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As we have unfortunately seen, we have trusted the rulers of the people alone for far too long, and are now paying a heavy price for that mistake.

Let’s start with a recent speech given by a world leader in his country. As you read it, ask yourself who made this speech and think, do you agree with it?

“Another serious challenge to our countries identity is linked to events taking place in the world. Here there are both foreign policy and moral aspects. We can see how many of the Euro-Atlantic countries are actually rejecting their roots, including the Christian values that constitute the basis of Western civilization. They are denying moral principles and all traditional identities; national, cultural, religious, and even sexual. They are implementing policies that equate large families with same-sex partnerships that equate belief in God with the belief in Satan.”

“The excesses of political correctness have reached the point where people are seriously talking about registering political parties whose aim is to promote pedophilia. People in many European countries are embarrassed or afraid to talk about their religious affiliations. Holidays are abolished or even called something different; there essence is hidden away, as is their moral foundation. And people are aggressively trying to export this model all over the world. I am convinced that this opens a direct path to degradation and primitivism, resulting in a profound demographic and moral crisis.”
“Why are we losing the ability to self-testimony of the moral crisis facing a human society? Today almost all developed nations are no longer able to reproduce themselves, even with the help of migration. Without the values embedded in Christianity and other world religions, without the standards of morality that have taken shape over millennia, people will inevitably lose their human dignity. We consider it natural and right to defend these values. One must respect every minority’s right to be different, but the rights of the majority must not be put into question.”

“At the same time, we see attempts to somehow revive a standardized model of a unipolar world and to blur the institutions of international law and national sovereignty. Such a unipolar standardized world does not require sovereign states; it requires slaves.”

Well, this may come as a surprise; that speech was made by Vladimir Putin to an assembly of his countryman. In his speech, it sounds as though Putin is defending Western cultural values. The theme of Putin’s speech was “Russia’s Diversity for the Modern World.”

Why quote Putin’s speech? Does Putin’s speech mean he is now a paragon of virtue? Hardly, Putin’s past history and the term, paragon of virtue, are quite a stretch; and yet compared to our left-wing Democrat Party, their corrupt national media allies, and the D.C. establishment swamp, that comparison may not be altogether in Putin’s disfavor.
For the far left in America, the power of Putin’s armed forces is not what they fear. Even the Democrats in D.C. know very well that U.S. military might is second to none. And now that President Trump has taken over, that power will continue to increase and we will become even stronger.

No, what the far left fears is Putin’s potential rejection of the secularism the left needs to continue their long-term endeavor to corrupt the cultural values of the Christian West. Communist Russia, for decades, was the left’s ideal illustration of what a secular government should be, however the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), thanks to

President Reagan and his administration, crashed and burned.

If a Putin government could now actually enable Russia’s return to a solid Western Christian culture; well, that could seriously undermine the far lefts Marxist/Soros plans for a globalist unipolar world and that is what our far left Democrats and their allies really fear.

For God’s sake, to Schumer, Pelosi and our deranged political left, Donald Trump’s presidency has already become an obstacle they realize they may not be able to overcome, but add Putin’s Russia, politically pushing traditional Western Christian culture, and with President Trumps’ powerful renewal of traditional American values, that push just might start Europe and other countries to realize their need to restore and strengthen traditional Western culture. If and when that occurs, the left’s politically malevolent plans may start to come apart. Therefore, Putin as well as President Trump now has become their far left’s political version of Satan.

Let’s go over some of Putin’s points.

• Some Western countries are rejecting their cultural roots. Part of the left’s political agenda.
• Many Western countries are rejecting Christian values that constitute the basis of Western civilization. Part of the left’s political agenda.
• Some Western countries are now denying moral principles. Part of the left’s political agenda.
• Some Western countries are denying traditional identities, cultural, religious and even sexual. A major part of the left’s political agenda.
• Some Western countries are implementing policies that equate large families with same sex partnerships. A part of the left’s political agenda.
• Some Western countries have installed fear into some of their countrymen about religions discussions. A major part of the left’s political agenda

The above agenda is undeniably a part of the political, social architecture the Democrat party wants to accomplish, in their now obvious quest to change American values and culture. If you look at today’s Democrat party, it has become politically dominated by a far left bloc who has no allegiance to traditional American values and our constitution. There is easily available evidence the Democrat party now appears to be on its way to rapidly moving even more radically left, moving so far politically left it will become a disaster for their party and for our country.

