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The Pelosi-Schummer Democrat hit team tried to pull a number on President Trump and came off as not slicker-than-snot charlatans thanks to Mr. Trump’s integrity. They even broke the trust of their greatest allies, the press, with a lie unless Mr. Trump is a whole more crafty and devious than we have seen. Maybe the swamp is getting to him. For him, living there would be like being next to a pig farm poop pond.

The game was to tell the media they had gotten Mr. Trump to give up his DACA decision and border wall in return to please Democrats and attract Latino voters as he has observed the “Deplorables” will never leave him. This is the way leading Democrats think, “Pee on the peons.” The Donald did not buy it and his quick fingers on a Tweet machine sank their boat by saying “No way, Jose.”

The people are catching on that McConnel-Ryan Republicans have been playing a game with America. They play Republican to get into office and then do everything they can to help the Democrats build “The Peoples Republic of America” with more taxes, more bureaus, more borrowing and more graft for the elected ruling class. They play “Republican” at home and wail about the awful Democrats then sell out for money and spending that yields donations and kickbacks.

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The Democrats routinely twist and destroy our laws and borders to get cheap voters. Turncoat Republicans play the game to get cheap labor paid for with tax funds going to welfare, Section 8 housing, food stamps and education. The typical illegal immigrant family generates $28,000 for the economy, half of which they are paid, and costs $50,000 in welfare, housing and education, but they all vote Democrat and some many times. 41% of all convicted felons in California are immigrants, mostly illegal.

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If it were not for illegal voters who think they owe the Democrats their good fortune, and our cemeteries, very few Democrats would ever win an election. Their recent declines are a function of national awareness. More and more people are catching onto their deceptions, see their failures and realize what they have done to the economy.

They were counting on Mr. Trump caving on seeing the positive press in response their version of the meeting and play their game as have the McConnel/Ryan Republicans

Republicans have long tried to gain favor with the media only to get pummeled for having capitulated. The left largely runs on hate as base emotions are the easiest to incite, They don’t require proof; it is a mob mentality attacking an enemy. They don’t need reason: They only need hate! The “Atifa” movement is exactly this phenomenon. If you talk to one you will find they have only hate; no facts, no reason, no sanity. Theirs is the oldest, simplest call to action that works every time with the unthinking, incapable youth of today.

Unfortunately for the Pelosi-Schumer class of followers this is a maneuver that integrity of the kind Mr. Trump has in abundance attracts a greater number of people seeking a real leader. One who believes in the law and our nation. His vision is so clear he can express it in 140 characters in a few seconds, beating the major media by hours if not days! They just don’t know what to do but something stupid like telling more lies.

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Adrian Vance

Adrian Vance is a writer and producer of educational films, filmstrips and audio programs with over 325 productions from script to screen. See a partial list of his credits at He has written for ten national magazines, been on the masthead of two as an Editor, written 20 books. He is an FCC licensed broadcaster with ten years of on-air experience in talk radio and television. He is a frequent participant on CRN Talk Radio. He is an inventor and US Patent holder. His blog, "The Two Minute Conservative" is at It includes over 4500 daily pieces.


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