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The President of Mexico says he will not pay for a wall on our border. We can put duties on all goods that now pass “duty free” thanks to the NAFTA treaty which we strongly suspect our elected people were paid off to pass as it is very bad deal for America.

The “thousand pound Rinocherous in room” is the illegal drug trade now in the billions of Dollars poisoning our people. Tightening our border will help the effort to control drug traffic.

Mexico is getting billions of Dollars for its’ economy from the Heroin trade as well as money sent home by workers legal and otherwise. We can put a transfer tax on funds sent to Mexico, but stopping the Heroin trade would quench Mexico’s second greatest source of our currency. We can expect a vigorous fight on this, but Mexico has few and no good weapons.

We get much of our winter produce from Mexico, but we are increasing our own production of greenhouse, CO2 enriched, farming that accelerates and expands production magically. This can be increased with grants, low cost loans and other incentives as we have southern areas where this agronomy works well.

The Democrats are totally opposed. They see illegal Mexicans as an eternal slave class, working for little and voting Democrat in gratitude for getting to stay, violate our laws with abandon, take welfare, free medical care and schooling in return for voting Democrat.

Illegal aliens have been caught voting many times and several California counties have more votes cast than voters registered thanks to illegal aliens. Before the explosion of illegal immigration California was solid Republican. Now the Democrats have outlawed Republicans by having the two highest vote getters in the runoffs instead of one from each party. The force driving immigration is corruption.

In a typical case: A married illegal man with a wife with four children produces less than $20,000 in the economy, but the family costs $60,000 in welfare and education. That is a $40,000 annual loss for each of millions of these families. The true cost of an open border is billions! We pay dearly for Democrats joy.

Mexican criminals are coming to the United States because of our weak laws, lax prosecutions and light sentencing. Our prisons are better than their lower class hotels. Where the death penalty is virtually nonexistent really evil men thrive in America. We could have a federal death penalty for illegal aliens who commit or cause the death of our citizens. That should include Heroin traffickers as in Singapore where they are hanged.

Democrats go to great pains to give rights to criminals who take the rights of citizens. They treat criminals as victims to enhance their loyalty at the ballot box and Mexico is only too happy to get rid of these miscreants. We can take them back, drop them off in a desert with a helicopter, give them a jug of water, say “Buena suerte” and wave goodbye.

Mexico has been corrupt for 99 years, the entire term of the infamous PRI socialist party. Instead of coming to America the Mexican people should fix their nation and we can make that happen.

The Armalite AR7 Survival gun is a 22 caliber rifle that collapses into a 17 inch long package that weighs less than two pounds and is so accurate you can put a bullet between two eyes at 100 feet with a little practice. Bubble wrapped it can be dropped with accuracy from a low-flying small aircraft or drone and carried in a suitcase with personal goods. A 100 bullet pack fits in your hand and it is a devastating insurrection weapon not because it is lethal, but because it is not.

The worst thing that can happen to a war general is to have many wounded men. They require care, and lots of it. Dare he not care for them, the men will turn on him shortly. Wound one-fifth of a military unit and you have destroyed them as 40% are caring for the 20% you have nicked.

Equip every adult illegal alien with one of these guns and 100 rounds of ammunition, a book on guerilla tactics and in a year we will have a new Mexico, hopefully run by people kept honest by fear of free men.

Just to sweeten the deal we may give each returning alien 1,000 Pesos of counterfeit money to spend and the existing government will soon see their currency has turned to water. We can get all we need from Jeffries Bank Note Company, 1330 W. Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles as they print most of the currency for Central American countries and did Mexico’s after Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata ended the reign of Porfirio Diaz in 1915. After 100 years the time has come to free Mexico and make the Americas great again.

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