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Why are we wasting our time talking about DACA?

As much as I hate giving up on an issue, this one is a waste of our energies. The 800,000 (to start) illegal aliens are here to stay. And make no mistake – they are illegal aliens. Whether they are said to be “protected” by an illegal presidential action appears to be irrelevant.

Obama knew, as do the majority of the political left, that it has become easy to just create an entitlement class. Obama simply used a “stop me if you dare” executive memo to do so. With no such authority, he singlehandedly established, what Michelle Malkin describes  as a new “deserving” class.

She frustratingly repeats the tiresome refrain of DREAMer advocates:

“They don’t deserve to be punished.”
“They deserve protection.”
“They deserve the American dream.”
Deserve, deserve, deserve.

And why? Well – there is no why. There no longer has to be. Obama and the left knew that all they needed was time. Enough time for our political class to grow comfortable with idea of a new entitlement group. Time is the friend of all entitlements. They knew that given enough time, the new entitlement would become the new normal. Once it is installed and a little time is allowed to pass, it’s there for good.

Some would say the DREAMers are not looking for a hand out, but merely a hand up. That’s crap. One could easily insert entitled into Michelle’s above refrain. They are entitled not to be punished. They are entitled to protection and to our American dream.

This is the real truth of it. They don’t have to be deserving. Being deserving has nothing to do with entitlements anymore.

The third rail of politics used to be Social Security. It is said to be political suicide to even suggest privatizing or at all modifying this entitlement. But now the political third rail is all entitlements – and an entitlement can now be classified as all government spending. All spending is sacred – none can be cut, trimmed or downsized. Our government is evidently entitled to spend as much as they wish.

And because of this, Trump made a deal with democrat devils to increase the borrowing limit for three months (like it’s going to end there). Rather than drain the swamp, he aligned himself with swamp demons, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

These two are the worst of the worst, which really makes me begin to wonder just what the president is willing to do to “win.”

Last Sunday, on my podcast, “I’m Dreamin of an End to DACA,” I said that I was a Trumpster regarding immigration. But I’ll tell you. I’m developing shin splints by jumping on and off the Trump bandwagon. As much as it pains me, I’m going to have to agree with once beloved Ann Coulter.

She is livid with Trump for saying he would “revisit the [DACA] issue” if Congress fails to pass legislation before his six month deadline. What the heck does that mean?

Well, we know exactly what that means. It means another broken campaign promise. DACA is here to stay and his press secretary now says Trump wants “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” That should drive a stake in the heart of any Trump voter.

Coulter tweeted  a portion of a Trump campaign speech, saying, “Trump’s landmark, election-winning immigration speech, 8/31/16: ENFORCEMENT 1ST! We can’t even discuss amnesty until we have a wall!”

DACA is permanent, as is ObamaCare. There is no wall and “catch and release” is said to have not ended. Hillary got off scot-free – there are no tax cuts as of yet but the government borrowing and spending continues. And now Trump is making deals with Schumer and Pelosi.

Mr. President – enough broken campaign promises.

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