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Delegates to the Republican National Convention are about to make a terrible mistake for America and the party.  They are about to nominate the most liberal presidential nominee the Republican Party has ever presented – moreso than Romney and McCain, whose blurring of the differences caused two consecutive Republican presidential defeats.   Nominating him would cause the election of the corrupt Hillary Clinton as President and most likely bring down the Republican Senate in the bargain.

Trump and Clinton are very good friends.  The Clintons came to Trump’s wedding and he is still listed as one of the biggest donors to the corrupt Clinton Foundation.  Trump has been a financial supporter of Mrs. Clinton’s campaigns and those of many other ultraliberal Democrats.  He praised Clinton as one of the finest secretaries of state ever, and has praised such politicians as Barack Obama and New York City’s arch-leftist mayor, Bill DeBlasio

Republican delegates have the power to dump Trump.  They cannot be stopped from voting for another candidate; Rule 37(b) prohibits any delegate from being bound.  Several court precedents established that delegates state laws cannot bind them either.  Any attempt by the Republican Establishment to force delegates to vote for any particular candidate, regardless of primary results, is illegal under the law and party rules.  All delegates are free to vote their conscience.  I urge the delegates to think carefully about their vote.  Should the party bigwigs try to count your vote differently from the way you cast it, you are empowered to demand a poll of the delegation at any time.

Donald Trump is simply not fit for the presidency.  He is a disingenuous, self-aggrandizing phony.  He is a pathological liar.  He is utterly amoral. Morality does not exist for him.  He is a bully.  He is a narcissist and a proud serial philanderer who could compete with Bill Clinton in that department.  Trump will betray his supporters on every issue, including his famous promise to build a wall on the Mexican border.

Donald Trump has no regard for the U.S. Constitution.  He says that he wants to “open up” libel laws to make it easier for him to sue people who criticize him.  While he pledges to repeal all of Barack Obama’s  unconstitutional executive orders (a pledge he stole from Ted Cruz), he promises to implement the death penalty for cop killers.  That may be good policy in the wake of the recent events in Dallas and Baton Rouge, but it requires legislation, just as Obama’s DACA action required legislation.  Yet like Obama, he plans to bypass the legislative process and enact this policy by fiat.

Donald Trump called Dr. Ben Carson a bad surgeon who left a sponge in a patient’s brain.  He attacked Carly Fiorina for her looks and implied that she lied about losing a stepdaughter to drugs.  He falsely accused Ted Cruz of lying about him and of having affairs.  He accused Cruz’s father of being part of the Kennedy assassination.  He questioned Cruz’s and Carson’s religious faith.

His hotel project in Washington, DC is being built largely by illegal aliens, as the Washington Post reported.  And one can’t help but wonder whether the Clinton Foundation or Trump University is a bigger scam.  Yet he defended convicted rapist Mike Tyson.  Is this really the kind of candidate the Republican Party wants to present as its standard bearer?

Donald and Hillary agree on a multitude of issues.  Trump thinks his ultraliberal, pro-abortion sister would make a “great” Supreme Court justice.   He and Clinton agree that our taxes should be increased, support the Obamacare individual mandates, believe that illegal immigrants should be able to become US citizens,  support taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood,  supported Bill Clinton’s ban on many of the most important firearms in America, believe we should negotiate with the Democrats on Supreme Court nominations,  agree that grown men should be allowed to use the little girls’ restroom,  believe the US government should be neutral between Israel and the Palestinians,  would keep the Iranian nuclear deal in place, and supported Obama’s “stimulus”.  Are those principled Republican positions or the positions of ultraliberal, anti-constitutional Democrats?

Please, delegates, use your power to stop this disaster for the GOP before it’s too late.


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