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Hopefully, I am not speaking too soon, when I say the world within our Country is beginning to show signs of quiet. Our law enforcement authorities have begun to rid us of the criminal illegals; our Border Patrol has been re-enforced with enthusiasm and increased manpower.  President Trump has requested funds to re-build our Military. He is trying to return stronger control to our Immigration Police and the Department in general. I believe he is not pressing for more laws, merely pushing to enforce those already on the books.

Congress, our slow-moving, bureaucratically-bogged-down, Legislative Body, appears to be very, very close to replacing the Obama health care program; hopefully within the next month.

What I find to be most hateful, most immature, and most self-ingratiating, is the behavior of the Democratic faction in the Congress. It certainly appears they are putting themselves and their Party before the American people, their Constituents; the people that put them there, that pay their salaries, and put up with their nonsense of allowing themselves to be bought and controlled by Lobbyists and other forces outside of the Government.

They are there to protect the interests, the freedoms, and the liberties of Americans. But this current group, led by Senator Schumer of New York, have blatantly interfered with the process of vetting and confirming members of the Cabinet, as proposed by the President. Their actions are interfering with the normal and hopefully smooth transition of power.

The Democratic Congress, during the beginning of the term of office of Barack Obama, as President, was rather quick and decisive in confirming all nominees of the new Democratic President. Of course, I certainly do remember the Republican members, at that time, also attempted to interfere with that process. They all play the game! But the current actions of  Senator Schumer and his followers, I find to be quite despicable. They are bordering on Anarchy.

Perhaps we, as voting American citizens, should strongly remind ALL members of Congress, that once they walk through those hallowed doors of the Congressional Hall, they are no longer representatives of any particular Party. They are only there to represent you and I. They must, and should, be a non-partisan group working TOGETHER.  They always claim to be such; but too much is decided behind closed doors. This group of men and women, who denounce the many gangs on the streets, the many organized crime gangs, the manipulators of our Stock Market, are no better in their actions. We are all aware of their loyalty to the financial supporters of their campaigns over their loyalty to the American citizens. We have been aware of it for some time. But we gave them some leeway. I feel the time has come to put a stop to it. The system has gotten out of the control of the American people.

I am both surprised and pleased with the work ethic of the Trump administration. I had my doubts for some time, but as I have said many times, “…anyone but Hillary…”. The Clintons and their cronies have done more damage to our Democracy than many others in our history. President Trump knew he had to get within the hearts and souls of the middle class. He had to speak their language. In doing so he obviously “pricked” the folks that consider themselves above all others. To them we are just the common folk. Well, time for them to “wake up and smell the roses”. This land was built by the working class; the common folk; the White, the Black, the Italian and Irish, the French, and yes, British; and many others not specifically mentioned by History. You have made your wealth because of our form of Republic Government. Do not break the hand that has fed you. Enjoy your way of life, and be thankful for what our way of life has afforded you.

If you prefer the majestic Royal way of life, then take your wealth, buy an Island, and move to it with your servants.  Leave this land to the people who truly enjoy and respect it, who know how to work the land, and build the factories; the middle class, the folks whose taxes and labor have supported your industries, and made you wealthy. Others like you will rise within our Democracy, and we will deal with them accordingly. Right now, we have a rough road to travel to return to our Republic. It will be a tough ride, but we will manage.



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