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Last night after days of discussion #FreeTheDelegates and #DelegatesUnbound came to a decision on the course of the effort. There comes a time when all people must rise up and say enough, even if it is in their own political party. That moment happened this last week when the Rules Committee played every trick there was to get their votes and to gavel out against anything they feared the most.

Surprisingly while comments like “the voters have spoken” and “will of the people” were front and center, I never heard “Republicans” in that same conversation. I would invite you to watch the rules committee again via the videos generated. The “jammed printer” excuse was exactly that, an excuse. With the leaders pulled out they used their people to pressure delegates with ideas opposite of their own. They pushed the committee into the late hours and tried pushing past with gusto the parts the party bosses feared the most.

They will not enjoy our plans, therefore. We plan to vote down the rules. As one of the Whips of Delegates Unbound I have seen the numbers, I know the views of the various conservative factions. This is our aim. We have the goal of more than seven States. We are marching fast and hard.

The rules committee was a disaster to conservative causes. From the conscience vote to closing the primaries we were dashed upon the rocks via parliamentary maneuvering to behind the scenes power plays. Everyone in the conservative ranks agrees, the Rules Committee was unsatisfactory.”

The fight has just begun. Give me the liberty to vote my conscience, or give me death, but I will not be bullied into supporting that which shall not be named. For those who have decided to turn to #trumpleweeds, it is more like the festival of the Matrix. The Matrix in reality. Take the red pill-you get an arrogant, loud-mouthed imbecilic. Take the blue pill you get a power and money hungry criminal. Choose your pill. While the terrorist are attacking, and the political parties taking over, the citizens are still making a louder noise, more music, and dancing while the attacks begin. Naïve to the world and walls around them.

One Louisiana delegate told the Post that some are preparing to bog down the convention with procedural maneuvers. Others hope to force a roll call vote, a move that would drag out proceedings and give a spotlight to any delegates hoping to embarrass the one that shall not be named by voting against him while the cameras are rolling. Several “minority reports,” which detail proposals that were rejected by committees, are reportedly in the works.

Some delegates are venting their anger not just at the one that shall not be named, but at the RNC and its chairman, Reince Priebus, for quashing measures proposed to the Rules Committee.

“To sound like Donald Trump — they rigged it,” said Kendal Unruh, a delegate who has been a leader of the Never Trump movement within the convention. “The very thing they scream about is the very thing they did. I want to make this point extraordinarily clear: What a bunch of liars they revealed themselves to be.” Unruh told The Associated Press Friday that she was giving up her mission to “unbind” delegates from the results of their states’ primaries and caucuses.

And Priebus declared the #NeverTrump push “over.” While it seems implausible that anyone but the one that shall not be named will emerge next week as the party’s nominee, delegates could still cause a headache for the RNC and convention planners and deal a blow to the message of Republican unity. There is no unity, when the one which will not be named has told the conservatives he does not need them and Priebus has told Republicans as a whole, either get on board, or we don’t need you in the party.

While many may disagree, the simple truth is had we kept God first we never would have gotten an Obama and we would be an unparalleled Super Power this very day. The RNC/ GOP/ Republican party is not for me:

Not the party— Not the principles—Not the platform— Not the issues—This is a dictatorship. Millions are conscientious voters to the GOP and its tactics.

Congratulations to all of the folks who continue the fight to bring intellect, conservatism, and the Constitution back to the party.


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