For our political system to work as intended, regardless of what party holds power, the party not in power becomes an opposition party, but a “loyal opposition party.” While there will always be political disagreements, an American loyal opposition means loyalty to basic, historically fundamental concepts; in other words our Constitution, the document that made our country the great nation it is. Sorry Governor Cuomo, but you let your alligator mouth overload your humming bird ass, once more.

Starting with Obama’s mantra of “Fundamentally Transforming America,” which as any thinking person must now understand, was just code for doing as much damage to traditional America and traditional American values as he could, while he had the power to do so, and continuing on to the perfidious political chaos the Democrats are sponsoring today, there is no way today’s Democrat Party wants to or can fill the loyal opposition role in our constitutional republic.
The Democrats know very well that Putin’s Russia wasn’t the cause of Hillary’s election defeat. There was no election collusion between candidate Trump and Putin’s Russia. Today’s Democrat politicians have very little understanding about who the American people are and what they want.

Example, the 2016 election result was so stunning for the Democrats and the far left, it blew their minds. They were so flabbergasted and embarrassed by Hillary Clinton’s loss, they couldn’t comprehend it, had to manufacture a reason, any reason for her defeat, and the only one they came up with was a demonstrable phony, treasonous lie.

Any thinking person must now understand the Democrats claim that Hillary lost the election because of Russian/Trump manipulation to defeat her, is actually hilarious. The Democrats say they are furious about the Russians manipulating our election to defeat Hillary, but what has actually now been extensively exposed is not Russian manipulation, but Hillary’s own futile attempted manipulation of our 2016 election.

Crooked Hilary has been hoisted on the Democrats own petard. I love it. Think about poor socialist Bernie Sanders; Hillary and the DNC, so paranoid that socialist Bernie could defeat Hillary they had to illegally rig the poor old guy’s primary election defeat. Think about the phony anti-Trump dossier filled with bought and paid for Russian lies by Hillary and the DNC in her incompetent attempt to rig the actual 2016 election.

Hillary and the Democrat National Committee (DNC) paid a foreign national spy, Christopher Steel, to come up with a dossier filled with Russian falsehoods that the spy admitted he knew were falsehoods to a British court, all in an attempt to destroy a candidate in our presidential election; now our nation has evidence that the hierarchy’s in the FBI, the CIA, the DOJ and some Intel Agencies participated in that crime; my friend’s that is real collusion and manipulation of an election. Why are you AWOL Special Consul Muller?

The very fact Muller has ignored genuine election collusion and is still conducting a sham investigation to try and set up a perjury train for a sitting president is beyond political treachery.

The very thought that Putin would pursue an election manipulation campaign in an effort to insure a Hillary Clinton election defeat is ludicrous. Hillary had handed him 20% of our countries uranium, and the Clinton’s had received a tremendous pile of money for doing so; Putin loved it. Anybody with a brain has to know that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be just what Putin’s Russia would yearn for. After eight years of the Obama presidency, in which Putin, to Russia’s benefit, pushed Obama around almost at will, to be followed by a weak, crooked Hillary presidency, what could be a better outcome for Putin’s Russia and all the other enemies of our country?

Thank God Donald Trump was elected. Our countries military is now much stronger, our countries’ economy is now roaring, NATO is now coming back our international presence is once again formidable; America stronger, Russia weaker, just what Vladimir Putin never wanted to happen. Isn’t it obvious, Putin would have loved it if Hillary had been elected? Muller, come on man, stop with your political crap. Can you not understand the definitive damage you are doing to this country, the DOJ, and most of all to Robert Muller?

The Democrat party and the political left in our country will never say that Hillary is a criminally flawed women, a terrible candidate who did an amazingly incompetent job of running her campaign. Neither will they say her election policies were corrupt and her political policies were worse, because her policies were their policies. Thank God the American voting public figured crooked Hillary out and dumped her.

