a short term tax reduction to sweeten the deal, but business authorities are saying it would have happened anyway as the publicity Carrier had gotten from the announcement to date was all negative and killing sales.

Now Carrier is getting positive PR in their move not to move to Mexico and sales will likely more than rebound. This incident is doing a lot to awaken the business community to the fact the people are watching and with social media much more in contact in ways major media can no longer control. As well, a great distaste has developed for the haughty Harvard lisp so many liberal TV pundits effect plus utterances of “uh” after “uh” to fill the air and not allow responses, questions or other opinions.

The video of Mr. Obama’s “town hall” meeting in Indianapolis where on answering a question from a Carrier employee set to lose his job Mr. Obama said, “What do you do? Can’t do nothin!” in his “talking to the working class” dialect that is now playing all over the net, making him look idiotic, insincere and arrogant.

Meanwhile in Wisconsin Democrats are spending $3.5 million Dollars to recount all the state votes. After the first day of counting Hillary netted one vote! At this rate she only needs 74 years and six months to retake Wisconsin, but the counting has to be done in two weeks! Her efforts in Michigan and Pennsylvania have run into legal problems and the calendar will likely run out as lawyers milk this cow.

It is this kind of stupidity that continues to eat the Democratic Party from the inside out like some kind of horrible worm infestation. They have not been in such bad shape since the Republicans came and took all their slaves.

Hillary’s people are still talking about Russians hacking all the voting machines, which is a real trick when none were on line and they offer no evidence. They say “17 national security agencies say the Russians hacked the DNC!” but two agencies made statements they did not made any such determinations and the remaining 15 are stone silent. They do not like being outed in any way and are politically savvy enough to remain silent, which folks like John Podesta and Donna Brazile know and used as they would not suffer a refutation. The highest likelihood is that a disgruntled campaign official released the inside information just to vex his, or her, bosses. Emotions run high in those camps and such leaks are common.

We have never been able to understand why the Russians would want Mr. Trump to be President when they walked all over Barack and Hillary, taking Crimea without an objection or violating our warnings over Syria, again with no reaction. Hillary’s anti-coal and anti-petroleum postures helps them where Mr. Trumps, “…develop our shale oil,” stand will kill them with world oil price reductions! Seeing what she did in Lybia surely proved to them she is fumbler and not very smart. We had Kadhafi in a box doing our bidding so she had him killed? You cannot make Hillary up. She should be in comic strip by Al Capp, who unfortunately is no longer with us. This is an opportunity for A.F. Branco!

They surely have Hillary down for a doormat while Mr. Trump is cranky, aggressive, erratic and may be trigger happy. The major media have yet to ask Hillary the first question about her logic on this issue. They just gulp; we do not. She is a certifiable idiot.

We will soon be hearing more about Mr. Trump’s plan to reduce our corporate tax rate to 15% from our world record high of the 35% we have under the Obama Administration. The Obama 35% did not increase Federal revenues. It reduced them by causing big corporations to move, re-incorporate and bank offshore keeping what has been very conservatively estimated at $2.5 trillion.

We believe it is more like $5 trillion and if it comes home to be invested here it will generate at least $1 trillion in taxable profits to net the IRS another $150 billion plus the income tax deposits from the $4 trillion in wages, including suppliers, for another $1.6 trillion plus SSI deposits. While much of this is refunded in a statistical six months it is money that is put to use to reduce borrowings while sequestered as it would otherwise would bear 3% interest.

Our 15% corporate tax rate will attract many European and Oriental corporations to incorporate and bank here. The banking alone could put several tens of trillions of Dollars in our banks which will then be lent to our entrepreneurs. Only one of 1,300 patents makes more than it’s fees and the reason is usually a lack of capital, not that 1,299 were bad ideas. There simply was not enough money available to develop the idea in its time. With America awash with foreign deposits and bankers much preferring to lend on something close to home we will see a mushrooming of American business on a scale we have never seen before.

It all looks like sunrise when Mr. Trump goes to Washington.


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