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“If only we had a King like the other nations”, was the cry of the people of Israel as they rebelled against the ordained path that God had for them. Saul was the result and in the madness at his end he sought the counsel of witches and their master Satan. His sin cost Israel dearly. Fast forward to the modern era and Americas cry to placate the guilt of racism and repression – “If only we had a black President”. And we certainly have what appeared to be the answer to our wishes. The unfortunate baggage that came with the man and his “wife” of convenience seeped deeply into the soil of American government and will take generations to sift to remove the rot of Marxism, sexism and religious bigotry that followed the fraud into the White House.

But America had its own apparent needs met when Barack Hussein Obama was ensconced behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. His advisors in the form of David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett had their plans and purposes arranged for his signatures. His schedule was planned to remove all doubt about who was now in charge and where things would go.

As with all election promises, some had to be abandoned immediately because they just didn’t fit the needs of the new master of all he surveyed.

Promise One – Openness – The blanket of secrecy and the deals behind closed doors descended immediately. The promise of open meetings in front of cameras was abandoned. The visitors logs are a who’s who of terrorists, anti-American globalists and some of the most profane race baiters that America has ever produced.

Promise Two – America First – The bowing to the Saudi King was the first indicator that something was hugely out of whack on the ship of state. American leaders do not bow to Kings, nor do they bow to the titular protectors of religious groups. With one tilt of the head and leaning forward from the waist the American Republic entered a new era, not glimpsed since the days of King George.

Protocol and hidden agendas wrestled for a moment in plain view of the cameras from around the globe and the cheers and celebrations from the Islamic nations rose to the ears of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as a God other than He was given preference by the leader of the “free” world. “Thou shalt have no other Gods before Me” was violated symbolically and then subsequently in actions taken by Barack Hussein Obama. America had bowed to a new God.

And then our troubles began in earnest.


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