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It took three presidential debates before the issue of abortion was briefly introduced by the moderator. Those of the American people who were uninformed about what the candidates’ positions were, learned that Donald Trump was prolife and Hillary Clinton supported abortion rights up until birth, this extreme position, referred to as partial birth abortion, is considered by many to be infanticide.

It was then that the thought occurred to me that if a picture is worth a thousand words, perhaps numbers can be worth a thousand, perhaps even a million lives, if presented in an unadulterated manner free from any other extraneous information, for the human eye to see and the mind to absorb.  

Numbers are unique and part of a set of what are termed as positive integers. Where would we be without numbers; mathematics, the sciences, economics, computers, but more to the point, when we think of  numbers it’s usually associated with counting or figuring out something to achieve an end result, such as balancing a checkbook, adding up expenses, completing taxes, how much does something cost, how many candles on a birthday cake, timing an event, measuring a distance, dialing a phone number, and then how could you find where somebody lives without an address, you’d just be walking around knocking on doors; I could go on and on.

There can be occasions, however, when the visible representation of some fact or truth represented by a number or numbers can have a tremendous impact both physically and emotionally, such as when a catastrophe strikes, you read or hear about the harrowing event and wait for the number of people injured or killed to be made known.

This brings us again to the subject of abortion and your reaction when it is raised. The constant refrain usually  go something like this, your killing the most innocent of life in the womb, denying a baby’s right to be born vs. it is a woman’s right to choose and use her body as she sees fit. But perhaps what is needed is a stark and unencumbered dose of reality, that the many abortion supporters, if they have the courage, could see for themselves through a numerical count that is constantly changing by the second, life as it is terminated across the planet, a catastrophe of genocidal proportions.

With this in mind, listed for your information, at the completion of this article, are the total daily and annual abortions performed in the United States and Worldwide, as of  Friday November 11, 4:00pm eastern time. If you go to the US, which all of us especially supporters of abortion should do, you can sit at your computer and watch as the numbers change and increase, knowing from moment to moment, another innocent life somewhere is being terminated. Perhaps this will act as that dose of reality I mentioned previously, before your very eyes, a death toll by the minute and the numbers.    

  • United states today: 1989
  • United states since roe vs. Wade 1973: 59,526,751
  • United states this year: 940,498
  • United states after 16 weeks gestation: 45,143
  • United states due to rape or incest: 9,122
  • Planned parenthood since 1970: 7,240,850
  • Planned parenthood this year 2016: 279,948
  • Black babies since 1973: 17,858,027
  • Worldwide since 1980: 1,434,506,107
  • Worldwide this year 2016: 34,919,345
  • Worldwide today: 73,286

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