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WE THE PEOPLE! HELP PRESIDENT TRUMP DRAIN THE SWAMP OF FALSE GUILT!         For too many years, false guilt has been the quicksand in the swamp! This mind control and psychological abuse, alone, is more than barbaric! For a revitalized Power America, false guilt must be banished from its shores! Let us begin!

Admit the substance of the dark morphing and contortion heavily on true Americans! Yours is a truly Just War for purging your mind of the false guilt shoved into it! Let us clean house and quickly put into the garbage can the following:

* False Guilt about being Patriotic!
* False Guilt about being Christian.
* False Guilt for being a God-loving and nation-loving American!
* False Guilt about being white!
* False guilt about being Middle Class!
* False Guilt about being “racist.”
” False Guilt for not being a Trotskyite Marxist Multiculturalist!
* False Guilt for showing Christianity and Islam always irreconcilable
* False Guilt for not speaking other languages in schools and hospitals
* False Guit for defending America against bullies!
* False Guilt about not paying for Obamacare!
* False Guilt for challenging heinous-political creatures in the swamp!
* False Guilt for rejecting NWO surveillance!
* False Guilt for being off the grid!
* False Guilt for being Protectionist America and called “Isolationist”
* False Guilt for not accepting Transgender restrooms
* False Guilt for challenging pedophile politicians and social workers
* False Guilt for suggesting Creation Science be taught in schools
* False GuIlt for teaching true history
* False Guilt for proclaiming the illegal Dept. of Ed. be dismantled
* False Guilt for not accepting the dumbing-down process
* False Guilt for not viewing false-narrative Main Stream Media
* False Guilt for not feminizing males and not masculinizing females
* False Guilt for insisting true Americans own inalienable rights!
* False Guilt for owning guns!
* False Guilt for wanting paganism out of the armed forces
* False Guilt for insisting the American National Guard stay at home!
* False Guilt for not accepting de-stabilizing and de-nationalizing!
* False Guilt for defending America, instead of the Bush poppy crop overseas!

The list is nearly endless! However, refusing a Presidential salary of any kind, President Trump is pulling We The People from this quicksand in the swamp! It’s called by the Marxist term of “political correctness” and is insidious! Nothing has ever victimized true Americans as this plague. No more!

No more Marxist media/industrial complex! No more Marxist prison/industrial complex! No more Marxist entertainment/industrial complex! No more Marxist culture-profiteering/industrial complex! No more foreign privatization stealing our Sovereignty! Absolutely nothing in this list is to be considered moral and the “moral high ground.”

President Trump is pulling all true Americans from this swamp of false guilt! So grab the rope! Escape to true freedom! Help President Trump help others to do so! And once again we will Make America Great Again!

If you can add to the above list of False Guilt, we welcome your thoughts and observations in the Comments below!

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