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Notice Sean is getting all the big interviews. Why? Because loyalty to the president of the world has rewards. There are very few country’s on the planet that don’t wish El Trumpo was their leader. Mostly communist country’s and the communist democrat party. SURPRISE! You thought they were looking out for the little guy like the King of Morocco. You thought Bernie the sandman was going to fight for

the people on the convention floor. The deal was Bernie at the appropriate time would turn over his slaves to the big massa Miss Hitler y. To sadly quote the great Dr. King, I may not get there with you while swindlers dipped their shirt in the blood of the lamb. Bernie never said I may not get there with you. He said I will fight all the way on the convention floor. Hold on I just bought a third socialist home for $650,000 Sorry shark tank I’m out. In a two white people race as planned only sweet Hitlery was left. (NOTE THE COMMUNIST MEDIA NEVER SAID BOO) All people of color agreed we can’t run this time only white senior citizens can apply.

>Meanwhile back at the racist party 17 color full candidates from all walks of life fought it out and the winner was Yellow hair. So the communist party and their rino allies said let’s Little Big Horn him.

God was on the side of the angels and presto change o we finally got a politician who takes no bribes. What is that other thing he does not take from anybody? No ? It starts with a S and ends with a T and looks like Linseed Graham Cracker THE HEAD RINO.

This bible story gets better. After 30 years of communist brainwashing and bashing Jesus a good woman comes to the podium and opens a patriotic meeting with the Our Father. At precisely the very moment she said the words hollowed be thy name, Emergency rooms thru out the land were admitting democrat strokes and suicide attempts. The worst was weeping syndrome which only happens to abortion victims and election losers. The communists will give you the old Trotsky lie about separation of church and state. This allowed them to muzzle America with a moment of silence instead of Hallelujah Jesus and GOD be praised. There is a famous painting by John Trumble. It depicts congress creating the constitution. Thomas Jefferson is sitting at a desk with the papers and four heroes of the revolution are petitioning him saying, Tom you made a quill o. It is supposed to be separation of church and snake.

Thirty days have passed and the political redeemer has brought the stock market up 2700 points and people are talking 30,000 DJA. Our enemies are reading their death warrants. As fast as this market moves the military strength will move faster. I hope he brings the draft back. HEY WHERE DID THE SOROS NBC CNN CBS ABC DEMONSTRATORS GO.


Approximately 300, all men. Walking on the stage was an American woman wearing a business suit very fashionable like you would find in the Ivanka line on Amazon. Everybody is buying the perfume even construction workers and coal miners. This fine lady was wearing a kerchief like Catholic school girls used to wear in church. She was the moderator and she opened up the session with the same prayer Melania opened up with. I said Oh My GOD this is not going to go good. She started Our Father which art in heaven. No argument there Moslems believe in Paradise and a God. Hollowed be thy name. Moslems have 99 names for God all hollowed. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Inshallah is the word in Arabic God willing. On earth as it is in heaven. We can agree. Give us this day our daily bread. No food we die. And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others who trespass against us. This might be debatable but not at a business meeting. Only a fool kills his customers. Are you listening Macy’s and Nauseous Storm?

Lead us not into temptation. Are you listening drug scientists? But deliver us from evil. Moslems believe on the doom day everyone has two angels who keep their life’s records. One book is good deeds the other book is bad deeds. One saying that makes them nervous is GOD sees what you do. For thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory amen. If you think about it this simple prayer should offend no one but atheists. They don’t believe in God so why do they care? Unless they believe in GOD and just hate him. Many years ago a wealthy atheist lawyer stood on the deck of his sailboat on Lake Pontchartrain during a lightning thunder storm. As his guests watched He shouted if there is a God then strike me dead. Just then he got hit in the head with a bolt of lightning and died. Scientists can explain that lightning hits high points but for me I don’t push my luck. I wear a scapular. My religion tells me if I die wearing a scapular I will get to heaven. Like President Trump says. What do YOU got to lose?

Spirit of America Party.


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