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People who express thought, become targets for those who squelch thought by personally squelching the thinker instead of thinking enough to debunk the thought. Thugs think very little. Alinsky tactics work, only because they use limited mentality of thugs together with the socialist theory of force and violence to attack people.

Socialism itself is based on force and violence so it is powerless against the theory of reason and contract itself. It cannot effectively attack reason, so it must attack people. To counter the socialistic tactics of Alinsky, always debunk them with reason, and most effectively anonymously.

Alinsky tactics work to prevent OTHERS FROM CONSIDERING THOUGHTS. Conservative thoughts based on reason and contract are ignored if the speaker is discredited as a person. And a speaker often puts a target on his back by interjecting controversial likes, dislikes and personal experiences which are completely irrelevant to the thoughts he expresses.

If a speaker writes or speaks anonymously, the speaker can only focus on his thoughts, not his feelings or beliefs. No one, except his enemies care how he “feels,” because what he feels is his weak spot.

Alinsky tactics work by attacking a vulnerable area — soft tissue or a recent wound. It does not attack reason because it can’t. Personal likes and dislikes are feelings, and thus irrelevant to reason. Anonymity provides the shield against his enemies and the constraint against the presenter from presenting his weaknesses.

Fame is YOUR NAME in lights. In anonymity, your name is not included. The price for fame is much less, but the cost is that your name is not recognized, and you do not get paid. You work for fame and pay or you work for reason. When a person has no need for fame or pay, socialist Alinsky style attacks are feckless. They don’t know how to debunk reason, they just know how to attack people.

See for yourself: This is a summary of the 12 Rules for Radicals by Alinsky: If the target is a concept, if you attack the person who is most effective at presenting it you have personalized and polarized the concept and can thus attack the person’s most controversial weaknesses. On the person, don’t let up the pressure, ridicule him, threaten him (because power is mostly what the enemy thinks you have so the threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself), avoid the issue because that is his knowledge, avoid what he knows and you don’t know, get him into what you know and he doesn’t. Attack him for not living up to all of his ideals regardless of how small, because no one can. Make sure your people enjoy insulting and humiliating people, but don’t use the same tactic all the time — it will bore them.

That is the whole “genius” of Saul Alinsky. Rules for thugs.

But there are two Alinsky rules that they usually don’t follow, because it takes some intelligence to do so. They have been successful on occasion. The first is to push a negative hard enough to become a positive, the second is to provide an alternative to what they have defeated. Examples of obvious negatives are eliminating individual rights and individual justice. Their alternative, the collectivization of rights and justice into “human rights” and “social justice” are their “solution” but because these alternatives are not well thought out, there is always the risk of the backlash happening now.

Given socialism and the theory of force and violence which holds it together, Alinsky has been effective. The solution is individual exchange of values between sovereign people (and sovereign nations) using reason and contract to combat force and violence.


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