The Democrat’s then had to have a fall guy to try and disguise their political crimes and ineptitude, therefore Putin had to become the Democrat party’s iniquitous wrongdoer, the bad guy that manipulated our 2016 election and caused the illegal, diabolical defeat of Hillary, and it then had to follow that Trump was a corrupt fool that collaborated with Putin to deny dear ole Hillary the presidency of the United States. To quote Peter Strzok, “I will stopTrump.”

As we have seen for the past 18 months or more, the propaganda arm of the Democrat party, their corrupt legacy media, has used all its collective power to support that malicious falsehood. Unfortunately for our country, most of our media, print, electronic and human now spits on their 1st amendment responsibilities to our constitution. Our media would rather be profoundly involved in malevolent “fake news” than serious fair journalism. A Constitutional Republic badly needs a fair and balanced media to function properly; as we have seen for decades, we do not have a fair and balanced media in our country. There must be a reckoning coming.

My God if there was the slightest hint of actual Russia/Trump election collusion, with the thousands of illegal Democrat sponsored leaks from the DOJ, FBI and some Intel agencies, Muller and his crooked crew would have joyfully broadcast them out to the world long ago. They couldn’t because there wasn’t any collusion, where is the DOJ and the FBI, defending our constitution, oh that’s right, the hierarchy in both are complicit in this crime against the American people. Those criminals must be indicated and tried.

We the American people have had no idea how corrupt sections of our government actually are and unfortunately remain. However we are now finding out and the “swamp” must pay dearly for their unforgivably corrupt and contemptable behaviors. A convention of states may be the only way to solve this inbred corruption in Washington.
This wicked political/media chicanery started the corrupt conspiracies that followed. Prior to the 2016 election, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Ohr, Yates and Brennan have so far been identified as the principal lawbreakers involved; the treacherous people who for their own miserable self- interest, tried but failed to insure the destruction of an American presidential candidate, Donald Trump, in order to rob the American people of their constitutional freedom of choice and insure a Clinton victory. They failed miserably, however with new and shocking revelations about their corruption coming out, almost on a daily basis, who knows how many others will be incriminated. The beat just goes on…and on…and on.

Those traitors to their high government positions and to the people of this country must be punished for their high crimes and their attempt to subvert our countries Constitution. If they are not, then we have a two tiered justice system in our country. Any time that type of system is in place, there is always a hidden agenda. It isn’t difficult to understand this hidden agenda; exoneration for the criminals who attempted to cause the illegal destruction of the Trump presidency.
When that treacherous attempt failed and Donald Trump was elected president, according to Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, their “insurance plan” had to come into play; and that “insurance plan” turned out to be the collusion ruse.
Enter the Comey/Rosenstein/Muller perfidious trio and the special counsel subterfuge, which was unquestionably put in place to illegally damage Donald Trump’s presidency, and if possible to impeach him, therefore these duplicitous bastards have done their diabolical best to subvert the outcome of an American election. American history will look upon them as far worse than Benedict Arnold.

However I have for many months believed that another two people hold major responsibilities for this unbelievably base saga. They would be, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions and the lying and arrogant man who in effect has been the A.G. since the Trump election, Rod Rosenstein. I believe that, because without Session’s weak lack of involvement and without Rosenstein’s tremendously sinister involvement, the Democrat’s desperate collusion ploy could not have taken place.
Jeff Sessions as Attorney General is the major reason the Muller Special Consul farce was put in place and has continued. If Sessions had not recused himself, almost immediately from the A.G. position because of the phony Russian/Trump collusion charge, our country would not be in the politically challenging place we are today.

Why did Jeff Sessions recuse himself? His weak excuse was based on a couple of meetings with a Russian Ambassador, but unfortunately Sessions had testified at his confirmation hearing he hadn’t met with that Ambassador.

The evidence is that Sessions first meeting with Russian Ambassador Kislyak was at a cocktail party after a Heritage Foundation sponsored event and the second meeting was in Sessions office after a Senate Armed Service committee meeting. When Senator Sessions was asked about those meetings at his confirmation hearings, he had forgotten them and answered he had not met with the Russian. Well let’s take a look.

