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The Jesuits have a 400-year-history of Political Intrigue!”

Many of the unique features of the Society of Jesus, which gave it its peculiar character and strength, derive from the Islamic world. This includes the constitution of the Jesuits which is patterned after the constitutions of the dervish Orders of North Africa.

The dervishes (or Sufis) are an ancient freemasonry of indeterminate antiquity, whose estimated 50 million adherents constitute the most widespread mystical society in the world. Since the time of the founding of the Moslem religion, their doctrines have radically transformed not only the Muslim world, but also the cultures of the Far East and Western Europe.

Sufficient evidence has been amassed to conclusively link the origin of the Jesuits with the dervish Orders of the Muslim world. (Please click here for more on “Pope” Francis and his affinities with Muslims.)

The Jesuit constitution is far more authoritarian than that of other Roman Catholic Orders. The General of the Jesuits is initially elected by the members of the Society, but holds the office for life. The admission or dismissal of every member depends on his absolute fiat…

Indeed, so much power is concentrated in the hands of the General of the Jesuits that, for many years, discerning Italians referred to him as the “Black Pope” in contradistinction to the “White Pope” who occupies the throne of Peter. Today, the General of the Jesuits, the Black Pope, is in league with the first Jesuit White Pope. Their constitution is patterned after the Muslim Sufis.

This explains why….

Jesuitism may outlast Romanism, or it may be wholly severed from it. Countless Catholic dissension groups – Merton-oriented, New Age, feminist, gay, NCEA, peace and justice, many more – whose calls to action are actually calls to apostasy, may outlast Romanism, as they imitate the Jesuits who have shown themselves to be organically independent of the traditional Catholic Church, living by its own roots and fibers.

“Let no man deceive you” is proving to be a Divine scriptural understatement. Indeed, the very name of Pope “Francis” is meant to disarm and take emphasis off this first Jesuitical pope and the long history of Jesuit political and religious intrigue. (Please click here for more insight.)

The 17th century Jesuit missionaries in India scandalized the Church by disguising themselves as Brahmins and Yogis in order to win converts among the Indian people. Not only did they assume the outward appearance of Hindus, but they became conversant with all the Hindu scriptures and participated in Hindu religious rites.

Similarly in China, Dominican and Franciscan missionaries were outraged when they discovered the Jesuits were taking part in Confucian religious ceremonies and compromising and misrepresenting Roman Catholic religious doctrines in order to make them more palatable to the Confucians. And now more palatable for Islam.  By May of 2016 the papal Jesuit already conceded Europe to Islam and proclaimed that Christianity and Islam are the samePope Francis likened Jesus Christ to ISIS and said Muslim migrants must breed with Europeans to counter “declining birth rates.”

The Pope-Francis Jesuits have always been a Model for Secret Societies. While the Jesuits can scarcely be called a secret society, their influence on secret socities has often been great. In all parts of the world, they have always had a vast number of affiliates who, though not openly belonging to the order, were bound to propagate and protect Jesuit interests. In France, these are called Jesuites de robe courte.

Ex-Jesuit Adam Weishaupt modeled his Order of the Illuminati after the organizational structure of the Society of Jesus. Cecil Rhodes founded his secret society for “the extension of British rule throughout the world” on the pattern of the Jesuit Order. In the 20th century the Society of Jesus served as the pattern of the SS. Himmler modeled his order after the Jesuits. Ernst, the murdered SA leader, frequently ridiculed Himmler as the “Black Jesuit.” Even Hitler referred to the Head of the SS as “my Ignatius Loyola.” Schellenberg confirms that Himmler built the SS “on the principles of the Order of Jesuits.”

Why does the 400-year-long tradition of anti-Jesuit polemics written by Protestants, Roman Catholics, Jansenists, Jews and more recently, by Free Thinkers, Masons, Socialists and Marxists, have had so little impact, so that the Jesuit “White Pope” in league with the Jesuit “Black Pope” not only influencing 1.25 billion Catholics, but Muslims and other world religions? Here is why:

A. The demographic realities of America are such that individuals who believe that the historic pattern of Jesuit involvement in political intrigues is being continued in the 21st century, are reluctant to speak out for fear of sharply polarizing America along religious lines.

B. Because of the “ecumenical” religious attitudes prevalent today, any such investigations tend to be dismissed out of hand as the work of ignorant religious bigots. An ecumenism of all world religions is prerequisite for the New World Order to become a satanic reality.

C. Many politico-religious conspiracy theories deceiving the Right today are actually based on the French Jesuit priest, Abbe Augustin Barruel.

Ladies and gentlemen, what we are witnessing today is layer upon layer upon layer of deception! Multiple levels of intrigue in full force! Dr. Stan Monteith revealed it was a mutual black friend of Bill and Hillary’s, in the Chicago shadow government, which chose “Pope” Francis to represent them. Meanwhile, the Jewish Parisian Masonic Lodge congratulated Cardinal Villot for subjugating the traditional papal role – of ruling on faith and morals – to activating and implementing their syncretistic policies for world government. But through all this, the constitution of the Jesuit Black Pope and Jesuit White Pope is based on the Sufis, as we witness “Pope” Francis embracing the Musim world.

And this will all be negotiated into a syncretistic Jewish-Christian-Muslim Masonic world government, centered, as prophesied, In Jerusalem with the emergence of the Temple. It will soon be the day of the Antichrist and the Isaiah-prophesied Jacob’s Trouble.

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