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Where is the home of the brave?

We watch as a mere 60 million voters elect the next president of the United States, and then want to run up and down streets protesting, and in some cases destroying private property. Are you any different than those who supported the President-Elect?

Hillary Clinton had 59,755,284 votes, according to CNN’s tally, with 92% of the expected vote counted. Trump had 59,535,522. That difference of 219,762 is razor-thin considering the nearly 120 million votes counted so far. Nearly half of eligible voters (231,556,622 people) did not vote in the 2016 presidential election, according to data of early turnout rates compiled by the United States Election Project and crunched by Josh Nelson.

So why did you not vote, and now you complain? Because you were not brave enough to vote for someone you could be proud to vote for. You prefer to sit at home, party with your friends, sit on a bar stool, and whine and complain about the results. There is nothing brave about a person who is unwilling to choose and cast that ballot. You are the one’s who are watching the demise of the America we once saw as strong and brave.

It is not your right, but it is your civic duty to learn about the candidates and make a well-informed vote for the candidate that you most align with. IF you are not Brave enough to educate yourself, and vote, then how can one depend on you to be a good citizen period?

riots-after-trump-win3Now you sit back, with your Cheetos and Budweiser, slobbering and spitting as you complain about who was elected, then sit and complain about the protests, but did you do your civic duty to cast a vote? You “Created the disaster by your refusal to vote”, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Do not tell me that you could not vote for Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton, when you also could have voted For Evan McMullin, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, or Darrell Castle. You chose to sit back and do nothing!!!

The America I grew up with was not so apathetic, and believed in civic duty, and took the Presidency seriously. People did not want a television show, or who can be the worst possible choice game, but they wanted to hear about real issues, real solutions and were brave enough to stand up and be counted. Where are those people? Where are the brave Americans who believe in the Constitution, and the American way? You cannot change the world with vulgar words, but you can change it with the mighty pen at the ballot box.

IT is time to quit playing teenage games and take civics, politics, and your ability to serve your community serious. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem, and this year 50% of you were the problem. That is over 120 million Americans creating this problem!!!


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