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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unrestrained! Trudeau’s Alinsky-revolutionary course “to bring all to rubble and rebuild.”

Due to youthful charm, boyish good looks, and the paternal legacy of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Justin Trudeau is disarming for every day Canadians.

But North America’s vast country, beneath a free Alaska, is clearly in trouble. The New World Order draconian agenda –  surrounding maple leaves, moose and mounties – is now strong enough to emblazon Alinsky’s face on the red maple leaf of the Canadian flag.

The Canadian flag, by the way, is anything but nationalistic. Informed perceptions see in it not so much the proverbial maple leaf as the glaring Red. Clearly, the revolutionary socialism and communism enforced by the elder Trudeau is raging inside his offspring’s political DNA.

There are several premises from which one could start. But let’s start with this: Boy Trudeau went on record publicly stating that “Christians are the lowest element of Canadian society.” Who else would say this? Who is he parroting? Why, Lucifer, of course. That has always been Lucifer’s stance.

And it has always been Saul Alinsky’s, whose subversive book Rules for Radicals is dedicated to none other than Lucifer himself. Alinsky thought so little of Christianity that he infiltrated America’s Catholic Campaign for Human Development, ACORN-style, extracting hundreds of millions for radical and revolutionary socialism. Chicago Deep State Alinsky, mentor of Obama.

And now ongoing mentor of Justin Trudeau, who is truly “bringing all to rubble” as traditional Canadians are rapidly dispossessed of nationalist Canadian culture. Trudeau remains close to all the enemies of President Trump – including Soros and Obama – while giving his Special Blessing to Canada’s scripted fake news.

The rubble process would fill a small encyclopedia! Here are a few multitudinous and nefarious examples:

  • The closing of Canada’s GM plant this week in Oshawa “could be the first step in GM shuttering all Canadian operations,” reports the scripted fake-news CBC. This is the Obama/Soros/Trudeau Alinsky script. However, the truth as revealed by Global News is that the Oshawa GM plant did not need to close.” Canada’s scripted The National said this GM closing was inevitable to pave the way for smart cars. Indeed, Canada’s de-nationalizing auto industry suffers the rise of China’s smart-car industry strategy for Canada, courtesy of Alinsky-disciple Trudeau.
  • The draconian minimum wage hike afflicting Canadian provinces is now proven to benefit only the Alinsky-inebriated government. Everyone else suffers. The recent minimum wage hike merely culminates in more tax revenue for the rogue anti-Canadian government. To pay a “higher wage” – to mostly Marxist multicultural workers and remnant white grassroots – prices in food, goods, and services are passed on to the working-class consumer. Consumers suffer by not purchasing as much, as retailers are traumatized by reduced consumer spending.
  • While traditional British media is being censored by the British government, Canada’s crusading Faith Goldy has been censored by the Canadian government. The censoring of such Canadian nationalist notables is bringing freedom of speech to rubble. In Alberta, for example, 61 private schools are slated to come under censoring controls in 2019 from Marxist Minister of Education David Eggen.
  • The legalization of cannabis in Canada would make Alinsky proud. Its cumulative societal effects will assist in the reducing-all-to-rubble process. While U.S. Border patrols sweat with the endless bags of marijuana piling up, Canada freely sells it in luxurious stores in business solely for the sale of Cannabis and Deep State profits; while breathed in every day by Canadian children in wreaking elevators and foyers.
  • A contrived and socially-engineered air force is now traumatized by a critical shortage of air force pilots.  Even these are mainly stationed overseas and replaced by internationalist Dutch pilots to “guard” Canadian skies.  While Canadian soldiers who should be rewarded and decorated for feats of heroism are hidden away and obscured in warehouse duty.

All in all, Canada is salvageable. But at the time of this writing, it is widely known that most Canadians do not truly know who they are and what they need. Collectively, their highest value is “to be nice.” They are desperate for truth and leadership. They are nearly dispossessed of vestiges of Canadian culture. Only a Trump-like figure (aided by the Koch brothers) can pull Canadians from this Marxist quagmire. Otherwise, Christians will become even lower elements in society, incrementally subjugated by political Communist Chinese (following the People’s Republic expansionist agenda) and Political Islam, both in a race to acquire Canadian franchises, gold, oil, land, and university, and research positions.

Indeed, Canada’s vast array and amount of natural and mineral resources are rapidly purchased by foreigners. Globalism run amok! Northern Saskatchewan alone has seven Mega oil wells which, by themselves, are professionally calibrated to provide enough oil for North America for literally the next 10,000 years. But Canadians are subjugated to pay the highest prices at the pump. So it is inevitable such cause-and-effect conditions will either spawn a super-hero Canadian cousin to President Trump – or bring on Alinsky’s (Trudeau’s) dark vision to reduce the land of maple leafs, moose and mounties, to de-nationalized and de-Christianized rubble (to then “rebuild” with enslaving draconian globalism).

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