Senator Sessions was the keynote speaker at that Heritage Foundation event. Over 50 international ambassadors attended that meeting. We now know Russian Ambassador Kislyak was just one of them, Kislyak was walking around talking to everyone at that cocktail party. Other people there said he and Sessions rubbed shoulders, had a couple of words and that was about the extent of that meeting, if it could even be called a meeting.

Senator Session’s second meeting with Ambassador Kislyak came in his Senatorial office. As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Sessions met with many foreign ministers routinely as he did with many other diplomats. All American Senators routinely meet with foreign diplomats many times a month/year. Several months later who the hell remembers all those meetings?

That was it my friends, as they say in Washington, a real nothing burger. But how about this, Russian Ambassador Kislyak visited the Obama White House 22 times, speaking to many high Obama administration officials, what were those conversations about, nobody knows, clearly not a problem for the Democrats. Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, when asked if she had ever met with Russian Ambassador Kislyak said no she had not, oops a couple of days later a photograph came out showing her at a meeting with just that man. Nancy Pelosi denied she had ever met with Ambassador Kislyak, guess what, a photo then came out with her and the ambassador in a meeting. Of course with the “lying” Queen, what else could we expect? This list could go on but why bother.

At Sessions Confirmation hearing, Ex-Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, that lying, fat reprobate and abuser of women, brutally charged into Sessions because of what Franken labeled those, “stealthy meetings.” Franken accused Sessions of being part of the “Trump Russian Collusion” that cost Hillary the election. That charge was a complete fabrication and Sessions knew that, and as we now know that was the “Insurance Plan” Strzok and Page and referred to in their loony e-mails; after he was confirmed as Attorney General and evidently because of that phony accusation of “stealthy collusion meetings,” Jeff Sessions weakly recused himself from the entire “Russian Collusion” investigation. It now appears Sessions was manipulated by Rod Rosenstein to do the recusal. That allowed Rosenstein to take over the bogus collusion rat’s nest that he is still allowing to driveling on.

But once more Jeff, why the recusal?

So many legal people and prominent lawyers have gone public with their belief that Sessions had no legal reason to recuse himself from the collusion investigation and should never have done so. So why then did Jeff Sessions do so? Sessions has gone public on more than one occasion with his sad mea culpa explanation that he legally, absolutely had to recuse himself. Sessions pathetic claim has been rejected by too many legal scholars for it to stand. In fact, whatever the answer is, it seems that it would have to be either:
• Sessions was woefully lacking in the legal knowledge he required to be the Attorney General of the U.S. and when challenged, weakly recused himself.
• Sessions was involved in the disgusting set up to insure a special consul would be implemented and was part of the collusion set up.
• Sessions didn’t understand he had no legal reason recuse himself initially but then was manipulated by Rosenstein and for whatever reason chose or was forced to become involved in the collusion set up.

In any case it really doesn’t matter Jeff Session’s decision to recuse himself put Rosenstein in as de facto A.G for the most critical legal area of what was to come. Rosenstein sanctioned the phony Russian/Trump collusion investigation to commence, which allowed the treacherous madness of Muller’s investigation to begin and continue to this day.
Legal scholars across the political spectrum have told all there was no Trump Russian election collusion and Muller’s Democrat loaded team has presented no evidence of Trump Russian collusion since Muller’s investigation started.
But under the Special Counsel laws in our country, and Rosenstein’s even broader mandate, Muller has virtually unlimited power to investigate anything and anyone he chooses, his only control is the Department of Justice which is run by the Attorney General, but Jeff Sessions has recused himself and Muller doesn’t report to him, he reports to Rod Rosenstein.

Rosenstein has given Muller unlimited legacy to do as he wishes regardless of the original collusion mandate, however at this time, about 90% of Muller’s current investigation has nothing to do with the original reason for the special consul, Russian Trump collusion; why is Muller’s primary investigation now only concerned with people like Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, and Don McGahn? Muller has been concentrating on people who had nothing to do with Russian/Trump election collusion. The collusion didn’t happen and the Muller perjury team knows dammed well it didn’t.

But wait a minute, since over 90% of Muller’s investigation no longer has anything to do with the original collusion charge, it then follows Jeff Sessions has no legal reason not to dissolve his recusal and do his duty as A.G. at least for that 90% of the Muller’s investigation that has nothing to do with Russian Trump collusion. Why does Sessions not step up to the plate and do his duty as Attorney General? Why does he permit Rosenstein the freedom to allow Muller to continue this outlandish abomination to our laws and constitution?

