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Democrat politicians will work 24/7 to impeach and remove President Trump with the new Congress knowing they cannot pass higher taxes, gun control, and confiscation, open borders, outlaw CO2, white guilt, kill conservatives, colonize Mars and realize liberal dreams to control America.

This is the time for President Trump to strategize to “Cut them off at the pass!”  His best opportunity is in dumping the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court as he is a criminal!

There have long been questions why Chief Justice Roberts flipped his decision 180 degrees on “Affordable Health Care.”  Rumors flew he was “blackmailed” by President Obama over two illegal adoptions in an international child trafficking scheme, breaking the laws of one nation and dealing with corrupt officials in a nation classified “rogue” in many matters.

Justice and Mrs. Roberts adopted two Irish born children using a Brazilian intermediary.  The children were illegally moved to Brazil, then in dubious legal moves declared them Brazilian, there adopted by the Roberts and transferred to the United States.  How many crimes?  Many…

The children were not harmed in any way, but every move in this transaction was illegal and paid for by the Roberts.  The sticking point is this is not the way a Supreme Court Justice, much less the Chief Justice, should conduct himself as it screams contempt for the rule of law and the Constitution of America he has sworn to uphold.

There is evidence this was used by President Obama to declare the requirement of citizens to purchase ObamaCare was not a tax, but a regulation, as the people hate new taxes where the Court bows to the Constitution that does not allow such taxes.  But, the Supreme Court could accept it was a law, or requirement and not a tax as a dubious dodge.  This is justice?  Am I a duck?

Justice Roberts first rejected ObamaCare as a tax then denied the evidence proving it, thereby committing a felony and an impeachable offense plus creating a rumor rumble and a recording of his call with Obama wherein President Obama threatened to expose his “Irish problem” if he did not reject the suit arguing it was a tax!  Meanwhile back at the facts!

Irish law 1) prohibits the adoption of Children to non-residents, and 2) does not permit private adoptions, but requires all adoptions go through a public agency. Roberts arranged for this adoption through an illegal group taking children out of Ireland illegally for the purpose of adoption in Brazil.  That this was approved by both birth mothers is of no significance in the eyes of Irish law, the legal authority in this matter.

Justice and Mrs. Roberts spent much money on an illegal action to break Irish laws and arrange for the transit of two Irish children from to a foreign nation.   Major media overlooked everything and are not holding it over Justice Robert making him blackmailable by any publisher who breaks it.  This renders Chief Justice John Roberts unsuitable for the US Supreme Court as he is potentially an international criminal and liable for prosecution in a country with which we have an extradition treaty.

Flipping the swing-vote on ObamaCare fundamentally changed the relationship between citizens and government, making citizens property of the state, with our relative worth and maintenance determinable by government, straight off the pages of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radical” the bible of both President Obama and perennial candidate Hillary Clinton, disciple and associate, respectively.  Hillary worked for Saul Alinsky for two years!

It is for this reason Chief Justice John Roberts must be removed to restore the integrity of the Constitution by denying his action.  The litigation of this action will keep the Democrats busy with an issue they cannot win and in the process will lose every citizen who understands the issue.  Nothing is better for teaching a complex subject of this kind than talk radio, TV and the Internet. Roberts must go.

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