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Just a word here on a hot topic.

For months I’ve heard the screams of, “Witch hunt! Witch hunt” about the Trump-Russia collusion question.It certainly has seemed to be futile and feeble at the very least. The very real witch hunt going on right now is with all these allegations of sexual harassment starting to flood out.

Some of these, I’m sure, are true and these people and their actions needs to be brought into the light. It seems the definition of sexual harassment has broadened to the point of if you tell someone they look nice, it’s immediately construed as sexual. It’s like an extreme pc agenda being pushed by the feminists and the uber-left that by having a y chromosome you are inherently and automatically evil and a pig.

Be that as it may, it seems to me that if you tell a woman they look nice, it’s a compliment. If you call a woman a bitch , well, maybe she is. Calling a woman a bitch is no worse than calling a man a bastard. Maybe neither is something you really ought to do. Just bite your tongue and keep that opinion to yourself, But still, it’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. Also, where I come from, it comes under the heading “free speech” and has some guarantees.

As I was someone who was a victim of unjustly being accused of sexual improprieties, they were the aggressor, and when rebuffed, lashed back. Even though the true story eventually came to light, it cost me my vocation and my reputation. Allegations and accusations are not proof, and they are not truth. “Are you still beating your wife?”

Was I mistaken by believing we are innocent until proven guilty?

I smell a political agenda at play here. The truly feral ones, the actual predators, need to be rooted out and dealt with, for sure but for sanity’s sake, and the truths, maybe we should tighten up on our definition of harassment, loosen up on our “oh so sensitive” and overly protected feelings and let folks be folks. Enough with the identity politics.

Let’s live and let live and remember life can, and maybe should, be fun.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, let us remember that we really should wait until all the facts are in before we come to judgement. After all, it could be you that that glaring eyes could get turned to. Protect the women! Protect the innocent!

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Eric Thönnesen


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