The amazing fact to come out of this madness is that President Trump has been able to have tremendous success with his election promises to the American people who voted him into office, despite the best efforts of Muller, Democrats, our corrupt media, the phony’s in the entertainment follies and even RINO Republicans. Donald Trump is a worker, a fighter and a winner; these fools have never seen anything like this man in Washington D.C. before. Their demise is coming.
Everyone I have personally spoken to, and in the many conversations on social media I’ve read, many Americans initially thought Jeff Sessions was a valuable man in our country. That is no longer the case, now I believe most Americans cannot understand and do not approve of his lack of performance as A. G. And yes, Jeff Sessions has given respectable speeches on border and immigration policies, but those speeches only enhance our perception of the unused potential power he could have been using, power that would have kept our country from the chaos that has ensued because of his blemished self-recusal. President Trump has said that appointing Jeff Sessions as Attorney General was the worst decision he made during his presidency. I believe that most Americans now agree.

By the time Sessions leaves his A.G. position, probably being fired or resigning after the 2018 election, he will be considered at least a terribly flawed man or perhaps a political traitor to the people of this country. I have to wonder if he will even be welcomed back into his home state of Alabama.

The Set Up:

Here it is. Sessions recuses himself from the collusion investigation. Rosenstein becomes de-facto A.G. for that investigation. Rosenstein sends a letter to President Trump demanding the firing of FBI Director Comey. As soon as the president fires Comey, Comey leaks an official FBI document to his friend, Columbia Law School professor Daniel Richman, with the specific intent that Richman leak that classified document to the press. That friend’s is a felony, why has Comey not been indicted? When the press published that document, as was the plan, Rosenstein demands a Special Consul and of course that was Comey and Rosenstein’s good ole buddy, Robert Muller. That, as we now understand, was the “Set Up.”

The intent of Rosenstein’s letter to President Trump to fire FBI Director Comey, was not just to fire Comey. The FBI Director had by that time created a political firestorm for himself with both the Democrat’s and Republican’s, and as we were to see, that was just the beginning of the blazing conflagration yet to come; when Rosenstein wrote his letter to President Trump to fire Comey, Comey’s “Merde had already hit Le Ventilatuer.” Comey was already finished, he had become expendable. Do we get it? The actual intent of the Comey firing was to engender Comey’s leak that would set up a Special Consul.

So let’s take a look at the Rosenstein, Comey, and Muller nexus:

• Comey worked directly for Muller until 2005. James Comey was not just a colleague of Robert Muller, he was Muller’s disciple.
• Rosenstein and Muller go even further back. Rosenstein worked directly for Muller at the Department of Justice in 1990. Muller and Rosenstein were as thick as thieves.

Rod Rosenstein has been a long time and dependable fixer for Hillary Clinton and the Clinton’s. When Rosenstein was an Associate Independent Counsel from 1995 thru 1997, Clinton officials had requested and unlawfully obtained classified FBI background reports on certain people. Unlawfully obtaining those documents is a crime. Laws had been broken, there was a required investigation. But Rosenstein protected the Clinton’s and made sure Hillary was not prosecuted even though she had access to that information, should have been prosecuted and the indications were that she probably was the one who requested that information. The Clinton’s were not indicted; do we see a pattern here?

Once you prove loyalty to the Clinton’s they back you. Rosenstein was appointed as an independent counsel under Ken Starr on the Clinton’s White Water investigation, another Clinton scandal. Once more wonders take place the Clinton’s are not indicated. However this time Rosenstein had an accomplice, James Comey was right there with Rosenstein, working hard and making sure no harm ever happened to the Clinton’s.

How many of us ever knew that Comey was a fixer for the Clinton’s years before he absolved, with Peter Stzrok, “Crooked Hillary” for her absolute indifference and criminal neglect, protecting classified and highly classified U.S. government and military communications? As I recall, nothing was ever said by our corrupt media about Comy’s past schmoozing relationship with the Clinton Crime Family.

