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Why do Democrats like Clair McCaskill and Doug Shoen, question the antics of newly elected Congresswoman from NY City, Ocasio-Cortez?

McCaskill questions her popularity, I question the intelligence of her supporters that elected her, and Shoen considers her  “… a near and present danger …”!

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is acting like the ” incoming President ” in her promises and threats to the people and the Administration, while she takes this time when the Government is shut down to vacation in Hawaii (….”let them eat cake….”)!!! Not to worry tho, her ‘walled mansion’ in Ca. is well protected.

And why does Chuck Schumer read with his head down? Doesn’t he wear his glasses on the tip of his nose to read in an upright position? Maybe the water on his brain weighs it down. But honestly, I am getting bored with looking at the top of his bald head whenever he appears and speaks; can’t the man ever look us in the eye when talking?

Now then, while I have these note-able public servants in mind, I think also of Maxine Waters, Representative of the people of the 43rd district of Los Angeles County, Ca. She also is well protected in her own mansion in the beautiful coastal State of California. I question her recent actions; in my opinion, she is bordering on Treason, or perhaps, in itself, her demeanor could be explained by a deteriorating mental state.

At this point, I cannot leave out Sen. Dianne Feinstein, long time California Politician. A native of San Francisco, former Supervisor and Mayor of San Francisco, before her election to the U.S. Senate, and she has been a notable and respected member of Government. However, her recent words and actions have had affected a lowering in my respect for her. Perhaps it is time for her to step down. I found her actions related to the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh to be a black spot on her record.

Now, I recognize that all the above mentioned are Democrats; but I do not omit Paul Ryan, current, and about to be latter, Speaker of the House; who, in my opinion, is the ranking “RINO” (a term put upon Republicans whose Party loyalty has been put in question); his opposition to the President is nothing short of obstructionism. Never before have I witnessed a Speaker so blatantly against his President.

I mention here those that are prominent in my mind today. The Holiday season is one to enjoy life, enjoy each other, renew our faith, and accept the wonders of our Creator and the courage of our Founders. But I am saddened and angry toward many of the Politicians in our Government, both Local and National.

We must all promise to be true to each other, our Nation, our Religion, and ourselves; let us pull together and fight against those who would destroy us.

We will have a separated Gov. with a Republican Presidential Administration and a Democratically led House in the New Year. They must work TOGETHER.

We must constantly remind the members of the Government that they serve at our pleasure. Their Political Party agenda must not accompany them into the hallowed chambers of government. Party affiliations MUST be put aside while there. We have put them there, we support them financially, and will continue to do so, until we realize they are not supportive of the American way, of our revered Constitution, and in particular, supportive of you and I, the American people!

Let us make 2019 the year America woke up!!!

Have a happy and rewarding New Year.

iPatriot Contributers


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