Robert Muller is a deep state tool. Muller’s name has been dragged through political mud because he recruited his perjury team from Democrat partisans who supported Hillary in the election and almost certainly donated many dollars to her election run, they adore Hillary, and they hate President Trump; no political bias there right? Muller’s intention in forming his team had the obvious goal of doing a partisan attack on President Trump with whatever damaging information of any kind they could dig up, bribe, or create in order to finish the Trump presidency. It won’t work.
Muller’s past has quite a few questionable events. Let’s look at just a couple. After the Benghazi terrorist attacks, Muller who was then the FBI Director was responsible to send FBI agents to the site to investigate, identify the terrorists and if possible, bring them justice. It took over two weeks for Director Muller to send those agents. When asked why the delay, Muller told all, “It was too dangerous.” Tray Gowdy responded to Muller, “If it was too dangerous to send FBI agents to Benghazi, why did Hillary send a diplomat?” Various American news media had people in Benghazi within 48 hours interviewing a couple of the terrorists who killed an Ambassador and four other brave Americans. The terrorists were just walking around Benghazi like they owned it. By the time Muller’s FBI arrived two weeks later, those terrorists had left Benghazi.

I guess initially Muller was satisfied with the Obama, Hillary and Susan Rice lies about a tape causing this disaster, he sure backed up their lies. Oh yeah, it then took years for the Obama administration to finally arrest one of those terrorists responsible for the attack, then Obama’s A.G. Loretta Lynch announced the terrorist wouldn’t face the death penalty.

Isn’t that just precious? What the hell is going on in our country?

Uranium One, Muller worked as Hillary’s distribution man actually carrying 10 grams of highly enriched uranium, pretending it was some kind of counter terrorism mission during the Uranium One debacle on our country. Never forget it was at this time our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was vigorously pushing the Uranium One scam that gave Putin’s Russia over 20% of our countries uranium. Of course it was just coincidence that once Putin’s Russia got their hands on our uranium, the Clinton Foundation was deluged with multi-millions of dollars from Russian oligarchs. If our country actually had a one tier justice system, Hillary Clinton, with her history of multiple felonies, would be in an orange pant suit, living in an 8 by 10 cell.

When put in his position of Special Consul, Muller must have believed he could either manipulate Peter Strzok’s collusion “insurance plan” make it stick and finish President Trump, or he could find people associated with Trump that he could charge with something in order force them to “sing” or “compose” and level some kind of damaging information on the president; under Rod Rosenstein’s all-inclusive Special Consul mandate, as we have seen, Muller has virtually un-limited power to use our legal system for his own rancorous intentions. However even with Muller’s obnoxious power, his team, the Democrats, and their national media, for over a year have come up with buppkis; no Russian Trump collusion, no obstruction of justice, nothing that could conceivably finish the Trump presidency. Jeff Sessions pull your head out of one of your largest orifices do your duty and stop this Muller madness.

Peter Strzok, we now know he was a first string member of the malicious team that had no problem attempting the trashing of our constitution. Strzok played a primary role in Hillary’s e-mail crimes, get out of jail free card, even though crooked Hillary is absolutely guilty of the criminal mishandling of classified and highly classified government communications. Then when Strzok’s “I will stop him” boast flopped and Hillary was defeated, in order to cover their asses, we have Strzok and Pages’ “Insurance Plan,” the faux allegation that Russian meddling in conjunction with Donald Trump caused Hillary’s election defeat.

Strzok was so convinced that Hillary would win the election, he dipped his toes in the deadly waters of hubris along with Comey, McCabe, and that long list of other deep state idiots, they committed many illegal acts because none of them thought Trump would become President and they wouldn’t ever have to answer for their crimes.
Astoundingly Peter Strzok was put on Muller’s lynch mob to be the lead investigator on Strzok’s own spurious “Insurance Plan,” the Russian Trump collusion lie. Then Muller was forced to remove Strzok from his lynch mob, but the only reason Muller did so was because DOJ Inspector General Horowitz uncovered Strzok’s bias with his insane anti-Trump hate e-mails to his mistress, Lisa Page.

But when Muller was forced to remove Strzok from the investigation, he didn’t let that information out, just doing his Muller best to hide the fruit from the poisonous tree. Were Strzok’s senseless bias’s not known to Muller? Of course they were, but Strzok walked right down the political path Muller desperately needs to follow if he is going to achieve his nefarious results. Our country has some news for you Mr. Muller, that path is now a dead end.

Strzok’s insufferable “I’m perfect and you can’t touch me” attitude and his smarmy smile during his hearing in the House, showed the country everything we needed to know about this deep state instrument, the country means nothing to him, his position in our highest law enforcement department puts him way above any rules and regulations. He will make decisions based on what he and his confederates have decided is best for them, the country be dammed.

Now Peter Strzok no longer is employed in the FBI. For his deplorable conduct, he was fired. But just to show the deep state’s misapprehension of reality, the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility decided that Strzok’s firing was too harsh, the OPR wanted to give Strzok a slap on the wrist by issuing a little suspension and a job change. Then the new Deputy FBI Director stepped in and said “I don’t think so,” over ruled the OPR, confirmed Strzok’s termination and slammed the door on his pathetic ass.

Now poor old Peter Strzok has started a go-fund me page, I guess he didn’t save enough money, probably spending too much on his extra-marital affairs.

Peter Strzok and his many confederates have long ago sold their souls for the rewards of a corrupt and dangerous ideology. That deadly corruption has now started to become obvious to the American people. The collusion betrayal finally has been exposed to the light of truth, and that light will destroy them all.

Ok now back to Putin. Vladimir Putin was a KGB man. He finished his KGB career as a Colonel in its most secret and closely guarded agency, the KGB’s 1st Chief Directorate, its foreign intelligence arm, in other words espionage. Putin was running spies in other countries to obtain political, military or other information. The 1st Chief Directorate was also involved in its “Wet Work,” in other words assassinations. As we have seen, Putin was and remains a thoroughly dangerous man. That may make Putin a heavy hitter and a very tough guy. He may be but as we unfortunately saw for eight years, Obama wasn’t and our country suffered because of it.

Do I trust Putin, of course not, but Putin is the President of major country we have to deal with and normal diplomatic protocols are required, so President Trump’s meetings fall under those diplomatic protocols. Senator Schumer, stop with the crying and lies about Putin and Trump. Why don’t you look back on the history between Putin, your party and your president, Barack Obama? Your false political hacking is continuing to make you look stupid which makes your beliefs irrelevant.

Did Russia electronically hack into our 2016 election? Of course it did. Did that interference have anything to do with Donald Trump; absolutely not. Did that interference change one vote in our election; as Rod Rosenstein has said, it did not.

Have we interfered in other countries elections? Why of course we have. Point in fact, President Obama provided substantial amounts of our dollars in an attempt to change an Israeli election and defeat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama never liked Israel and detested Netanyahu.

But the charge that Putin’s Russia colluded with Donald Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton in our 2016 election is complete nonsense; but because of the Democrats political pursuit of that dangerous falsehood, it has now become a grievous, and precarious nonsense that threatens our constitutional republic.

What should have been the complete destruction of the collusion falsehood and the end of Muller’s Special Consul Sedition took place last February. After Muller sent out an indictment of 13 Russians, who Muller had said allegedly were the individuals who interfered with the 2016 election. An indictment that listed no Trump involvement, Rod Rosenstein then held a news conference in which Rosenstein admitted the following:

• No Americans had any knowledge of the alleged interference.
• The alleged interference had zero impact on the 2016 election.

That indictment and the subsequent words by Rosenstein should have finished the collusion ploy and Muller’s Special Consul. The fact that it did nothing of the kind should demonstrate to American the treachery of what has been going on in our country.

I do not believe after two years of the treacherous chaos presented to our country by left-wing Democrats, their corrupt media, fifth column traitors in the DOJ, FBI and Intel Agencies, the American people will allow that treachery to continue. For our country to survive, the 2018 election will have to be a victory for the Trump presidency.

To find a way to control the political establishment’s corruption in Washington, I believe a “Convention of States” is going to have to happen. Please do a little research and find out if you agree. I have faith the citizens of America will pull our country out of the swamp we have allowed our country to descend into. The election of Donald Trump has given us the time and opportunity to do so. I have faith that will happen.

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